Do you feel like this sometimes? That there is nobody that knows how you feel? That there is nobody to connect about the gay things in life. Well…..I don’t have that problem, because I am surrounded by gays wherever I go. Even today in the supermarket it looked like muscle beach everywhere LOL. Hell yeah, I am not even the only gay person in our families and last sunday we had our annual Middleton family day πŸ˜‰


Every year for our grandparents birthday (8th of July) we come all together on the first sunday in July. Sometimes a whole weekend in a cottage or just a day full of fun and mostly with a lot of food!!! We are Indonesians and if you know Indonesians, then you know there is always food!!! Unfortunately our beloved grandparents are not with us anymore, but we maintain this tradition to honour them and for being together with the family at least once a year. This year we had a picknick in a big parc and we all brought food and drinks for all of us. We are a big family (around 30 adults and children) and when the day ended, there were still food and drinks to divide!!!

Β 1003310_10200866185270542_2018734302_n

lesley en pammie03With 1 nephew and 1 niece being gay, you could say the gay community was enough present here. They say β€œAll good things come in three”. My niece told us that now in September 2014 we have again a same-sex wedding to go to. They got just engaged. We are so happy for them, that 16575_424311434307141_857818941_nafter more than 20 years together they finally tie the knot. My other nephew introduced now also to the family his boyfriend, which not everybody has met yet. We already knew him. The “village”Β  is not that big off course πŸ˜‰


IMG_9675We are already looking out for 2015, when my grandparents would have been each 100 years old. We are supposedly going on a weekend in a village parc with littles houses. (because this gay does not go camping in a tent. You know I am a classy boy, so no lying on the ground with little insects around me LOL) We can make a big bonfire at night!!! So bring out the wine and marshmellows….(mmm alcohol and fire and my man to warm me up, liking it already and don’t you agree a bed is better than crawling into a tent) ;p


IMG_9667What so great is about this family day, that nobody cares if you are gay or straight. We are one family and your partner is a part of this too and whatever happens, good or bad news, your family is here. Everyone can be themself and is laughing, joking, telling stories and catching up with each other. IMG_9672That is why you will never feel like you’re the only gay in the village, because you are never alone!!! So if you have a family like that, be thankful, be blessed and appreciate it.

Β 934958_3169882302170_1023409764_n

Have a PINK family day

Big kiss,



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