There is so much Pink news to spread and I donโ€™t want you to miss out on the newest, hottest, interesting, sexiest, campiest, gayest stories, pictures and videos. That is why we are going to try to shower you with a short weekly blast of infotainment!!! Letโ€™s get wet everywhere boys and girls. Hope you enjoy it and if you have something to share, please send me a message at

enhanced-buzz-2642-1382537934-8Warwick University Rowing Club strips off to fight gay hate every month of the year in 2014 with their calendar. They go completely naked to fight homophobia and bullying in schools. These guys admit that they want to be here for you, naked, because they care and because they like it ๐Ÿ˜‰ They are making this calendar for the last 4 years now, but this time is different, because the athletes are donating a portion of the profits to anti-homophobia and bullying charities. Here is a little preview video and they tease with “Pin us against the wall or hide us under the bed, we’ll stay naked for you all year long”.

utrechtzebrapadholebiLike in West Hollywood the LGBT crossing path stays in Utrecht in Holland forever. The crossing path has all the colors of the rainbow. At first it would only stay for a while, but Utrecht has decided that this path shows how gay-friendly the city wants to be.ย  This path was painted for the annual Pink Saturday last spring. In more countries there have been gay crossing paths but none of them stayed permanently. Kudos for Utrecht ( A town where I have lived many years before moving to Belgium)

New Jersey makes the 14th State in America where same-sex marriages are legal now since last Monday. Still a one_third_equality_oct_2013long way to go, but at least 1/3 has gotten there. As of October 2013, fourteen states (California, Connecticut, Delaware, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Washington), the District of Columbia, several counties in New Mexico, are covering 33% of the US population โ€“ issue marriage licenses for same-sex couples. So come on the rest of the States, don’t leave behind the others and go with the future!!!!

Kiss of the week: ย Revenge season 3: Nolan and Patrick Gay Kissing Scene

charley sullivanOpenly gay coach Charley Sullivan named collegiate rowing coach of the year. Charley is the head coach of men’s rowing team at the University of Michigan. He has been openly gay for a quarter century and is very active on the Equality Coaching Alliance page on Facebookย

He thinks his absolute strength as a coach is being openly, unapologetically gay. It models for the athletes one of our team’s core values, which is that the team get to be who they are. Open lines of communication are the key.

Can you guess who that hot guy in suit is lecturing in front of a class?


225px-Carlo_MasIt is former COLT gay porn star Carlo Masi teaching at university.Carlo and his partner Adam Champ are together for almost 8 years. Carlo decided 4 years ago to quit porn industry and returned to the university. Last week, he got his second degree in Mathematics! (FYI: His first degree was Informatic Engineering) Congratulations!


Carlo is born in Rome, Italy on the 6th of October 1976 and became a porn star in 2004 for Colt Studios. Masi is appreciated for its strong masculinity, in which sports a muscular body and hairy.He is also the first gay porn actor in Italy to have a concrete recognition by the national media and for his return to the theater with the show Senzaparole he got an interview on the national newspaper La Stampa. Romantically linked to porn Argentine actor Adam Champ , also an exclusive model of the Colt Studios, they begin to travel the world promoting and representing the brand COLTstudio. They also came to Belgium, where I have met them in the gay-discotheque Red & Blue. ( see picture) They are very friendly guys and actually very shy when you meet them in person. Pinkinourlives and I wish Carlo a great success with his new career.

Carlo Masi, Adam Champ & Lesley Middleton
Carlo Masi, Adam Champ & Lesley Middleton

UFCThe Ultimate Fighting Championship ( UFC) and the gay and lesbian community center of Souther Nevada have teamed up to raise awareness of HIV for people under 30. The campaign will be called “Protect yourself at all times”. It aims to encourage young people to get tested, to know their HIV status and to practice safe sex. The campaign will start on World Aids Day on the 1st of December. UFC athletes and personalities will visit centres across the IS which offer gree HIV tests and educational initiatives. Partners of the UFC will be encouraged to do the same.

BUTT of the week: 1_antonio_sabato_jrActor Antonio Sabato Jr.

antoniosabatoantonio sabato jr. nude deadly skies gayAntonio Sabato Jnr bw

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