Yesterday the 2nd of April was the offical press showcase of a "new" magazine in Belgium. Almost new because it is a combined magazine from the in 1997 started Dutch version of Gay&Night and the already existing for 20 years Zizo from Belgium. Not only it is renewed but it is now also free. In about 100 gay-minded places like clubs, saunas, bookstores and pubs you can find it there and start reading the stuff that will interest you....

13339_199918063347_4531983_nI was invited and off course Pink In Our Lives has to keep you posted and tell you all about it. I must admit with a pink blush of shame on my face that Zizo magazine only came to my attention a few months ago. I have seen it before, but I never looked into it. I thought it was for lesbians, so what could I do with it??? I go for meat and not for fish.....;o)
Goes to show that you should never judge a book by it's cover (Although the "cover" of cute boys makes me wanna know afterwards at breakfast, if the inside has something to say too LOL) After reading it, I found out that they have very good well-written articles and it is different from other "gay" magazines.  
Gay&night as a Dutchie myself I knew already and it is great that they are going to have a Belgian version too. Especially because these magazines are made with heart, soul and dedication and that is showing. They keep it also free through advertisement and sponsors, which makes it more accessible for everybody and leaves you more money to drink ;-) 

foto 1(1)My boyfriend (writer of Demanding blog) as my plus 1 off course and I walked in the Bonaparte where the launch was presented. Immediately a few familiar faces from the gayscene were present and with a glass of sparkling wine we mingled and got a glimpse already of what the first "new" issues would look like. foto 4

The two guys both named Martijn, editors of the Dutch Gay&Night magazine were here from Amsterdam to show the collaboration with the Flemish magazine Zizo.foto 3 I knew them already because they stayed in Dekeyser Hotel, where I work and their graphic designer made a great advertisement for us. So it was great to see these guys again and we made a promise to show them around Antwerp next time with at least a visit to Mas'kara (check out the blog article "Don't be a drag, just be a Queen" for more information about this ambiance restaurant)Dekeyser

With more sparkling wine the time flies, and also it became time for the official presentation. It was a short presentation, but the magazine should speak for itself. It is informative, good looking and entertaining (hmm mirror mirror on the wall,which blog has also this all LOL)foto 2 

foto 4(1)People from different gayplaces like Bookstore Het Verschil, Sauna Kouros, Gaydiscotheque Red & Blue, Archer and ambassador for the World Outgames 2013 in Antwerp Ivan Dennis and the contestants of Mr.Gay Flanders were present. And let's not forget Dimitri Vantomme  who made his venue Bonaparte available for the presentation. With editions of Pannekoek, Shine, Wave, the gaypride and the new concept Kaffee Sjokolat Dimitri does a lot for the gay community in Belgium.484287_623917047633812_1269598115_n The 12 contestants of Mr.Gay Flanders are also the cover of the first issue, so let's give up your votes please!!!foto 3(1)

So if you have stopped flirting, looking at boys or girls, drying yourself with a towel from the sauna or when you are having a drink, just pick up the magazine and enjoy it. It is free and easy to put in your Louis Vuitton bag on your way to the next Botox-clinic or rehab center ;-)


Pink in our lives wishes them a big succes, but also lots of creative thinking for making every month a great magazine. A magazine for all generations, for boys and girls and something to satisfy each and everyone of us.

Have a Pink day and keep on reading!!!

180444_124792624259025_100001848638262_168654_6048543_nBig kiss,



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