imagesWhat is the reason that you tell somebody to watch this movie? It could be for so Head-On-starring-Alex-Dimitriades-and-Julian-Garner-20many different reasons, but most of all it is your own personal opinion or suggestion. Some like it to be funny and not be taken seriously. Some feel a gay movie has to bring a message to the world about the gay scene. For most gay (young) men, when you just start watching gay themed movies,  is trying to find out who you are. But the main reason is you want to see hot guys on film and mostly naked or doing sexual acts. LOL Were you not always horny when you were young? And because you were not out of the closet, those dirty magazines under your matrass or the porn stacked away somewhere in the basement kept you satisfied. We all have been there, so let’s not call each other a pussy ;o)


Head-On-starring-Alex-Dimitriades-and-Julian-Garner-36HEAD ON is an older movie from 1998 and got noticed upon its release for its sexual explicitness, including a graphic Screen Shot 2012-10-04 at 9.54.31 PM 1masturbation scene performed by Alex Dimitriades. ( No, I am not going to show you the pictures, but it will be worth checking them out yourself) Besides that it is a dark and cynical movie, it  got me very excited too for many reasons. For starters the main actor is a (still) hot Aussie actor called Alex Dimitriades. He also gets naked many times in the movie and he is not shy for a straight actor to engage in some male-to-male sexual deeds on-screen. Well I can tell you he got my blood flowing in my pants on many occasions…..I also have seen the movie a few times as I got older and besides getting my rocks off, the movie grow on me too. Because it is a raw story from the acclaimed novel LOADED from Christos Tsiolkas and it confronts you with a struggle that still many young gay men and women have these days with coming out to your traditional parents and environment. And eventually being true to yourself is the only way to keep yourself happy.



head-on-1Ari is 19 years old, lives in Melbourne, Australia and despices his parents, former radical activists,  Head-On-starring-Alex-Dimitriades-and-Julian-Garner-40because they want him to bring a girlfriend home. A Greek girl would be perfect, because than she has the same  Greek heritage as they have. Ari himself likes and is obsessed with men, but is afraid to go against the Greek traditions. Though he does make a unenthusiastic attempt to satisfy the sister of one of his best friends. He keeps his feelings for himself and escapes in drug use and anonymous sex with every man he can get.

thekidgrowsup-twoIn one day and night we follow Alex how he turns to his environment without knowing Head-On-starring-Alex-Dimitriades-and-Julian-Garner-37where he is going. Will his encounter with Sean be more or is he just one of the many flings? Without thinking (HEAD ON) he jams himself in the adventure with sex, alcohol, drugs and dancing, running from despair and looking for freedom. He is constantly confused by life and keeps on searching for a path to happiness. He doesn’t find it in drugs or alcohol, nor does he in regular and unsatisfying sex. Ari realizes the pathetic state of his life but fails to do anything about it – one gets the feeling that he is so far down and out that he will never quite be able to regain status. Ari has pushed on, day by day, meeting men and women, and not thinking about what life might offer him. He is too busy taking everything a step at a time in the busy city of Melbourne.


The cast:

web-Alex-Dimitriades291110todalex3_16f8opa-16f8opbAlex Dimitriades played the role of Ari. He is born on 28 december 1973 in Sydney. He isPleading guilty ... Alex Dimitriadis. the son of first generation Greek immigrants and is the youngest of three siblings (He has a brother, George, and a sister, Melinda). Alex began his career in the movie “The Heartbreak Kid”.


He starred in some other movies like Ghost Ship and Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo, but is mostly known for his roles in series like Heartbreak High, The slap, Neighbours, Blue Murder, Wildside, Underbelly and Farscape. He has done some theatre too, and the last years he is also a DJ.


julian garner01Julian Garner played the role of Sean. He is born on the first of October 1970 in Malaysia. He is best Julian_Garnerknown for his role in the television series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and Xena: The Princess Warrior as Hephaestus. 3x03He also had guest roles in the series Water Rats and Home and Away.


2933338-3x2-340x227Head_On-johnnyPaul Kapsis played the role of the transgender Johnny. He is an Australian singer and2359372353_ccf0a50856paul-capsis01 actor, who is best known for his cabaret theatre roles like in The Rocky Horror Show. Paul has Greek and Maltese heritage. Paul Capsis has released three CDs called Paul Capsis Live, Everybody Wants To Touch Me and Make Me A King.


Alex_Papps_Nick-1206483Alex Papps played the role of Peter and is born on the 11th of February 1969.Alex_Papps_Nick-2 Alex has played in several television series like Home and Away, Blue Heelers, Neighbours, The Henderson Kids and The Flying Doctors. He is also a presenter  of The Factory and the children’s show Play School. In 1988 he won the Logie Award (television awards in Australia) for the best new talent and later graduated from the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts.


head-on--2This movie with Ari’s character works, because of the revealing screenplay and Alex Dimitriades gutsy performance. Dimitriades is one hell of a brave actor. His actions as Ari are not always understandable – but that’s how people are sometimes. Whenever his life seems to be lightening up (if only for a few moments), we are brought down once again into his depressing state of affairs. A few of the final words spoken by Ari in the movie are :“I’m sliding toward the sewer, not struggling, I can smell the shit – but I’m still breathing. I’m gonna live my life. I’m not going to make a difference, I’m not going to change a thing.”


If you’re feeling this brave and proud, even though maybe also confused, take a long, deep breath and watch Head On. You will love it for many different reasons, but in the end you will know you have to live your life like you want it too. You can make it work ( not to make it sound like Tim Gunn LOL), but you have to grab life by the balls and make the most out of it.

Have a great PINK ballsy day!!

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