Mister Gay Flanders: Hit or Miss?!?

95cb27_248a2530276c4b9699026a07be3ab3a0.png_srz_p_975_635_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_png_srzIn a few days is the finale of MVG 2014 and it is a hell of a ride for the organization this year. Last year was the first time organizer Bram Bierkens arranged this competition and we got winner Tom GorisTom-Goris-Finalist-Mr.-Gay-World-2013 becoming the first Mister Gay Flanders. This year 12 new candidates started to compete for this title and only a few days before the finale they are now with eleven competitors!!!

One of the finalists Tom Smets Brolet tom smetshas been thrown out the competition and it seems the fight has just begun or hasn’t been over yet. (depending how you look against it) It all started when one of the candidates Jordy De Smedt jordy de smedtsaw his campaign been sabotaged with his pictures and videos in the social media being reported as not suited/pornographic and stories spread that he is an escort boy. What’s true or not isn’t even important anymore in this situation, because the damage was done and the social media had a field day with all the mud throwing around towards each other. It appears to be done all by his other candidate Tom, who got discharged of the competition.

bitchBack and forth allegations were made, a yes-he-did-or-no-he-didn’t-discussion were thrown on the net, but no proof was shown. For a moment was also on Facebook a message from Jordy that Tom didn’t do anything of a kind and that he apologized that people inside his “friends circle” were part of it all. But after that a magazine in Belgium came out with the story that still Tom was the blame and that even the adult mother of Jordy had hit young Tom in the face to defend her son on an event! Now with Tom excluded from the contest, the gossip and story goes further with the organizer Bram accused now of asking sexual favors from his candidates during the competition. We know there is a lot of bitchiness in our community, but does it have to go this far to get publicity??

Matthieu Chartraire
Matthieu Chartraire

This all doesn’t do justice to the organization and especially for a gay contest. Lots of pros and cons for having a mister gay election is discussed now in our own LGBT community. Do we need a contest like this? Do we need all this drama? Should both boys be expelled instead of one, because there are two persons needed for a fight isn’t it? Does this hurt the organization or gives it them more publicity? Even In France there is something going

Matthieu Chartraire
Matthieu Chartraire

on when Matthieu Chartraire, who is elected by French Gay Magazine TETU to becoming mister Gay 2014. He has been caught in an online racism scandal. Matthieu aired his negative thoughts about people of different races on Facebook and then posted a video of a white woman being attacked by a black man; “This is why I would vote for FN,” he wrote, referring to an far-right-leaning, anti-gay political party. According to the magazine he can still compete even though he is a racist. “It’s in his right to vote for FN, even if we don’t share his beliefs,” said Têtu editor-in-chief Yannick Barbe. “This is a beauty pageant, and our readers’ vote was only based on a single criterion! He only stands for himself, and certainly not for the gay community. (Excluding him) would be censorship, and the best way to victimize him.” So he is still in the competition. I believe his good looks are more important in this case than his attitude unfortunately. But boy let me tell you, racism doesn’t look good on anyone.

604027_493554754001168_1143439785_nWhy do I write something about it and why do I care readers….Well I wanted to write something about the contest anyway, but from a totally different view and just about the contest like I did last year. I know the organizer, some of the contestants and lots of the friends of the candidates. Facebook for instance shows a lot on my screen about it constantly and I really regret having to read all of this happening. I am not taking sides, but off course I have my own private opinion. All this bitching, attacking without showing proof and hearsays are not showing what the contest is all about. The other candidates who are fighting for the first place are overshadowed by this all and I can imagine it takes the fun out of it all.1781914_251104231728173_574925433_n1655619_254016978103565_1118655027_oI hope for all the candidates that they still have fun promoting their part in this circus and are all going for the gold. The one who wins has to present Belgium at Mister World and show that we can be proud on the elected Mister Gay. For me the winner has to have special looks (it is a pageant and the eye wants something too), good sense of what is happening in the gay community, a role model for everybody, open-minded and not arrogant, but smart. He must have an opinion, but also accept other opinions or state of minds. Like in the real world out here, there is a diversity in our community too and he has to represent all of them!!! Mister Gay Flanders is an example of our community and although you have to be always yourself, it’s not all about you!!! Hopefully all the candidates will know this and especially the winner, who will be crowned at Saturday the 28th of June in “Amuz” in Antwerp.

1620598_250557768449486_732441268_nThis is my view on it all and I wish the winner a wonderful year and that he can make the LGBT community proud. The organization is doing everything to make it a great evening on the 28th with lots of guests and wonderful prizes. The boys are campaigning themselves with lots of interviews, photo shoots and act de presences. Check on their website http://www.mistergayvlaanderen.be/ and choose your favorite. May the best Gay win!!!

Have a PINK day! Big kiss Lesley

l_537b044b991f5_jordysilvery1van1jordy02P.S.: As this article get pressed the election gets attention again. Candidate Jordy (Yes, the same one as spoken of above) throws some shade again. He discusses how shallow the gay community is, how “LaDemence” party peoplela demence are sluts and HIV-spreadingaids_ribbon, how he has a straight view on the LGBT- community and that he wants fat (OMG I hate this word) people can go out without being judged. This all gets very controversial with lots of people and his choice of words are very poorly done. Especially if you are a candidate for Mister GAY and you show yourself only as the pretty boy continiously!
Yes, there are shallow people, but they are in EVERY community. Even if you want to act straight, it doesn’t make you less shallow. Nobody looks to someone first and thinks “WOW, he or she has a beautiful aura or inside, I am gonna ask if they wanna drink something from me”! Looks or preference is always the first choice. Same like you are into black people or short people or… well you get my drift.;-) Be yourself, choose your friends and hang out wherever and whoever you wanna be with, THAN you will be happy. If you wanna hang out with a different crowd, YOU have to accept them. Not the other way around. Simple as that!!!
So what do you think or what do you feel about this all? Let me know, because different kind of views and beings makes the world go round and hopefully even a better place.

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