Did I get your attention with that headline? Good, because I’m not going to talk about sex before sportspic1_naked_skiers_001, but about love against anti-gay related to sports and especially with the upcoming Winter Olympics in anti-gay Russia’s Sochi.

6a00d8341c730253ef01a73d6ea58f970d-800wiMany things and stories have been written so much already over this topic, when Russia declared war against homosexuals with the anti-gay law in their country. I thought, should I write how I feel about it? Give my opinion like others or just read a book in the snow? I wasn’t sure if I have something different to mention than all the other news that have been floating around the internet. But otherwise it felt like an obligation with having a blog called Pink In Our Lives that something has to be written. It affects all of us gays eventually, even if you aren’t living in Russia. There are more countries that have even worse laws and retributions for being gay or acting on it. More countries and States (Yesterday Scotland became the 17th country to allow this, YEAH!!!) allowing same-sex couples to get married in a positive way is progressing, it can happen that this negativity against gays also goes further and further. WE HAVE TO MAKE A STOP TO THIS!!!

tumblrIMG_7085I live as you already know in Belgium, where you can marry as a gay couple and adopt children, but unfortunately this is not the case everywhere else in the world. It is difficult to feel how gays are feeling, who are not only trapped in their own closet, but also in their own country. You can try to imagine, but it will never overshadow the cruel reality. We are talking about humans, who can’t be themselves. We aren’t hurting anyone by who we are. Yes it seems a different lifestyle than your own, but embrace the diversity. If the haters were not that ignorant, insecure and prejudiced, then they would see that gays keep the economy rising. Most gays are well educated people, both working and appreciating the fine things in life and willing to pay for it. Companies should cherish this and be gay-friendly, because they can profit of this all.

FRANCE-RUSSIA-OLY-2014-DEMOWill all the actions like kiss-inns and protest marches help against the anti-gay laws? Who knows, but if we don’t do anything, nothing will never change. Love and only showing natural love can make the world a better place for everybody wherever you are. Respect each other and the country that you visit. Because even when you don’t agree with their laws, you are a guest there and don’t do anything to provoke them. It will not help you or change anything.

The Canadian bobsledder team canbobis at least prepared for the Olympics and gave us something to look at when they tweeted this:Canbob2

When I started writing this a few weeks ago for the upcoming Olympics the following sentences was my first draft: foto 4

Don’t stay home either and say we shouldn’t go to Russia, especially with the Olympics being held because it’s bad…When you stay away, Russia will still hold the Olympics and maybe win all the medals. Show who you are without provoking and show that gay people are normal people, strong athletes and that we  can win those medals. Also show that we will not punish non-LGTB athletes to be there for their Olympic teams in Sochi. It will be scary , but we have to show Putin and the rest of the world who we are and what we’re about. Let’s be strong and united.

 I still feel the same about this, but after so much cruelty showed in pictures and videos that came out the last weeks we have to make a stand too, because this can’t go on like this. Not only our LGBT community, but also governments of all the world should take a stand against anti-gay, homophobic bullies and all these death threatening actions. Putin has to be stopped!!! 555070_445423472238733_1978361049_nHow are we gonna do that? Blocking the complete Olympics and no support for the straight and gay athletes? Showing up in full color and making a stand that we are still here and we are there to stay for our gay fellow Russians, who need our help? Whatever you choose it is probably in the end with the right motivation and hopefully the result of that we all stick together in our community.CU Women Bare Witness for PeaceAnd if you can’t choose and you live in the USA go Friday, when the Winter Olympics starts, to a Pride House somewhere. At every Olympic year the Olympic Villages host a Pride House for LGBTs. This year Putin has off course forbidden anything like that and they obeyed. So now restaurants, bars and clubs across the States are becoming a Pride House themselves for one night only. On the opening night they will donate 1 dollar of every drink they sold to the Russia Freedom Fund. So don’t stay home and read a bookalexander skarsgard nude true blood, when you don’t want to watch the Olympics. This time I give you an excuse to get hammered and drink for our fellow gay Russians and their lives to be free of abuse and hatred. Hopefully will be in the rest of the world these events and we can show Putin and their allies that we aren’t people to fight with and that they should take us serious. We will survive and we will win eventually!!!

foto 1Here is a video of hunky underwear models Colby Melvin and Brandon Brown to show the message and if you wanna support go to !!!

Off course a few bitter souls say, predictably, that gay men only care, if we see hunky shirtless men giving us the cause to care about. But hey, you clicked to see it, didn’t you? LOL

jonnywooalternativeopeningHave a great Pink day and let us know your opinion about this topic? Love to hear what your feelings are or what your country is doing about it, good or bad. Because don’t make this about the non-support for the participating athletes, but about the politics and the signals they are giving. Follow us at facebook or Twitter.

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