2013 unwrapped like a condom out of his package step by step part 2 ;o)


First of all I want to wish you all a positive and a f*cking fantastic 2014 with hopefully lots of good and sexy news. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I wanna thank all my fellow contributors who gave me information for my blog and FB page, but also thanx to the ones who wrote something special for my blog . A special thanks to my boyfriend Rene who have supported me completely and I could not do this all without his patience, help, support and mostly with his unconditional love. He is my special caring person and I wish for 2014 that everybody can have somebody like this in his/her life.

Here is our part 2 of the 2013 in review. Hope you liked the first part where a lot has happened in the first six months (link), but the second half of 2013 has been filled too on the LGBT front. Get to see the great sexy videos, our heroes, who wet our pants and get a trip with us to memory lane of our PINK lives.

JUNE 2013:

American Apparel designs again a new Bi And Trans-Inclusive T-Shirt for Pride. American Apparel marks a historic first with a Pride-themed tee 1004430_409530809161333_753839898_ninclusive for both the bisexual and transgender communities. The new t-shirt will read “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Pride”!!!

theater-tony-host.jpeg-1280x960On the 10th of June openly gay actor Neil Patrick Harris hosted the Tony Awards (Theatre/Musical Award Show) and sang and danced with the opening too. You gotta love him!!!

Tom Goris got chosen as Mister Gay Flanders 2013!!!1000703_412033475577733_1145383812_n

jenny owen youngsOn the 17th of June US folk star Jenny Owen Youngs comes out as lesbian and is engaged!!!

Ellen DeGeneres Makes Lesbian Military Couple’s Wedding Dreams Come True and Ellen is on number one of the World Pride Power List 2013 as one of the most influence LGBT people!!!

It  was on the 27th of June National HIV Testing Day: don’tbe one of the one in five people out there who are HIV-positive and don’t even know it!!!

The 35th Mr.Leather 2013 competition in Chicago has won by Andy Crossandy cross, who is from California!!!

sebestian lebgardeMexican soap star Sebastian Ligarde comes out as gay. Sebastián Ligarde, 59, who starred in the influential telenovela Quinceañera, said he was inspired by singer Ricky Martin. The actor said while it would be ‘much easier to lie’, he said coming out was a ‘day of relief’!!!

Filipino singer and former Glee star Charice Pempengcocharice pepemco has come out as a lesbian!!!

JULY 2013:

delawareDelaware’s Marriage Equality got effective on the 1st of July!!!

On the17th of July the UK and Wales1005742_419683871479360_1173408409_n say yes to same-sex marriage and for legalization!!!

TV series Teen wolf became one of the new leaders in teenage shows, where thy show openly same-sex love!!! Check out this hot video:

sharneeWNBA Chicago Sky player Sharnee Zoll-Norman comes out publicly as a lesbian. She is married to her wife Serita Norman and never has hidden her sexuality, but it was never printed in interviews!!!

Torchwood star John Barrowman marries longtime partner Scott Gill in California. 941204_413774568736957_1808743863_nAfter being together for 20 years and a civil partnership from 2006, they can finally say that they are legaly married 2 days after US Supreme Court upheld a ruling that struck down Proposition 8 which had banned the marriages since 2008!!!

vincentVincent Wijeysingha becomes first politician to come out in Singapore, which is not as common in Singapore. During a facebook message he told the whole world. This just shows that LGBT folks are people from all walks of life. They are your sisters, brothers, colleagues, service providers and yes even politicians!!!

The new and improved Dutch gay newspaper “Gaykrant” m1nzk6jajdqbgets his revival and will be presented in Amsterdam officially.

603064_426051937509220_1505634236_nWorld Outgames 2013 started in Antwerp at the 31st of July till the 11th of August. Let the games begin!!!

AUGUST 2013:

The new Mr Gay world 2013 is from New Zealand christopher olwageand is named Christopher Olwage!!!

eastsidersGay-themed series “Eastsiders” wins Best Drama prize at LA Weekly Web Awards!!!

Gay couples can officially marry now in New Zealand!!!

wentworthPrison Break” star Wentworth Miller came out as a gay man … in a statement that reads as a giant “F YOU” to Russia. The actor fired off a letter to the director of the St. Petersburg International Film Festival — rejecting its invitation for him to travel to the Motherland for the event: “Thank you for your kind invitation. As someone who has enjoyed visiting Russia in the past and can also claim a degree of Russian ancestry, it would make me happy to say yes. However, as a gay man, I must decline”!!!

Lucas Cruikshank, the 19-year-old comic actor who played the title character in Nickelodeon’s Fred: The Movie franchise, has revealed he’s gay in a video he posted to YouTube!!!

World Wrestling Entertainment star Darren Young darren youngComes Out in an interview with TMZ and surprised them: I am gay and ’I’m happy. Very happy’!!!

troye sivanTeen actor and internet celebrity Troye Sivan, who played young Wolverine comes out on youtube (link) to his fans!!!

In an exclusive interview with HIV Plusmark patton, the iconic star of A Nightmare on Elm Street 2 Mark Patton comes out as HIV-positive and reflects on why Hollywood’s homophobia caused him to walk away from his dream!!!

ben wishaw‘Skyfall’ Actor Ben Whishaw Officially has come Out as gay and he is married over a year now with Australian composer Mark Bradshaw!!!

