2013 unwrapped like a condom out of his package step by step part 1 ;o)


Paul-Walker-paul-walker-1025355_1502_1920A few more days before 2013 is over and we will celebrate the new year. 2013 was a big year in terms of big steps towards equality, celebs coming out and worldwide coverage for gay events. Like every year 2013 had also it’s ups and downs, losing some famous faces like Paul Walker and Nelson Mandela (May they all Rest In Peace) but also passing more equality bills for same-sex marriages in the world than in any other year before!!!

2013 is really a year where the LGBT community has been very in everybody’s face in a good and in a bad way. The anti-gay laws in Russia, Uganda and India, where only being who you are can get you in jail or even get killed and Australia, where same-sex marriage rights were withdrawn again are some of the unfortunate events. But off course let us look to the bright side in life and there has happened a lot of good things too. Like many countries and states passing the bill for Equal marriage for same-sex couples. Public figures like artists, actors and sports people did their coming out to show the world that they are like everybody else (except they play for their own team yummy). Even the straight community allied for us and showed a great support to get more respect and acceptance for the LGBT community.

What better way than to sum up what happened in 2013 on LGBT front to see what kind of year we had and because there has been a lot happening we will do this in two parts. IMG_6125Get to see the great sexy videos, the heroes, who wet our pants and get a trip with us to memory lane of our PINK lives:


The start of my very own blog Pink In Our Lives and my Facebook page with the same name!!! So proud ;o)

Matt Dallas 2d9bkb4was our first Pink person of the Month!!!  

Kathleen Wynne became the first openly gay and woman premier in Ontario!!! Ontario-Liberal-Leader-Kathleen-Wynne

Straight linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo teamed up to support Marriage Equality!!!brendon 

Anti-bully law in Belgium will be adjusted to prevent bullying against gays on the work field!!! 

On the 25th of January Russia approved the anti-gay law and got a lot of opponents against  them in the world. In Belgium they held a kiss-in in front of the Embassy!!!                                                                        


207398_353129324801482_438336311_nAmerican gay soldiers get more rights in the military like equal rights and legal support!!!   

France voted YES france equalityfor Equal Marriage and adoption for same-sex couples!!!   SACHA RYAN 166702_159092464246853_2143319320_nbecame Miss Belgian Travestie 2013 on the 23rd of February!!!  

article-2274020-175E50DD000005DC-671_634x832Mario Lopez streaked in Los Angeles after a bet!!! See the video here:  


MARCH 2013:

Dutch newspaper “The Gaykrant” gaykrant oudgot bankrupt after 33 years on the 12th of March!!!

9588_370740186373729_1764795981_nTIME magazine takes a stand on homophobia and Equal Marriage with daring magazine covers!!!

734670_585692658126719_1326109839_nAdult porn star Arpad Miklos has died. May he rest in peace!!! BFeeCapCMAAboZLLetter from Dad to son goes viral on the internet. This is how it should be done parents!!!

The Quebec government launched a new five-year, $7.1 million, campaign that fights homophobia!!! Here is one version of it:


Big campaign mostly through social media Twitterfoto, Facebook and Instagram for supporting Marriage Equality with making everything red through the EqualityRed-Equal-Sign-Profile-Picture sign!!!

APRIL 2013:

405_tuc_640Actor Tuc Watkins does his coming out publicly and became father of twins by surrogate!!!

On the 11th of April Uruguay passed the Marriage Equality Bill!!!

NFL player Alan Gendreaualan-gendreau10 comes out of the closet!!!

wilfried-knight02Adult Porn Star Wilfried Knight committed suicide. May he rest and find peace!!!

Singapore launches his Gay Magazine Elements BG8GQrXCAAIASHo.jpg largeeven though being gay is not accepted!!!

At the 17th of April New Zealand legalizes same-sex marriage!!! 

Active Basketball player Jason CollinsJason-Collins comes out of the closet at the 29th of April!!!  Rio de Janeiro authorizes same-sex marriage!!!

MAY 2013:

Olympic swimmer Amini Fonua amini fonuacomes out of the closet!!!

DWV (Detox Icunt, Willam Belli ad Vicky Vox) performed in Antwerp and Brussel Belgium their song “The Boy Is A Bottom”!!! 


Amsterdam had it’s Fetish Pridefetish pride from the 9th till the 12th of May!!!

Rhode Island became the 10th State in America that accepts same-sex couples to marry!!!

The movie L’inconnu du Lac of Alan Guiraudie L-inconnu-du-lac-Crime-et-sucotement_article_landscape_pm_v8won in Cannes the Queer Palm!!! On the 15th of May Minnesota passed the same-sex marriage bill!!! 

belgian pride80.000 people came to the 18th Belgian Pride in the main capital Brussel on the 17th of May!!!

Lesbian astronaut Sally Ride sally_ride1got awarded with the Presidential Medal of Freedom!!!


17th of May was the Day Against Homophobia!!! 

Football star Kevin Grayson kevin graysoncomes out as gay publicly!!!

first marriage franceOn the 29th of May was held the first official gay marriage in France with Vincent Autin en Bruno Boileau!!!

It was also the month that the Warwick Rowing team was posing nude against homophobia and making so their annual calendar!!! Enjoy the preview with this video.

fotoWhat did the year 2013 meant for me personally and especially for my blog? Well the biggest change in my life was that I started writing this blog and keeping up a FB and twitter account for PINK IN OUR LIVES. I didn’t know how the response would turn out, but by getting more than 2000 followers on facebook, twitter, tumblr and on my blog I was overwhelmed. Thank you all and I love putting my time and good sense in it for you all. I tried to keep my blog and other social media about the positive and sexy things in our PINK life, because there is enough bad news in the world. I want to show a variety and I am gonna try in 2014 to do even more and better.

HAVE A GREAT PINK 2014 and check out part 2 before the end of the year!!!

Big kiss,

foto 4



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