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I’m René, 28 years old and Lesley’s bf 😉 some of you already know me and may even have followed my own blog. But since I’m too busy with my 2 jobs I haven’t found the time to keep it updated enough. So whenever I have the time, I will now write  something on Lesley’s blog as well!  I recently started to work part-time for OUTTV, a Dutch and Flemish  Gay Lifestyle television channel. I will try to share my OUTTV adventures with you, through this blog.
As you all know the election of Mister Gay World took place here in Antwerp, Belgium. I had the opportunity to be there with OUTTV to make a report of the art challenge they had, and of course the Grand Finale!
I know, it’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it! ;-)) So against my will I had to drag myself over to the first location known as “Het Zuiderkasteel” (yes that’s Dutch..) where the Art Challenge took place. Unfortunately it’s summer.. I know we’re all complaining about the weather that it’s soooo warm! And what happens when it’s so warm and there is no air-conditioning and (hot guys) are working hard.. Yes they take of their shirt.. WHY??? Ooh the torture!! :-p The sight of killer six-packs, V-shaped backs, pumped up muscles. I’m trying to do my job here!!!! Give me a break!!

Art Challenge
Art Challenge

Well, and then reality strucked me! In the Art Challenge the contestants had to make an art piece that represented the way they experience gay life in their own country. I really have to say that I was impressed by the work of art that I saw. Especially some stories that were being told, by example Namibia, were very sad. As you know in Africa there is still a long way to go as it comes to equality and Human Rights. And that’s exactly what Ricardo from Namibia displayed in his art work, with quote’s like ” I love my country, but my country doesn’t love me”. That’s just heart breaking, and gave me the reality check that I’m so blessed to live in Belgium where gay marriage is excepted for 10 years know. But then again, this is also one of the reasons why Lesley and I have this blog and are trying to be as much involved with the gay community as we can.

Art Challenge
Art Challenge

The winner of the art challenge was announced at the big finale, and was won by Christopher from New Zealand who eventually won the title of Mister Gay World 2013.
So it was a really fun day. Beside the art challenge that day, the contestants also had to present themselves towards the judges at the judges table. All this to collect points for the big final!

Host - Amaryllis
Host – Amaryllis

Sunday august 4th, it was time for the Grand Finale. The evening was hosted by Amaryllis. She was so funny and really reminded me of Grace from the hit series “Will and Grace”.

The show started by presenting the 25 contestants. They all had to wear their national costume, and a few of them literally took everything out of the closet to impress the judges. From Austrian “lederhosen”, to feathers from Aruba, Led-lights from the Philippines, but the most original costume came from Christopher from New Zealand. He won the award for best national costume with his pointed ballet shoes! Beside some sexy dance moves and a fashion show, of course the swimwear round was one of the highlights 😉


Just before the winner was announced Belgian Pop artist Noa Neal brought us some songs from her new to be released album including the hit single “Skydive“. And as you all know by now the title of Mister Gay World went to Christopher Olwage yet again from New Zealand. I think Lesley and I already know our next holiday destination ;-p
A well-deserved win if you ask me! A friendly and very talented guy, with a killer body!
It was very cool to meet all the guys, and to see what fun they had. Of course for them it was also a once in a lifetime experience. And I am sure they all miss each other already! Andy Derleth, last year’s winner, was one of the judges and I got the chance to interview him a couple of times. He did a really good job representing Mister Gay World for a year, and it was really cool to meet him.

Andy Derleth MGW 2012
Andy Derleth MGW 2012

If you wanna know more about Mister Gay World 2013 Winner Christopher Olwage, keep an eye on the blog! Lesley already interviewed him!

Christopher Olwage
Mister Gay World 2013
Christopher Olwage
Mister Gay World 2013

Well everybody, that’s it. Hope you liked it!




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