1656369_10152565902159056_1211507937_nWho’s gonna walk out with his prestigious HOOKIE Award 2014 this year???

adam dacre00A Hookie is an international price for male escorts. Contestants can be chosen in 16 categories from Best Newcomer or Best Bottom till Mr. International 2014. For the title of Mr. International 2014 you can choose from contestants all over the world from countries like Francegeoffrey paine, Spain josh milk mr spain or Canadaeli henry00. The Awards are presented by Rentboy.com, the world’s largest male escort site, in association with BPX: The Black Party Expo.

1546404_586144428139184_1545487773_nIt will be the 8th edition of The Hookies this year and the organizers of Rentboy.com want to fight the stigma around male escorts in the media with these awards. With these Hookie awards Rentboy want to say that having male escorts are important in life. Escorts and bodyworkers are frequently stigmatized in the press, yet these courageous and skilled men provide an invaluable service, helping clients make meaningful physical contact, explore their fantasies, emotional needs, and desire for companionship.

HookiesPosterImageWebSizedFeb2014On Friday the 21st of March this year The Hookies 2014 will be celebrating the best Escorts & Pornstars from around the World in New York City. The host of this year Awards ceremony will be Leslie Jordan. He is known for his Emmy Award-winning portrayal of the gleefully bitchy Beverley Leslie on Will and Grace as well as hundreds of film and television appearances. This year, Jordan portrayed “Quentin Fleming” of the witches’ council on the current season of cult T.V. series American Horror Story: Coven.  Jordan will be accompanied onstage by many celebrity co-presenters.

Description video above: 2013 International Escort Awards hosted by Sharon Needles with Mike Diamond, Winner Christopher Daniels, Trenton Ducati, Rafael Alencar, Jack Mackenroth, Chi Chi LaRue, and Mr.Pam March 22, 2013 http://www.thehookies.com.

aleks buldocekThe nominations are in since the 21st of February and the voting can start till the 20th of March. You can choose from your favorite escort listings to nominate contestants in one of 16 categories: Best Newcomer, Best Twink, Best Pornstar, Best Topalejandro dumas best top00, Best Bottom, Best Bodyfoto 5, Best Bear or Cub, Best Kink/Fetish, Best Dancer, Best Dressed/Style, Best Cock, Best Ass, Best Masseur, Best Boyfriend Fantasy, Best Daddy, Best Website/Social Media, and Mr.International 2014. There are 6 finalists in each category. For the Mr.International Escort category, there were regional contests for Mr. UK, Mr. France, Mr. Spain, Mr. New York1069846_10152565349909056_1852204550_n, Mr. Florida, Mr. Los Angeles1619113_10152522281644056_1595064549_n, Mr. San Francisco1920107_539469889485351_2063409763_n, and Mr. Chicago Regional Escort of the Year, with the winners being sent to New York City for the International contest.


1970581_547023995396607_1872112724_nOn March 21st, 2014, The International Escort Awards will be presented live onstage at a star-studded gala in New York City as part of the Black Party Expo. This event is about promoting these gorgeous men and the skills they bring to being the top erotic performers in the industry. Around the world, when men on the internet look for the services of a professional male escort or masseur, they turn to Rentboy.com. Founded in 1997, Rentboy.com was the first and reigns as the largest male escort website, making matches between men and its 170,000+ “working boys” in 160+ cities around the world. Their promo is “Today is the day we say come out and celebrate a unique occupation and above all be proud of how far we have come”.


Example of the Hookies and Black Party Expo 2011 in New York

1528691_10152463010284056_1146432162_nWhat do you think about this award ceremony? Is it the right way to promote the escort world and show the world what it is all about and loose the way how people in general think about the escort world? Rentboy.com has long been an advocate for a person’s right to do what he or she likes with their body. They constantly reinforce the message that escorts should be proud of the services they provide and not marginalized or made to feel inferior to someone. My personal opinion is that we should be glad that these escorts are here and help people with these sexual needs. (Because there is definitely a need for it) Some people can’t have or get sex like they want it. Then it’s better that they pay for professionals instead of raping others to get their sexual needs and drifts fulfilled. I don’t feel the need to pay for it, but never say never…..I thought I was straight too when I was born and look how that turned out… LOL.

If you want to know more about The Hookies or you want to give out a vote yourself on your favorites? Visit the website and make your choices!!! http://hookies.xxx/vote.asp

Visit also the Black Party in association with the Hookies Awards. See here trailer of 2013

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Lesley and Adult Performer Alex Marte
Lesley and Adult Performer Alex Marte

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