No I am not quitting with my blog!!! You wish! We are going for a week away on vacation. This time it will be Dubai. The place of contradictions with the desert against skyscrapers and biggest malls, but also a country which is very controversial regarding religion and sexuality. Two gays going to a country where actually gay men or at least gay activities are not allowed!!! Why are we going?? dubai08

dubai07Well we don’t want to be put in a box and stay in it, we are human beings and have the right to explore the sometimes narrow-minded world. My boyfriend and I aren’t the ones, who want to show ourselves off as gays all the time. We just are who we are and not ashamed of it. We like to be respected and want to give that respect back. Therefore you have to adjust yourself to the situation and places that you visit and show them that we are no special creations, crazy creatures and we are definitely no faults of Mother Nature.


dubai05There is so much to see in this world and everybody tries to fit in somewhere (or in someone LOL). Dubai has a lot to show and this time of the year it is still very hot, so the first thing after arriving at our hotel is going to the Beach dubai04and looking at all those buff men out there. We are only going for a week, but we have planned a lot of stuff already to fill it all. Sky Tea at Burj Al Arab, dubai06Aqua adventure at  Palm Island, Dubai Mall and Jumeirah Beach. We adore next to sunbathing at the beach (and checking out the goods) to explore the city and seeing all the beauty of it.


dubai14We have friends who have been there already several times, but also good friends Miro and Steven living there and they gave us already an inside of what to expect. Boy we got more and more excited already!!! It is actually gay-friendly to a point, where they even have a gay beach. (Well one place in the sand where most guys are strutting their stuff and not being our fantasy Oasis)  The only thing it’s not promoted as Gay, because that’s not allowed. Everybody knows it’s there, but not saying it out loud.


Our friend who lives there came out as gay to his family and friends and they respected that. So notdubai09 everyone is offended by it, you just have to respect their culture. Showing your emotions and affections are not done in public. What would you expect if the distinction between men and women is there very present. They even have special days where only women and children can sit in the park and having Pink cabs only driving women around. Yes “manly” gays I know that should really be our transportation, but what can we do? Dress up like woman? Not really my style and with all those high heels  having to put in my holiday suitcase I would be over the carrying limit. 😉


Don’t also worry about the stories that they will check you at the airport to see if you’re gay by taking your blood or checking your background. It’s all made up by the media, although I don’t mind a good strip search dubai11by a handsome airport police officer LOL….

So we are gone for a week, but if you follow our Facebook page or twitter, dubai10you still will be updated about the PINK in our lives and maybe about our adventures ;0)  After we get back we got some delayed stories/interviews/reviews from shows, the Pink Shower Blasts and off course everything about Pink Dubai and the wonderful places of interest for you!!!


Have a Pink (holi)day

Big kiss,



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