Yeah it was again last week the annual party Toppers In Concert. A dutch concert party with three famous singers from Holland; Rene Froger, Jeroen Van Der Boom and Gerard Joling. It is an event in the Amsterdam Arena, a sing-a-long with lots of guest artists, dancers, fireworks and most of all a crazy crowd. This year was the ninth edition and the theme was  1001 nights. Every year they have a theme and people will dress up in this theme or in the right colours. So as you already probably would guess, we are game and join the crazyness. Like Arabian guys and girls, Jasmines and Alladins we definitely got noticed!!

247450_149432911794996_4665327_nTwo years ago it was our first time (theme was Kings & Queens, so we had no choice NOT to be 250365_149430911795196_4474561_nthere off course LOL) and the color scheme was white and gold. Last year the theme was Love boat with lots of marines in uniform. I Love a man in uniform, but unfortunately we were in NY at that time and could not go.(We got Fleetweek instead over there  with lots of sailors for ourselves , so we had our own love boat party overseas LOL) lesley430

This year with a few of the party people we had made some matching outfits with bold colors, bling bling, feathers and off course showing some skin too 😉 Well as you can see in our pics, we raised some eyebrows and lots of thumbs up when they saw this crazy bunch. We all gathered around  on the big square in Antwerp for a drink (the first of many to come) and some sandwiches. 976897_10151430369522314_775727731_oWhen we took a group picture just for us, we were like an attraction ourselves, because all the Japanese and Indian tourists kept flashing their cameras at us. Which gay does not like to stand in the spotlight, so we took it with: Ladies with an attitude, Fellows that were in the mood, Don’t just stand there, let’s get to it, Strike a pose, there’s nothing to it!!! 😉

50Every time we go there with a big bus with at least 50 people from Antwerp/Belgium 77to Amsterdam/The Netherlands. From the very beginning to the end it is a party with lots of alcohol, food, music and a great atmosphere. Everybody dresses up and have fun. On the bus the drinks keep coming and it does not stop till we are there. It is a 2 hour drive and we always make a pitstop at the RAI, where there is a constructed beach and beach house before we go to the concert. Here we drink some more and have some appetizers 😉 After that we all go to the concert, which is one big party with music that everybody knows and can sing along with. Music from different decades and styles like disco, house or love songs. People all get together and sing and dance with whoever is standing next to you. A big happy family, straight and gay combined, no fighting, just FUN.

Because of this year’s theme the three major singers and organizers made their entrance on a flying carpet above the audience. What better way to start a party 1001 nights like this!!!

They had many guest artists from Holland like Jan Smit and other guests like Grant & Forsythe, Tavares and the Vengaboys. It was a party from start to finish with fireworks, water fountains, dancers and much, much more.


In 2014 it will be the tenth anniversary of this event and if you have the chance just get into the fun. It is something unique, one of a kind and puts a smile on your face.

Have a PINK day and make a party of your life!!!

Big kiss,



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  1. it was our first time, but if possible i would make a reservation for next year…;-0
    there was such a great atmosphere, thanks to all open-minded great party people.
    this was a great experience and we met great alladins and yasmines.

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