1879967111.01._SX140_SY224_SCLZZZZZZZ_All the gay guys (and maybe even the straight ones) think now: hmm how nice would that be? Sucking your own piece? dbUnfortunately it is not cut out to be for most men. Dogs on the other hand, that is a different story. When I watch our dog Beau licking his own balls and dick on the sofa , I say to him: “you have a great life, don’t you my friend?”. I have tried to do it myself, but I keep falling from the couch when I want to reach my balls……Just kidding and this is not a piece in my blog about auto-fellatio (auto-fellatio means that you can satisfy yourself by licking or sucking your own penis), but at least I got your attention…..;-)

I just wanted to write something about being proud of who you are and you can shout it out from the rooftops. When people see me or my boyfriend Rene, they do not immediately think we are gay.  We look like two normal guys, we just love men and mostly we love each other. We express our love, but in a way that does not offend people.  Yesterday we got interviewed by a girl and a boy, who are doing a project for school about gaybashing (unfortunately a very actual topic these days) and they asked us if they could film us walking hand in hand on the street. Gay-couple-holding-hands We did this for them, because these straight kids were actually making a point for our community. We almost never walk hand in hand on the street, because we do not want to provoke anybody. But if we would want to, we definitely will hold each other hands. It should be acceptable, because it is an appreciation and a feel of love for each other. This is not disgusting like French kissing in front of somebody. Nobody would appreciate this and it does not matter whether you are straight or gay and doing that.

tumblr_leukfjmnva1qfee72o1_500Every lesbian or gay person does not look the same. Like everywhere in the world there are also different groups in our gay scene. We have the bears, the leather boys, the attention whores, the drags, feminine types and many more.  The gay scene has its own judgemental view against each other and I sometimes think how can we ask for respect and understanding, if we do not have it ourselves in our own community.

I am a part of this too and I also have an opinion. It all comes down to taste and preferences. What do you 16GayTypes__85387.1274109556.1280.1280like? What makes you feel good? Which group of gays you associate yourself with. It is like saying I like the blondes or more the brunettes. It is not because we are all gay, we know each other or have to like each other. We are just born this way and it is our lifestyle. But we should not judge, just let everyone do their own thing and be happy. If you do not hurt someone, then what does it matter what you like to wear, or which religion you practice or if you are a top or a bottom? Just live your life ( and hopefully with someone wonderful in your life) to the fullest without hurting someone.

I like being gay and do not feel abnormal or different. I do not feel the need to express myself in a way that makes everybody know that I am gay. But I also not deny it or condemn others that want to show it off. I just believe that you have to respect everybody and also your environment where you live in. Just adapt yourself to situations or places that you visit. Do not go provoke people. Treat others like you want to be treated and give everybody respect.

934928_101092706763155_626020279_nThat being said makes that you also want to get respect from others for yourself and that you can live your life like you want to. So hopefully the future will look brighter with that being a homosexual will not be seen as a sickness and more countries and States allow the same-sex marriage act. Because married life is not about which gender you like, but it is all about love. Everyone needs to have the right to marry the person, who they want to spend their life with. And if you do not want a same-sex marriage, then don’t marry one!!! But let others will have their joy and commitment.

gay types

It is true, gays are a minority group and we stick together and have common interests. But that is as far as we go. We are all individuals with the same hopes, needs and wanting to find love with a nice person. Being gay makes who I desire, but defines not who I am and what makes ME special!!! 😉


Today is YOUR life……The life that you own…….So you have to get out the most of it!!!

IMG_5242Finally……I actually can blow MY own horn here (It is my blog isn’t it? LOL). I must say that I am happy with many friends and family who support us for who my boyfriend and I are. It shows with the many views on my blog here, but also on my facebook page and with my other social media like twitter , tumblr or instagram. These social media support my blog and keep you posted. In less than 4 months I have more than  500 followers on the facebook page and I feel very lucky to get so many support and likes. And the best part is that my followers are such a bunch of different people, gender, races, religious views and sexual orientation. You all make me feel proud and appreciated. That is why I am  writing a blog in the first place. I hope to keep you all entertained and excited with more to come in the future…….

IMG_4543To end this blog I want to share this song and videoclip of singers Ryan Amador and Jo Lampert who partly undress themselves and support equality for the LGBT community with the song Define me. Also the profits go to an organization for promoting Equality.

A part of the lyrics is:

 Where people will be undefined

And love who they want, when the judgment is done

And won’t have to hide

We’re starting this party right now

Where people can shake off their doubts

And send out their love as it moves through the crowd

And people can shout

That they love a man

Or they love a woman

And no one will be judged for love

And I can’t be judged for who I am.






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