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20140419-181629HAPPY EASTER FOR EVERYBODY!!! So grab your eggs and put them in the basket ;o)20140419-181811

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO our LGBT’s or great persons that portrayed LGBT characters in series or movies last week: Actor Riley SmithRiley-Smith-dr01, Actor Nicholas Brendonnicholas brendon, Catwalk Diva J. Alexanderj_alexander, Actor Luke EvansLuke Evans, Singer Samantha FoxSamantha_Fox, Actress Maria Bellomaria bello, Actor Eric McCormackeric mccormack, Actor James Francojames franco and Actor Sean Maguiresean maguire.

burning blueTrailer for “Burning Blue” about relationship between two Navy fighter pilots during “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”. It hits theaters on June 6, that thing is the US Navy where, until Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell was dismantled in 2011, you could be discharged for being gay. Burning Blue is about a close-knit squadron of male Navy pilots whose ties begin to splinter after a series of fatal accidents. As a government agent digs to uncover the cause of the accidents, two of the pilots engage in an affair which is exposed and a scandal ensues.

Gay-StamsThe Finnish postal service, Itella, has announced the release of a set of 33 commemorative stamps featuring works of art by Tom of Finland. Tom of Finland, real name Touko Laaksonen, became known in the 1960s and 1970s for his incredibly homoerotic illustrations featuring muscular men in tight clothing and sometimes very suggestive positions. The Finnish artist, who has been called the world’s “most influential creator of gay pornographic images”, passed away in 1991. tfstamp3_34581.jpg.CROP_.promovar-mediumlargeItella said of Tom of Finland and the stamps: “His emphatically masculine homoerotic drawings have attained iconic status in their genre and had an influence on, for instance, pop culture and fashion”. Itella’s Tom of Finland stamps will be available to buy in Finland from the 8th of September 2014 and will coincide with an exhibition of the artist’s work at the country’s Postal Museum.

6a00d8341c730253ef01a3fcf198f2970bPhotos Of Gay Couples Kissing In Churches Gets NYC Show After Vatican Disapproval.        When Rome’s Galleria L’Opera tried to artist Gonzalo Orquin’s photographs of gay, lesbian and straight couples kissing in Rome’s Catholic churches, the Vatican threatened legal action and had the showing stopped (the opera cited “security reasons”). It looks like those photos will still get a showing in Manhattan’s Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art on April 30. In New York, Orquin’s work is receiving a warm welcome. It will be featured in the SoHo-based museum’s window gallery and will be visible to passersby on the street. These were very beautiful, simple portraits of same-sex couples in a space that they held sacred and important to them. I hope visitors [who see them] leave with a wonderful feeling of compassion and humanity.

NUDIE OF THE WEEK: Aaron Smithaaron_smith_4f56bf80a7 of New Zealand’s Rugby club All Black aaron-smith-nakedwith his own made selfie. ;o)

In the age of Grindr, Bender, Scruff and whatever else the gays are using to pick up guys these days, it’s rare to see a guy go in for the kill the old-fashioned way. YouTube channel Whatever recruited a pretty good-looking (at least from the back) guy to ask male strangers for their number in hopes of going on a date, and the reactions range from the dumbfounded to the completely homophobic to the definitely interested. It is hilarious? Take a look, and ask yourself if you’d have the balls to give this one a shot yourself. Who knows? You may run into someone like Mr. 3:00 who’s “open to new shit.” ;o)

andy bellAndy Bell of Erasure and “Glee” actor Alex Newell alex newellare among the musical acts that will perform at this year’s gay pride festival in Detroit. Equality Michigan today revealed the entertainment lineup and other specifics related to the Motor City Pride event. motor_city_pride_logoThe two-day festival and parade is scheduled for June at Hart Plaza downtown. Motor City Pride bills itself as Michigan’s largest gathering that celebrates the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community. It attracts thousands of visitors to Detroit each year. The Detroit Free Press says the festival will feature performances on multiple stages and 140 vendors.

rita-ora-gay-zac-efron-mtv-jhp (2)rita-ora-gay-zac-efron-mtv-jhp (9)Zac Effron is a man of his word!!! He promised us a month ago that when he wins the MTV Movie Award for Best Shirtless Performance In Los Angeles, he will accept it shirtless too. ;o) He won the award for his shirtless scenes in this year’s comedy That Awkward Moment. rita-ora-gay-zac-efron-mtv-jhp (6)Rita Ora was on hand to present Zac with his award, and she also decided it was her duty to rip his shirt open in the process. After giving his thank you speech, he flexed his muscles while the audience cheered him on, giving everyone ample amount of time to take shots of this gorgeous man. So I thought I share these with you too ;p

rita-ora-gay-zac-efron-mtv-jhp (1)huwelijk_robeyns_site.jpg.h380.jpg.568First female Mayor Els Robeyns in Belgium got married last Saturday in Wellen with her much younger girlfriend Stephanie Billen!!! Congratulations ladies from Pink In Our Lives and I wish you many years with love and luck!!!

kenny-brain-big-brother-canada-05Kenny Brain of Canada’s Big Brother got nude pics of him leaked on the internet.279fe-kenny-brain-hot-sexy They supposedly are from Grindr and Kenny made the Big Brother-series kenny BB01getting attention again since it started many years ago all in the world. If it’s definitely him, I don’t know, because he  was younger there and trimmed.peenkennybigbrother The tattoo’s on his side are the same , but hey who’s actually looking to that when his big schlong is in your face ;o) kenny brain pelado qdng706f2866068311e3b96f22000aeb0cca_7.jpg.488x305_q85_box-22,20,587,373_crop_detailDutch Actor Everon Jackson Hooi came finally out of the closet with an interview in Dutch Magazine L’Homo. He was not comfortable before to open up or tell more about his private life. But now he couldn’t handle living in the spotlights anymore and leading a double life.-artiesten-00000555The reactions about his coming out are very different and sometimes very harsh, especially from the gay community. Everon_Jackson_Hooi_als_Bing_Mauricius-1-200x300I knew this already for many years (not only because of my own gaydar, but from the party-scene), but kept my lips tightly closed. I always feel that everybody need their time to figure it out for themselves and when it’s right for them to tell the world. So welcome to our LGBT community mister handsome.media_xl_1064994

BUTT OF THE WEEK: Actor Mark-Paul Gosselaar


mark-paul-gosselaar-435mark-paul gosselaar nude franklin & bashmark-paul gosselaar nude franklin & bashmark-paul-gosselaar01mark_paul_gosselaar_01mark-paul gosselaar nude franklin & bash

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