H.I.M. – A new breeze: Open Your Mind!

10382763_655530321182925_8946031063294860164_n10269446_648385868564037_1293047470186083657_nFinally after a lot of promotion in the social media the first indoor 10346642_658058104263480_6970252899181055403_nOpen-minded Festival Party with parties like Circuit, Extravaganza, Roomservice, Nyx and Totally was about to happen. Friday the 30th of May the discotheque NOXX opened his doors for all kinds of people to have a great party. And what an amazing party it was!!!1072522_629117540490870_1956595820_o10402936_659552460780711_5514783711544053391_nNOXX organisator Tom Swerts planned for the first time after 7 years a gay party for all the open-minded people in the world in the club and he wanted to do it good, going all over the top and he did. 10371678_651618401574117_8307938474529661533_nNot only did we get one big party, we got 4 rooms of great DJ’s, hot dancers, drag queens and surprise acts. Antwerp has a tradition of having big Gay & Friends events and is still very popular, but neither in Belgium or Holland there was just a big indoor Open-minded Event. 10365734_659413914127899_7835866695979267445_nH.I.M tried to be the first one and they definitely succeeded. With 4 various concepts there is something for everybody within H.I.M. It proves that diversity and togetherness still can be created and can work in the LGBT community.10363124_658058530930104_5333541539671565572_n

IMG2133My boyfriend the OutTv reporter RenΓ© IMG_1905and myself for Pink In Our Lives got invited at ten o’clock in the evening to get a first impression. The crew of Extravanganza IMG_2118were already preparing their fabulous transformations backstage, the DJ booths were installed and the crowd pleasers were already showing their tricks. When we arrived we already felt a special atmosphere….This is gonna be a great party and most of all an experience. That is what H.I.M. wants to create besides the good music and party, you have to feel and live it. IMG_2159From the moment you get into the club you step on a journey through different styles from Europe’s most trendy and gay-friendly cities, that Europe has to offer. Each room has it’s personality, theme and decoration, which make you live the experience.

IMG_1888You could buy tickets of this event online, in some stores or at the entrance door and it would be international dancing fest. Party peeps are getting their kicks out from all over the world like Spain, Istanbul, Switzerland, the United States, France and from Holland. (Nyx had his own party bus coming from Amsterdam) The people got in and find their way with all the various rooms of different music and parties. You could even get your picture taken by Milkshake (another party concept outdoors on the 20th of July in Amsterdam) and they made sure we keep it safe by giving out free condoms.condoom πŸ™‚

Lesley and adult performer Damien Crosse
Lesley and adult performer Damien Crosse

Club NOXX IMG_2186got packed with sexy people and around 01.30 a big opening started in the Circuit area with marvelous creations, fireworks, dancers and a Conchita-look-a-like on a discoball in the air!!! The crowd went crazy and had a blast of fun. In the Totally room people were enjoying the percussion music and were heavenly shaking their ass on this music and the party crowd was creating a special vibe. It was an open-minded party, so it was a mixed crowd with guys, girls, bears, jocks, drags, gay, straight and lesbians, twinks, young and old and famous porn stars like Damien Cross, Stany Falcone and Logan Moore. People got together and had fun. IMG_2171The concept definitely worked and everybody agreed that it was an great Festival. Off course I knew a lot of people there (that’s what I am known for LOL) and it was great to see so many faces and friends again from all over the world. πŸ˜‰ But I even got to meet new people, who came to party like us. H.I.M. created that. Everybody that I spoke was enthusiastic and loved it. It was something we had missed in Antwerp for a long time. Something new, something different. 4 great parties all in once.IMG_2142IMG_2160IMG_2183IMG_2121IMG_2178

Because of great success the organizers couldn’t resist at all the positive comments and screaming out loud requests for another feature. I can share with you already you have to watch and mark your calendar and our Pink In Our Lives page, because in November H.I.M. will be back!!! Date will be announced soon. Hope you all had a great time like us and for those who were not there….YOUR LOSS, but better luck next time. πŸ™‚ H.I.M., thank you for having us and making us feel welcome. PARTY ON!!!

Have a great Pink day and follow us at Facebook and Twitter. Big kiss Lesley


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