Condragulations Conchita Wurst!!! Shocked or Deserved?!!

cochita05conchita03Conchita is the winner of the Eurovision Songcontest 2014. This performer got a lot of attention before this all and off course it won’t stop now. Lots have been written and said about this bearded woman and in a good and in a bad way. Even in our LGBT Community there were positive and negative comments and probably sometimes these were the most critical.
That’s why I am going to give my opinion here too and you don’t have to agree or disagree. But it’s my blog so I can write what I like and want haha. That doesn’t mean I love to hear your opinions about it too.
Some people in our community thinks that Conchita is not making a statement, but it’s all for publicity and getting this way her/his extra votes. Yes, it got all our attention off course, because it was different. Did it mock our community or trying to show that gays are freaks only? I am sorry. but no, I don’t think so.

conchita06Hell no actually, I am not even sorry. We want all to be accepted in the mostly “straight” world. But what we want is that we are treated equally regarding to laws for marriage, adoption, taxes and many more. We want to have the same freedom of speech and expression like others can. Punkers, Gothics and other groups, they are different too. They don’t get excluded of their rights.
I am glad that I am gay!!! I want to have respect too, but it’s not because I am “different” than most people that I have to act like them and don’t deserve respect??!! Being gay doesn’t make me be better or worse, is just who I am and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I feel like that most people who give harsh comments are not happy with themselves or lives. But it isn’t right to project your negative feelings or views on others, just love yourself!!!

I am glad that I live a different life than most straight people. Even some of my straight friends conchita02are jealous on my lifestyle too. It goes both ways, but we respect each other and the way we live our lives. Conchita being a winner of Eurovision is a good example of the world looking past the person performing only, but giving points because the song is good, a great performance and a beautiful voice. Even homophobic Russia gave Austria & Conchita 6 points on the song!!!

conchita01What strikes me the most of all these comments in the social media and press that it is all about Conchita is a bearded woman and why would she/he provoke it all? But actually it is a man named Tom, who has a beard and he put a dress on!!! Austrias-Controversial-Eurovision-Song-Contestant-Conchita-Wurst-03Why is the beard so important, because now you see two beautiful creatures in one. Man and Woman. Hey, we like drag queens too, we go to their shows, we keep watching Rupaul’s Dragrace for six seasons already, so what’s different now?? Conchita wasn’t the first “woman” with a beard. Singer Azis (Original) azis02did it first and before, see Facebook and he is a butch man off stage that many gays would love to hook up with. 😉 azis01

conchitaConchita was not chosen as a winner for the LGBT community, but for the song and act. That’s what matters and it gave a shockwave in the world. But so did other performances like Matroesjka-like Poland. Conchita didn’t just present only our community, because even in our community we have many layers and people. That’s the beauty of it all. So just accept it all, be tolerant and get to know each other. We all were the hardest judges and as many gays say “we don’t want to be judged of who we are “. Well let’s stop first doing it ourselves and make “our world” a better place to start with.

To Conchita Wurst:
You gave a great performance with a beautiful number and presence. Maybe you cried a bit too much, but I understand it. 😉 After all you must have been through a lot and have read what’s been said about you, so this victory is overwhelming. You must and can be proud!!! You showed the world that we don’t give up and we have to stand united on this planet. It is a great song and that’s why you won. You beat my birth country The Netherlands, but I won’t hold that against you LOL. Enjoy your win and make the best of it. Congratulations from me and Pink In Our Lives.
Big kiss Lesley Middleton



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