Zippy and Hot is how Entertainment weekly described the movie SHELTER, when it came out in 2007/2008. Pink In Our Lives is interested in everything for you that has a gay theme or is gay- related. So I am gonna give you occasionally some recommendations to watch or let you know about a movie, series or show to look for and tell about their performers here something too on my blog.

tumblr_me5kbmTgNL1rpa2iqThe movie Shelter is one of those movies that you have to see. It is an entertaining and compelling movie and beautifully filmed. Out Magazine named it “ an shelter_395instant classic”, named it “one of the best gay films to come around in that year” and  the Miami Herald named it “one of the best screen romances in 2008”.

The movie is about Zach is an aspiring artist living in San Pedro, California, who has put off his dreams of going to art school in order to work and help his older sister Jeanne, his disabled father, and his five-year-old nephew Cody (Jackson Wurth). Working as a short-order cook to make ends meet, Zach escapes during his free time to paint, draw murals, surf, and hang out with his best friend Gabe, as well as with his on-again, off-again girlfriend Tori.

6a00e54fb7301c883400e54fe2ff908833-800wiWhen Gabe’s older brother Shaun comes back home from Los Angeles for a few weeks, Zach and Shaun develop a close friendship as they go surfing together. Shaun, who is a published writer, encourages Zach to take control of his life and pursue his ambition of going to CalArts, a large university of the arts. One night after drinking Zach and Shaun share a kiss; however, Zach is not prepared to give in to his feelings immediately. Nevertheless, their friendship soon develops into a romance, while at the same time Shaun builds a strong bond with Cody.


When Jeanne learns that Zach has been spending time with Shaun, she warns Zach that Shaun is gay and to keep Cody away from him. Though his sister is reluctant to accept that Zach himself might be gay, both Gabe and Tori are supportive. Zach and Shaun’s relationship is then strained by his sense of obligation to support his family versus his relationship with Shaun and his desire to pursue his own dreams. Zach is confused as to what he really wants.


Shaun secretly submits Zach’s art school application, and Zach is eventually accepted on full scholarship. When Jeanne’s boyfriend Alan gets a job in Portland, requiring her to move and leave Cody behind with Zach, Zach is forced to decide between putting others first and neglecting his own dreams – as he has always done – and fighting for what he truly wants, both for himself and Cody. He finally discovers that affirming his love for Shaun and going forward with his art career ends up providing the best solution to his dilemma. The film ends with a scene of Zach, Shaun, and Cody playing together on the beach as a family.

TrevorWrightThe main character Zach is played by Trevor Wright. Trevor is born Trevor Wright05on the 23rd of August 1982 and played in several series like NYPD Blue, Boston Public, Scrubs, Roswell and CSI: New York. Besides the movie Shelter he also played in Airbuddies, Vacancy 2 and in The Social Network.

brad rowe03His love interest Shaun is played by Brad Rowe, who is born onbrad rowe02 the 15th of May 1970. He played in many series like Outer Limits, Pacific Blue, Wasteland and General Hospital. His movie credits are Body Shots, Lucky 7, National Treasure, Shelter off course and his first gay-themed movie Hollywood’s Screen Kiss with Sean Hayes (famous off course from the show Will &  Grace).

ross-thomas01Gabe, the best friend of Zach is played by Ross Thomas. Ross is born on the 21th of August in 1981. He is known for his guest roles in Cold Case, Lie to me, ross thomas04General Hospital and CSI: New York and from the movies Lip Service, Dance Flick, American Pie: The Naked Mile and off course Shelter.

katie walder03Gabe has a girlfriend in the movie called Tori and is played by Katie Walder (13 October 1992). Her movie credits are Shelter, Safe katie-walder02Harbour and Cupid, but she did many guest roles in series like Supernatural, Gilmore Girls, All My Children, How I met your mother, The Good Wife, Grimm, CSI Miami and The Mentalist.

Shelter was the winner of “Outstanding Film – Limited Release” at the 2009 GLAAD Media Awards, Best New Director and Favorite Narrative Feature at the Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival, and the People’s Choice Award for Best Feature at the Vancouver Queer Film Festival.

trevor wright shirtlesskatie walder04Brad Rowe01ross thomas03trevor wright03ross-thomas02Brad Rowe 20katie walder01trevor wright01

Shelter is a boy meets boy story with lots of difficulties with coming out and family, but it captures the beauty, thrill and ache of young love. Asuperb performance by Trevor Wright in the lead role, a strong supporting cast, very good cinematography and, most of all, emotional authenticity. I love especially in particular Trevor Wright’s restrained and delicately balanced performance as the beating heart of the film from the start. Off course the shirtless, wet scenes on the beach or the beautiful love making between Zach and Shaun will make you watch the movie too LOL.


So watch Shelter and tell me what you think!!!!

Have a Pink watching day.

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