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marriage_countriesWith all the talk and writing about supporting marriage equality everywhere these days I could also write a new blog about this topic. But it would not be me if I wrote about it differently or in another personal way….
I am all for Marriage Equality….I have been married myself once and got divorced two years later. With 14 Countries, where same sex marriage is legalized, a lot of people want to get married right away now because they finally can!! It is understandable and that you can marry your life partner now in your own country is fucking amazing. Still there have to be many more countries and States to accept this, but the most important reason to marry is LOVE.


Marriage is still a constitution whether you are straight or gay. It is a commitment between two people, which should f3d0f12c-ac28-11e2-abd7-605a0d3c357d_web_scale_0.0578704_0.0578704__.jpg.h380.jpg.568last forever. I know from experience that this is not always the case. My parents divorced when I was five years old and my sister was one year old at the time. They have tried to succeed this marriage for the children, but it did not work out that way. It was for them a difficult decision, but it was the best one they could ever make, even for us children. My marriage did not held longer than two years, but it was also the best choice. We would have made each other miserable and when the love is gone, you have to stop fighting the inevitable. We grew apart and you are not keeping anybody happy by just staying together. This does not mean you have to try first everything to make it work, before you come to make such an important and dreadful choice.

same-sex-marriageMy point is even though gay people can marry now, it does not mean they would do it better than straight people. They just want to live the same life in a way straight people can. They want to have the same rules, laws and conditions that straight people get. For example when they want to adopt a child, to buy a house or are left behind after a death of their loved one. The rules and laws still do not apply for these couples even after marriage in some countries. This is important and needs to be taken care of. Just accept people and who they love and not judge them by their religion, sexual preference or race.


I have been to many weddings already and luckily to some same sex weddings too. In fact I have been more to that kind of weddings than to straight weddings. This is off course due to the fact that we live in a country where it is accepted for two men or women to marry. And hopefully it will be accepted in more countries and not only in just 14 and in more States in America.

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alan and ray01What I want to write about is how my friends got married, how they have met and alan and rayhow was the proposal. Just for you to enjoy and read that gay people have the same needs as everybody else. I came up with this blog section because friends of mine Alan and Ray got married in the beginning of April. They are from New York and unfortunately we could not attend their ceremony because of work obligations. We were very disappointed, because we were so looking forward to attend their wedding and feel their love for each other. New York is one of the few States in America where same sex couples could marry. When that passed the bill both of my friends knew they wanted to make their love final with a ceremony. Last year they came to Europe to visit Amsterdam and also see us in Belgium. They both prepared unknowing of each other a proposal in Amsterdam and bought a ring for each other. It was very romantic and memorable, because they both had the same intentions. And now almost a year later they had their wedding and a great honeymoon trip to Hawaii. Lucky boys ;o)

 alan and ray02


bart en bjorn01Other friends of us Bart and Bjorn got married on the 1st of September 2012 and it bart en bjornwas a beautiful wedding. A year before on the 30th birthday of Bjorn they held a cartoon birthday party. People came all like cartoon figures like Shrek, Elves, Smurfs or other figures. When they played a video footage for the audience as a remembrance of Bjorn’s 30 years, suddenly a white horse came on screen with Bart as a prince on it (secretly taped before) to look for his prince and when he was knocking on some door on screen, he walked up to Bjorn, got on his knees and proposed to him. Somebody need a tissue please…..;-) We know Bjorn did….LOL
Their wedding was also like a fairytale for them, a day never to forget. A palette of colors with red, white, grey and black and everybody came dressed in these colors. It was a beautiful scenery throughout the whole day.



ilvy en jutta02Other friends from us are the girls Ilvy and Jutta. They knew each other as friends in 31589_1457446638923_7466260_nthe beginning, but Ilvy was married to a man at that time and she thought this was how her life was supposed to be. The passion and love faded away with her husband, but her friendship with Jutta grew stronger and they realized that it felt more than a good friendship. They had a lot of same interests, they respected each other, they had fun together and it became clear that they were a perfect match. Ilvy found what she was missing in her first marriage in Jutta and now they are married for almost 5 years now. They wanted their wedding party with lots of love, friends and fun, so their wedding theme was a party with lots of disco music and dancing and they left their own party on a decorated bed on wheels to enjoy a wedding night of love 😉

 ilvy en jutta01

Like I already wrote I have been married before and I thought I would never marry again. But when you find the person of your dreams, it is difficult to say no when he would ask me…..No he did not propose yet or I did not pop the question to him. Same like our wedding we both want also the proposal to be special…..We are gay after all off course 😉 There are so many kinds of proposals but this one ( even though it is with straight people LOL) rose high above any other proposals!!!



We are fortunate that we can marry in our country whenever we want, but some friends still have to wait till it will be legalized in their country or State. We are getting there bit by bit, because this topic is on many political agendas. But still with so many countries all over the world, it is a shame that in only a few of them same sex couples are allowed to get married…..
So the only thing we can do is keep the discussion open, tell people that marriage is all about love and commitment to each other and not about which gender you are!!!


Like a 12 year old wrote about this topic as you can see in this attachment, that is how it should be nowadays and with kids like this (being the future generation) we are going hopefully in the right direction!!!!!


Now let’ s hope my hunky boyfriend gets on his knees with a big ring off course, so that I can tell you another beautiful wedding story of two people in love………

Bart & Bjorn  699

Have a romantic Pink day!!!

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