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ian mtos02Champion Brazilian diver Ian Matos has come out ian matos01publicly as gay in an interview with the newspaper Correio.From a young age, I knew I was gay, but it was here that I got to live my sexuality,” said Matos, 24, born in Bethlehem, but now living in Rio de Janeiro.A friend advised him to stay closeted until after the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio, but Matos said the pressure of hiding boyfriends, avoiding gay parties and not being himself proved too much. He said he hoped that coming out would not impact his ability to be a successful diver and not cost him any potential sponsorship. Kudos to him for staying true to himself and be out and proud!!!

Trans_Victory_Netherlands_SterilizationTrans people in the Netherlands are celebrating a major victory as the Senate voted to ban forced sterilization. The new law lowers the age of consent to transition to 16, and simplifies the procedure to be register their gender in official documents. Currently, a person’s legal gender can only be changed after forced sterilization and gender modification operations, followed by judicial permission. The Transgender Network Netherlands described it as a ‘victory for transgender people’. The law will come into force on 1 July 2014.

Arestirado-Feat-Jessy-Ares-Remix-CollectionIf you enjoy Jessy Ares‘ songs and performances like Pornstar, Striptease and Pornpop, this sexy porn star just released the Remix Collection. You can listen to a track called Art (Radio Remix) from this Remix Collection (feat. Jessy Ares JESSY-ARES-Gay-Porn-Star-Nude-with-Snake) – EP below.

Gary-Lucy-hottest-actors-33153358-500-605Straight actor Gary Lucy hits out on series “EastEnders” gay kiss complaints!!!

The actor’s character Danny Pennant Gary-Lucy01shared a kiss with newcomer Johnny Carter as part of a plot where the latter would reveal his sexuality to father Mick played by Danny Dyer. The kiss caused a huge outrage on social media. Garytells homophobes to ‘get with the times’ and also reveals the storyline helped a gay teen come out to his parents. “I think, the reaction was, on the most part, positive. There were a few on Twitter still living in the dark ages but on the whole, people were okay. Gary_Lucy_Sam_Strike_EastEnders_Gay_Kiss_Danny_Jonny_Complaints_1I got one message on the internet from a guy saying, “Thanks for that storyline because it gave me the courage to come out and tell my parents”. If you can do that, you as an actor and the show has done its job.”

appleRussian LGBT Groups Ask Apple to Break With Anti-Gay Businessman!!!More than 15 LGBT organizations have teamed up to urge Apple officials to cut ties with Euroset, the largest phone retailer in Russia, after the company’s creative director came under fire last month for saying gays should be shoved alive into a furnace.The activists wrote an open letter to Apple CEO Tom Cook on Jan. 5, pointing out why hate speech, especially in Russia, is dangers to the country’s LGBT community.The activists also ask Cook to “set Apple as an example of a corporate citizen who supports basic human rights.”

lucas entertainment

Michael Lucas’ latest exclusive model Michael LachlanMichael-Lachlan-Michael-Lucas-Bareback-1got his porn debut and the first bareback scene of Michael Lucas, where Michael Lucas fucks Michael Lachlan without condoms. Director and adult star Michael Lucas was always a big opponent against bareback fucking in his movies, but now he is not only making them, but just performed in a great scene too.

michael lucas02

Michael Lucas & Michael Lachlan 002Michael Lucas himself also responded to some follow-up questions from adult entertainment news site, AVN: “It is mandatory for our models to undergo full panel testing no more than two weeks prior to a shoot regardless of the type of scene. A full panel test covers amongst others syphilis,  chlamydia and of course HIV. We don’t shoot unless the models have a clean bill of health. Models can verify their partners’ results if they desire. In addition, as a second level screen, we provide rapid HIV tests on the day of the shoot if the models request this additional verification. We don’t discriminate against HIV-positive models. We pair HIV positive models in condom free shoots as long as both are comfortable. Obviously we do not pair sero-discordant models in condom free shoots.”


hitzlsperger-DW-Sport-HerzogenaurachWe welcome a new member into our big LGBT family: Thomas Hitzlsperger, former Premier League Football player, has announced that he is gay in an interview with Die Zeit magazine.  This makes him the fourth openly gay professional soccer player. “I’m coming out about my homosexuality because I want to move the discussion about homosexuality among professional sportspeople forwards,” he said in the interview. The 31 year-old Hitzlspreger, who has formerly played for played for Aston Villa, West Ham and Everton also discussed homophobia in his athletic community: “I’ve never been ashamed of the way I am … Just picture 20 men sat around a table together drinking – you’ve just got to let the majority be, just as long as the jokes are halfway funny and the talk about homosexuality doesn’t get too insulting … In England, Germany or Italy, homosexuality is not taken seriously as an issue, at least not in the dressing room”.

orbitzOrbitz Considered One of the Best Places to Work for LGBT Equality

Orbitz Worldwide received a perfect score of 100 percent for the seventh consecutive year and is recognized as one of the “Best Places to Work for LGBT Equality,according to the Human Rights Campaign’s annual Corporate Equality Index (CEI). The CEI is a national benchmark for LGBT workplace inclusion and provides an in-depth analysis and rating of large U.S. employers and their policies and practices pertinent to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender employees.Orbitz was the first online travel company to launch a microsite dedicated to gay and lesbian travel. The core values of tolerance, non-discrimination and equality are an integral part of Orbitz’s employment practices and marketing efforts. These core values have earned the company HRC’s Corporate Equality Award, as well as two GLAAD Awards for LGBT-inclusive advertising.

RuPaul’s Drag star race winner season 5 Jinx Monsoon jinx monsoonhere on the set of the series19493530 Blue Bloods with Tom Selleck in New York. It will be her first non-reality television appearance!!! You see that anything can happen, when you will be a part of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Season six starts at the February the 24th. Who will be the next Drag Superstar.  I hope they don’t F*ck it up!!! ;o)

BUTT OF THE WEEK: X-factor contestant Sam Callahan

04-sam-callahan-gtsam+callahan+Heat+PNGsam+callahan+PNGsam callahansam_callahan_desnudo_gt_4IMG_8121Sam Callahan naked 2sam callahan01IMG_8209hbu_Op_Sh

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