1921063_1457361974498783_4038043059223592532_o32607_371282986319449_1706004511_nIt was that time of the year again. Cute bunnies hopping against your legs. Grabbing some eggs and putting them in our basket. Sucking out the inside of the chocolate eggs. It was definitely Eastern Weekend! With most people taking a long weekend off, several parties wanting you to follow tails and squeeze the eggs. 😉 Huge parties in Berlin, The Netherlands and in Brussels like La Demence for the whole weekend were not an option for me this year, because when you are working in a hotel like yours truly, you don’t have those days completely off. 🙁

But our friends Michael from Holland and his husband-to-be Brett from Philadelphia asked us IMG_2040to visit them on Easter Sunday for dinner, clubbing and Monday easter Brunch. This gave us the opportunity to go on Sunday to a party from PinkClinic. It has been awhile that I have been to their parties and it would be great to see some familiar faces again. The party was going to be held in Rotterdam, not so far where Michael and Brett are living, in a club called Roffler.

I got informed about the party on their Facebook page PinkClinic and a good friend of mine Dennis was the poster boy on the flyer. The theme was candy and what can I say “they have Pink in their name” so I definitely had to be there for “Pink In Our Lives”. I knew more friends would be thereIMG_2023, so I put on appropriate party clothes on like Pink shoes and a Pink T-shirt to go dancing.

10264956_10202321802060190_1213976114868496780_nIMG_2020When we and our friend Jaap arrived at the door the Big Breasted Nurses were waiting for us, and welcomed us with a Big smile, high heels and long legs. A perfect welcome that gave a preview of what to expect for the rest of the evening. A group picture outside was taken and after some “egg checking” from the male guard, we went inside. Roffler is not a big club, but literally underground with lockers for you to put your coats or any other clothes that you would want to take off.

In the beginning the music was not really club music and the first DJ was not making the party, which I think he should do. Playing old music and different genres like reggae aren’t what we are used for a night out like this. IMG_2026On the other hand the organizer Michel Voituron and The “babes” like DeeDee, Sanctuary Sandra, Vicky Janssen, Gigi & Miss Tabitha entertained the crowd with performances, dancing with the guests, giving free candy and shooting real vodka shots in our mouthsIMG_2048. With the second DJ Martin Bazuin IMG_2046the club got pumped up and the crowd kept dancing on club sounds. He gave a really good vibe. the only downside of the evening was that the club isn’t that big and sometimes too dark on the dancefloor. Blowing steam isn’t always a plus, when the club is not big and doesn’t get you good pictures. And although we luv and adore the girls, I missed some shirtless308218_247103295325081_133947138_n male nurses to take my temperature……LOL

IMG_2049PinkClinic thanks for having us and a big applause for your crew. You made us all feel welcome and we had a great time. When is the next party?!? I heard something in July with big boats on the water in Rotterdam??? ;o) Keep us posted and follow our Facebook page for more updates and pictures.

I hope you all had a great Easter like us and have a PINK day. Big kiss  Lesley


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