Child Cosby star Raven-Symone came out too by tweeting that she is grateful that now she can marry raven symoneher girlfriend too. “I am very happy that gay marriage is opening up around the country and is being accepted. I was excited to hear today that more states legalized gay marriage. I, however am not currently getting married, but it is great to know I can now, should I wish to”!!!


lance bassNsync singer Lance Bass is engaged to his boyfriend Michael Turchin in the beginning of September. In a picture on instagram that he posted he showed that Michael said YES!!!

Bobby Steggert, Broadway star, Bobby+Steggert+2010+Drama+Desk+Award+Nominees+ffPijdwGhAoxcame out publicly and did not expect it t be such a big deal!!!

rene outtvOn the 13th of September was the celebration of the 200th episode of OUTTV news in Holland and Belgium. Well done tv presenters, reporters and news anchors!!!

Canadian Olympic Speed Skater Anastasia Bucsis anastaciaomes out publicly: ‘Proud to Be Gay’!!!

rod dailyGay by pay Porn Star Rod Daily Announces He is HIV-Positive through Twitter!!!

Olympic bronze lesbian Hockey winners Kate Walsh and Helen Richardson kate walshgot their civil partnership. They fell in love on the pitch and five years together now!!!

bi visibilty dayOn the 23rd of September there was BI VISIBILITY DAY. It is an initiative created to celebrate bisexuality and diversity within the LGBT community. Bi Visibility Day is designed to raise awareness about bisexuality and the issues that bisexual people face in their day-to-day lives!!!

On september the 27th the Los Angeles Dodgers (Major League baseball team) la dodgerswill held their first LGBT night. They want to welcome any fans and recognize the LGBT community of LA!!!


Michelle Rodriquez michelle-rodriguez-04tells Entertainment Weekly magazine that she is bisexual!!!

It’s NATIONAL COMING OUT DAY on the 11th of October!!! Let’s all come out and be yourself!!! This your day and don’t let anybody stop you!!! You are who you are and I am what I am!!!

jack mackenrothJack Mackenroth launches HIV EQUAL campaign aimed at ending HIV stigma!!!

On the 17th of October Millions wear purple on Spirit Day spirit dayin a stand against bullying and to show their support for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) youth!!!

New Jersey makes the 14th State in America where same-sex marriages are legal now!!!

derek-schell-288x400Basketball player Derek Schell (22 years old) comes out of the closet pubicly.

20 years later after his porn performance there will be a new movie lukas-ridgeston-2coming out on the 23rd of October for the last time in the movie Forever Lukas!!!

greg louganisOlympic Legend diver Greg Louganis got married this month to Johnny Chaillot in Malibu!!!

US Postal Service approves the Harvey Milk stamp harvey-milk-stampas a honor to the LGBT icon Harvey Milk and his legacy!!!


frontZizo magazine exists 20 years.First from 1993 in black and white, but from the year 1999 it is printed in full colour. In january 2014 there will be an extra festive edition!!!

ILLINOIS is the 15th State now passing Marriage Equality!!!

bob harperBob Harper, a trainer on the weight-loss competition reality TV show The Biggest Loser, came out of the closest as a gay man in one of the episodes of the series. Harper’s decision to reveal that he is gay stemmed from his desire to help Bobby, a contestant who is struggling with his own sexuality!!!

transgender dayWe salute and honor all who fight, struggle and have lost their lives. 20th of November is Transgender Day Of Remembrance!!!

FX released a raunchy red band trailer For New Animated Gay Series, Chozen!!!

16th of November Hawaii 1463154_475909085856838_309739885_nbecame the 16th State to legalize same-sex marriage!!!

College diver Jesse Allard jesse allardcomes out of the closet, goes back in and comes out again for good!!!

westpointWest Point Military Academy Hosts First Wedding For Male CoupleLarry Choate III and Daniel Lennox!!!

Rest in Peace adult porn star Bobby Williams.bobby-williams RIP: 1982-2013!!!

stuart hattonMr Gay UK 2013 has been crowned and is named Stuart Hatton Jr. on the 30th of November!!!


tom daleyTom Daley comes finally out of the closet with a very personal intimate video and shows his boyfriend Dustin Lance Black!!!

Series ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Finally Gets A Gay Character!!!vampire diaries

Film Review 8 The Mormon PropositionUtah became The 18th State To Allow Same-Sex Marriage!!!

Olympic medal winning figure skater Brian Boitano Brian_Boitano_promo2_s3x4_lgwho was announced as part of the US delegation going to the Sochi Winter Olympics, has come out as gay!!!

New Mexico becomes the 17th state with marriage equality after Supreme Court declares same-sex marriage constitutional!!!

Actress Maria Bello Maria-Bello-67comes out as gay and reveals she has a long-term girlfriend!!!

Straight German hotties make-out with each other to fight homophobia!!!

Aussie Actor Harry Cook harry cookComes Out of the closet: Because Life’s Too Short’!!!

What did the year 2013 meant for me personally and especially for my blog? Well the biggest change in my life was that I started writing this blog and keeping up a FB and twitter account for PINK IN OUR LIVES. I didn’t know how the response would turn out, but by getting more than 2000 followers on facebook, twitter, tumblr and on my blog I was overwhelmed. Thank you all and I love putting my time and good sense in it for you all. I tried to keep my blog and other social media about the positive and sexy things in our PINK life, because there is enough bad news in the world. I want to show a variety and I am gonna try in 2014 to do even more and better.


Have a great New Year and be true to yourself, be proud of who you are and let us make the gay community and ourselves proud!!! Strive for equality, acceptance and love wherever you live!!!

HAVE A GREAT PINK 2014 and check out facebook and twitter pages!!!

Big kiss,

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