20 jaar zsazsa COLLAGEAnyone who is familiar with THE Show Queen World, knows Zsa Zsa Lamor .
Zsa Zsa is an established Lady within the Belgian borders and far beyond.
Weekly performing in her Palace Mask’ara in Borsbeek Belgium. Being an amazing business woman, she dominates the stages like no other. A phenomenon! Known for her huge majestic gowns and feather-tastic head-pieces, she transcends the beauty and glory from the Cathedral of Antwerp. And a night with Zsa Zsa is an evening with a good laugh, but also leaves you amazed and astonished. She has the Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent for a Drag Superstar like RuPaul always mentions.

These two nights for celebrating Zsa Zsa her 20 years career were in the making for a few nights now and in the recent months before there has been an incredible promotional campaign. Flyers, Facebook promotion, and off course participating in Belgium’s Got Talent-show for the event! The show takes place in the Pink lighted Arenberg Hall in Antwerp/Belgium and on stage everyone is being welcomed by Davy Bamps IMG_1942, the co-organizer. The Mask’ara GirlsIMG_1891 Star, Ginger Grant and Sederginne start the show, being assisted by THE highly professional and acrobatic dancing, and should be mentioned divine bodies, from the dancers who participated on So You Think You Can Dance.

IMG_1895After this intro THE moment what we all came for, the entrance of Queen Zsa Zsa Lamor. The leading lady, where the show is all about, in a truly stunning creation performing the Barbara Streisand song “People”. An ode to her audience. Standing on the magnificent main stage with in the background the columns of the Greek Acropolis, the tone is set! Streisand would be definitely happy, if she ever had a set up like this in HER career.

One of the many highlights from this evening is the ever Vampy, Star!
Her moves are unique in Madonna’s act Girl Gone Wild, assisted by Tommy Gryson and his magnificent team, one asks if you have not arrived on a show with Madonna and Kazaky .IMG_1904
On killer stilettos Star burst into a sharp-lined choreography and after a lift above the dancers, who for the occasion are being dressed in tight skin-fit trousers, Madonna can pack her bags….Star shines!
But what a divine act, The courage and guts to dance with stiletto heels from the dancers shows off the balls to impress. High kicks etc. And How! There is a semi ecstatic gasp of breath through the hall.

IMG_1992Special guest this evening, the former Miss Dragqueen Belgium 2013 Sacha Ryan.
She is known and praised for her look- a-like on Belgium singer Natalia! Dressed in a black latex suit and killer boots, a true stage animal dominates like the red head Natalia. Later she gives a performance of her winning act on Miss Dragqueen Belgium in 2013 R.E.S.P.E.C.T.
Dressed in a gorgeous pink outfit with feather sleeves, and after a transformation she unfolds a glamorous dress with deep V neckline, God was obvious in a good mood when he created La Ryan. Such a bosom! La Ryan enjoys THE moment and is visible in her element!

IMG_1924From London flown in especially for these two nights, the Miss Showqueen Belgium 2009 Yana International with her classical appearance, reminds me of a very young Goldie Hawn! Dressed in a beautiful pink dress she gives away a performance of Memories. Get the Kleenex out of your Chanel bag, not a dry eye in the audience. Behind La International unfolds a huge screen with a picture of Yana embraced with Zsa Zsa from earlier years! A long and cherished friendship.

The ladies of Mask’ara could not be forgotten!
Sederginne and Ginger Grant giving away a bedazzled performance of Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Caballe, THE Opera Diva back in time, with the song Barcelona .
Sedergine is a parody of La Caballe, everybody who knew her, immediately sees the distinctive similarities! Her dress unfolds like a true Zeppelin. Mentioning the characteristic trademark of La Sederginne … her huge lip-glossed mouth. Ginger Grant aka Freddie gets skillfully bounced off the stage with her immense robe by La Caballe.

Later that night, La Grant will give an incredible performance as Cher with the song “Womans World”. IMG_1967Crowned with a humongous wig on the head. We don’t really have to transfer on seeing Cher in Nevada this year. Here is Cher in living person, pinchy jaw boned cheek implants and all!

IMG_1945After the break we got treated by a great and surprising opening of our leading lady which rocks the house down. Lady Gaga and Zsa Zsa only a few letters difference in a name!
From the loudspeakers bursts Bad Romance and on the stage we see La Lamor wrapped in a huge black / white gown, in a few seconds it falls apart and we see the most divine male bodies of the dancers appearing from underneath it. Showing off their skills. Body liquids flying around darlings!!! Zsa Zsa/Gaga shows THE moves like no other, PAWS UP.

IMG_1925We are in the presence of Royalty this evening since many queens have landed Arenberg.
Queen B(eyoncé) had a little place in her personal agenda and dress to impress she came on stage. Must we NOT have known Joan Jullian, Queen of Nations was a special Guest That evening, we would have imagined Queen B to be there.
Ravishing blood red dress, the wind machine choreographed Beyonce hairdo and even more amazing the THE killer heels and longer than life Joan’s majestic legs. She did ZsaZsa’s favorite song “ Love on top” and we loved it too.

IMG_1977That Zsa Zsa participated in Belgium’s Got Talent with her best stand-up comedy, is evident when she appears on the scene with her trolley from the Supermarket, in a circuit of one-liner jokes. Displaying an on the edge of society living cashier. You would hardly give her a cure antidepressants, her life is so to say, not a pleasant one!!
She even transforms to the Royalty of society and the slightly (n)ever- empty-headed, blond haired Belgian Queen Mathilde! She is so unique that Mathilde herself would be able to laugh at her! Few years ago, the retired Showqueen Tootsie IMG_1935especially for this occasion once again clicked her high heels for Zsa Zsa! That Tootsie her moves and skills are certainly not forgotten, is reflected in her Amanda Lear …. act. Dressed in sugar candy pink jumpsuit, she takes acrobatics here that could almost break ones neck. Still very flexible at her age!

IMG_2011IMG_2003Showstopper is the Showgirl medley where all Show Queens are performing in.
Again LOTS of feathers and even more PINK! As a sugar sweet icing on the cake, Zsa Zsa Lamor comes on stage with One Night Only. That there are no sequins, rhinestones or feathers left for sale in Belgium anymore. (Every ostrich got glued on Zsa Zsa’s headpiece, larger than life and a beautiful gown!) A marvelous Showstopper!
Zsa Zsa thanks all her fellow queens, the organization, sponsors and her public, who scream out LOUD and give her a standing ovation. Antwerp loves Zsa Zsa Lamor , WE love Zsa Zsa Lamor , but above ALSO the man behind these this Ultimate Diva. Danny Calander !
That’s why we come to this evening because he is a talented, unique and here it shows, you don’t need to WIN a talent show to BE a star…she is a Star!

IMG_2053As a friend of Danny for many years, but also for my readers at Pink In Our Lives this evening had to be told here. It was an evening not to forget, as you can see on the pictures and the videos. (thanks to all the contributors) It was definitely an ode to 20 years career of ZsaZsa Lamor and for the ones who have missed it. Tough Luck, but you can always go to see her at their Beautiful palace the Mask’ara Borsbeek.

IMG_2060Thank you Danny AKA Zsa Zsa Lamor and we hope you continue many more years making us laugh and bringing us uniqueness!!! This is a review written by co-writer Christiaan D’Hooghe and myself. Thanks Christiaan for your help and amazing comments like only you can write and come up with. ;o)

Have a Pink day. Big kiss Lesley. Follow us also on Facebook and Twitter
Here is a compilation of the great evening and if you want to see more and crazy pictures of this amazing show, just click on this link: https://www.facebook.com/pinkinourlives

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