First of all I want to wish you all a very happy new year and let’s hope it will be a better one than 2012!!! It always has to get better and better. 2012 had already some good stuff going on like legalizing gay marriages in some countries and in some States in America.  But also lots of bad stuff like businesses going down, gay bashing, gay icon Donna Summer dying at only 63 years old and many more bad things everywhere.zandloper00

One good thing that will start in the beginning of this new year is my new blog Pink in our lives. Yeah… I am really excited about this. I am preparing this blog for a few months now and I thought “hmm…which date to start will be better  than the first day of the new year”!!!  Although writing this all with a hangover from New Year’s Eve is not so easy, but what the heck…We went out 2012 with a bang ;P And yes just out with a bang…. and not a gangbang boys ;o)

After all my social  media (Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Linkedin, Pinterest and even the tumblr blogspot with all my hotties of the day, I thought it was time for my really own private blog. I thought a lot about the content and name of this blog.( It is like getting an rectal exam for the first time ;-((..not so easy ) But I am going to tell you about that later and I do not mean about the rectal exam LOL.

What is my blog about? It is a place where I can express my feelings to whom it may concerns. I can talk about stuff that interests me and maybe surprise people ;o)) The blog is a really infotainment blog, a blog to inform and entertain you!!!

The blog is about the “Pink” in everybody’s life and definitely in my life.  I went from straight to gay.  I have been in love, engaged, married and divorced. No children of our own (yet??) Hard working, but also lots of parties, holidays, together at home on the couch or lovely dinners with friends. I have all experienced this with a pink view in my life.

It is all about being myself and being proud of who I am. I do not feel different, even though some people may think we are. Who cares?!?!  That is why writing this blog is important and hopefully it will give a different perspective about our “gay” lives. I want to contribute something to the pink community and yes maybe there are enough blogs and sites about it. So what… Who gives a F…!!! The more the merrier, because there is still enough prejudice and ignorance regarding the gay life.

Even my boyfriend has his great blog “Demanding Blog” and they are different from each other, because we are both different persons.  rene

You definitely have to check this blog out too.  We have different views on things, looking into things from different angles and we write in our own special way. There is so much to tell or show….


There are also so many straight blogs, why not keep up an even balance ;o))

I am going to write about everything and keep it fun, entertaining and who knows me “always smiling” LOL.  I am trying to update this blog as much as I can, with sometimes little stuff like need to know facts or with interesting stories. You will not be disappointed. So join me on this adventure and the “about me” section will be filled in soon, so read it if you are interested ;o))).

Have a great 2013 already and I will talk to you all later.

You know you love mefoto01


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