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addicted-2014-part2-5addicted-2014-part2-0WET ME UP! Is the first installment of a wonderful trilogy in which the Addicted 2014 Spring/Summer Collection will be presented – swimwear, underwear, and sportswear/street wear. Three new collections that the company is presenting are the most daring ever, when it comes to the designs. For this reason they needed a strong and a recognizable worldwide image and this is why they contacted the wonderful team at Bel Ami to propose this collaboration. Without hesitation they responded with an emphatic “Yes!”. Dylan Rosser, the prestigious international photographer, has had full creative control of the new Addicted Campaigns. addicted-2014-part2-3This is also something new that the company is proud to present this season. The Addicted production team went to Cape Town for 6 days to work together with the gorgeous Bel Ami boys on the WET ME UP! Swimwear Campaign, as well as other campaigns which will be released in the near future. addicted-2014-part2-2Heavenly locations, steamy photo shoots and videos as well as plenty of eroticism will be the main ingredients that will keep you glued to your screens. Florian Nemec, Kevin Warhol, Adam Archuleta, Robin Michaux, Hoyt Kogan and Joel Birkim are the main Bel Ami stars of the new Addicted Visual Campaign. I am sure that these images will remain on your mind.;o)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO our LGBT’s or great persons that portrayed LGBT characters: Actress Cynthia Nixoncynthia nixon01, Actor Charlie Hunnam SSD-06281.DNGand Designer Marc Jacobsmarc jacobs01.

jeremy irvineWar Horse star Jeremy Irvine jeremy irvine02will be starring in Stonewall, a film on the riots that kick-started the modern LGBTI rights movement. The 24-year-old English actor will play a homeless gay teen who gets caught up in the 1969 police raid at the Stonewall Inn in New York City. Jeremy Irvinejeremy irvine01 is an English stage and screen actor. In late 2011, Irvine starred as the leading character in the epic war film War Horse directed by Steven Spielberg. Roland-Emmerich-CRED-FacebookThe openly gay Roland Emmerich, a gay filmmaker best known for movies like Independence Day, considers the film to be a passion project. He has been seeking to make the film for some time. ‘It’s one of these civil rights moments and very little is known about it, even gay people don’t know much about it’, tells Roland. The mafia-run Stonewall Inn was one of the few places in New York where LGBTI people could meet, date and drink in relative freedom.But on 28 June 1969, several officers turned up at 1am to raid the bar. But the customers fought back, leading to a riot that involved over 500 people. When the police were forced to retreat, the riots signalled a new dawn of the LGBTI movement in the US and around the world.


Writer, filmmaker and provocateur Bruce LaBruce has debuted the trailer for his new film, “Gerontophilia,” that follows an 18-year old boy, Lake, as he realizes he has a fetish for older men and subsequently takes a job at a retirement home. Once there, Lake falls for the 81-year old Mr. Peabody and breaks him free from the shackles of assisted living once he learns that the facility is purposefully over-medicating their patients. Here is another clip where Lake (played by Pier Gabriel Lajoie) and Mr. Peabody (played by Walter Borden) play a drunken game of strip poker.

Derrick-Gordon00derrick-gordon02Basketball player Derrick Gordon came out as gay this week. In his coming out, he has become the first openly gay National Collegiate Athletic Association Division 1 basketball player!!! ‘I just didn’t want to hide anymore, in any way’, Gordon tells.”I didn’t want to have to lie or sneak. I’ve been waiting and watching for the last few months, wondering when a Division I player would come out, and finally I just said, “Why not me?” Gordon was inspired after Jason Collins came out and was signed to Brooklyn Nets, the first gay player in NBA historyDerrick-Gordon01. ‘That was so important to me, knowing that sexuality didn’t matter, that the NBA was OK with it’.
Derrick’s bold decision to come out as gay isn’t just significant, it’s inspirational. Today, countless young basketball players, athletes, and men of color have another outstanding role model who reflects the fact that you can be who you want to be no matter who you love. Welcome to our team and very proud of you Derrick.

derrick gordon04Director and photographer Jeremy Lucido released one of my favorite videos, Get Outta My Way (Boys) of the Kylie Minogue song Tribute back in 2010. This week he just released another sexy video featuring tons of hot RANDY BLUE models such as Diego Sans, Jarec Wentworth, Colby Keller, Kurtis Wolfe, Justin Owen, Abele Place and Austin Wolf lip-synching in the video called “BLOW: Tribute to Beyonce.”

BUTT OF THE WEEK: Actor Cam Gigandet

cam gigandetcam gigandet02Cam_Gigandet_9cam gigandet06cam-gigandet-fights-twilight-fanscam gigandet04Cam gigandet01cam gigandet03cam gigandet05

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