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YouTube – the most powerful multi-media company in the world – has dedicated its entire celebration of Gay Pride to sports.Sports and the gay community are now forever joined at the hip. Support a world where every athlete can be Proud to Play.Upload a video sharing what being Proud to Play means to you. #proudtoplay #LGBT

briansims_betrue_jul13Sexy Pennsylvania lawmaker Brian Sims brian sims01has predicted that the US will elect a gay president within the next ten years. “Looking at the current trend in the American opinion, we’ll have a gay president in 10 years.” Brian describes Barack Obama as “one of the top 10 pro-LGBT activists in America”, adding that “no other president has done more” for the gay community. Did he always do it the way we wanted? No, but he’s done more than all the other presidents put together. He’s changed mentalities, particularly within the African-American community.” Brian K. Sims (born September 16, 1978)brian simsis a Democratic and also a lawyer and activist on LGBT civil rights. Sims is the first openly gay elected state legislator in Pennsylvania history. In 2000, Sims was the co-captain of the Bloomsburg University football teamplay_simms_d1_200, and was recognized as a scholar athlete. Following the longest season in the Division II school’s history, Sims came out as gay.In doing so, the regional All-American and team captain became the only openly gay college football captain in NCAA history.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO our LGBT’s or great persons that portrayed LGBT characters in series or movies this weeks: Diver Tom DaleyDALEY_4, Adult Performer Enrique Rodriquezenrique rodriquez, Gay Icon CHERcher, Model and actor Chris Salvatorechris salvatore, actor Chris Colfercolfer_a, Singer Morrisseymorrissey, actor Timothy Olyphantshirtless olyphant, actor Sam Pagesam-page2, actress Anne HecheAnne-Heche-in-I-Know-What-You-Did-Last-Summer, actor Ian McKellenianmckellen, actress Pam GrierPam-Grier4, actor Rupert EverettRupert+Everett+Shrek+2+Premiere+RNPNNOC0Cq0l and singer Melissa Etheridgemelissa-etheridge.

Sam and Thomas Burgess
Sam and Thomas Burgess

sam en george burgess01Sexy Rugby star brothers Sam and Thomas Burgess are among the sportsmen backing the first ever international study on homophobia in sport. The survey aims to shed light on the prevalence of homophobia among athletes and fans, both in the UK and other countries like the United States and Australia. The Burgess brotherssam en george burgess, who hail from Yorkshire and both play for Australian Rugby League team the South Sydney Rabbitohs, argue in the video below that it is time for homophobia in sport to be vanquished for good. (be sure to watch to the end)

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transgender-coverLaverne Cox Becomes First Transgender Person On The Cover Of Time, Discusses Childhood Suicide Attempt!!! One of the most touching memories in this interview: when she was a boy, she remembers going to dance class but being barred from ballet because “ballet was too gay.” It was just one instance of gender stopping her from what she wanted, and suffering because of the attitudes of those around her. With all the discussions nowadays about the word tranny, this interview and becoming the first transgender cover photo on TIME Magazine is a good step in the right direction and the “Orange Is The New Black-star Laverne could not be a better role model.

A couple from California have created a touching home video to share the story of their transgender son.
Jeff and Hillary Whittington’s son, Ryland, was born a girl but began transitioning into a boy at the age of just five. Ryland told his parents “I am a boy” as soon as he learned to speak, and often asked, “Why did God make me like this?”. After doing extensive research online, his parents came to the conclusion that Ryland was transgender. They cut his hair, redecorated his bedroom and began referring to him as a boy. Watch the touching video about Ryland’s transition:

NUDIE OF THE WEEK: Boxer Roy Jones Jr. (ex-girlfriend  throws his nudes on the net after break-up)

roy jones jr boxerroy-jones-junior-nude-03-thumb-500x500-19257roy jones jr01roy-jones-junior-nude-01-thumb-500x500-19253roy-jones-junior-nude-02-thumb-500x500-19255

melissa etheridgeLesbian singer Melissa Etheridge Marries Partner Linda Wallem.
Two days after they both turned 53, Melissa Etheridge and partner Linda Wallem married on Saturday night at the San Ysidro Ranch in Montecito, California. In the course of the intimate outdoor ceremony, Etheridge sang Wallem a new song she wrote especially for her and which Etheridge had never performed before – not even to Linda. All four of Etheridge’s children participated in the wedding. he singer and the Nurse Jackie creator had been friends for more than a decade before they began dating in 2010. Last June, they announced their engagement following the Supreme Court’s historic decisions regarding gay rights, with Etheridge calling Wallem “my true love.” Congratulations from Pink In Our Lives and we wish you many happy years full of love together.


Rhyian_Anderson-Morley_Aussie_Rules_Football_Player_GayAustralian football player Rhyian Anderson-Morley decided to come out as gay so openly in order to fight against homophobia in sport. Rhyian argues that gay players in sport doesn’t need to be a big deal. His decision to come out so openly came after hearing homophobic language spoken in the changing rooms after training, and no one seemed to care. ‘I knew that some people might not like the idea of playing with a gay bloke, and I didn’t want to upset the team atmosphere, especially when I was just trying to learn the ropes. Would it have caused as much drama as some people seem to think? Perhaps knowing a gay bloke was at the club would get them to have a look at themselves and what they say. I don’t know whether footy is ready for an openly gay player. But events like those over recent weeks have helped me at least decide that it’s time I found out.’

BUTT OF THE WEEK: Dutch and Games Of Thrones actor Michiel Huismangame-of-thrones-407-11

game-of-thrones-407-24michiel huisman naked 58michiel-huisman-strips-down-butt-naked-on-game-of-thrones-01michiel huisman naked 1michiel-huisman-shirtless-1post-2192-0-29937200-1363692676michiel huisman naked 56huisman nakedbagame-of-thrones-407-21

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