R.I.P. CAMERON FOX 1977 – 2014

cameron03cameron-foxCelebrated gay porn star and former Falcon Studios performer Cameron Fox has died, according to several industry insiders within the gay porn community. The reason how he died is unknown to us at the moment of this publication. But however it has happened, he died too young at the age of 36 in Fort Lauderdale. Although there were rumors surrounding last Monday on the net that he has died, it got confirmed yesterday when Falcon Studios tweeted that he may rest in peace. In a brief obit in his hometown paper in Tulsa, his occupation is listed simply as “entertainer,” under his given name Shane Davis.

CameronFox001Muscle hunk Cameron was cf30born as Shane Eugene Davis in November 1977 in Texas. At the ripe age of 22 years old he started his adult career in 1999 as a Falcon model and performed great work for this porn studio with movies like “No Way Out”, “Sprung”index and “The Crush”. In 2001 he won an AVN Best Group Scene Award for his participation in their “Out of Athens” movie. Cameron left the adult industry in 2006 after appearing in more than 50 movies for different leading porn studios. cameron02On screen was Cameron versatile, although much of his work has been a top. He is most recognized for his brunette features and of course his bigger than average nine inch cock. He was a classic Falcon model in that era. Jockish and mostly hairless he debuted in a three-way scene with Christopher Scott and Kyle Becker in the movie “Deep Miles to Go”. He bulked up a bit afterwards and got a look like your next-door neighbor’s sexy-scary older brother, who was ready to pick you up and suck your cock in any second at any place. ;o)

Cameron worked for Falcon, Mustang, Jocks, Catalina, Studio 200, Hothouse, z gay porn daddys angelsPacific Sun70eb111ce8109a566f1bc379d907cd9d, Centaur, Blue Pictures, cb4c3ccfb17eb4ba704a9e216e76afa0All Worldsbachelor-gay-xxx-porn-parody and Jeff Stryker Productions. He never barebacked on screen and knew how to handle his big tool in lots of scenes. He appeared also for Michael Lucas Entertainment Studios in the Fire Island Cruising series number 5 and 6 and one of his last porn tv-series was for Jet Set’s “Wet Palms 151DauEBnNkL._SY300_”. He played here the role of Dirk Beckendorff and acted in the non-porn short movies “Being Famous” and “Blackpowder Hills”. In April 2012 got a last cam show for ShowGuys with then boyfriend Mark Watson releaseda158006_xlf. This was his last time that we know within the adult industry. Over the years from 2000 till 2005 he also appeared in several gay magazines like Inches301265, Mandate, Freshmen, All Man, Men and Indulge303607.

cameron01Everybody loved Cameron. He was the guy that simply let his work speak for himself. He didn’t want adult fame, he just wanted to give a great performance. “He was virile, engaged and present at all times”, tells a porn reviewer at the blog Chronicles of Pornia.”  He gave more than 100% to his action scenes. Fox knew how to give his partners and his fans what they wanted to see. The mark of a real porn star”. His fast-pounding performances were loved by fans and often praised by critics. His mini-bio for Lucas Entertainment says about him: A magnetic, versatile performer onscreen, we are happy to report that Cameron is just as entertaining when the cameras aren’t rolling. From his cooking to his lip-syncing, there never seemed to be a dull day with this Lone Star State native around.


Cameron’s personal quote was:It’s good to be able to do things with other fellas and get great cash. I didn’t have to go to school to learn how to bring lust on the screen. It’s all a matter of doing it, ’cause I choose to”.

normal_CameronFox-05s18116_i3434_sOur condolences to Fox’s family and his fans. His star will always shine brightly in the gay male XXX industry, because Cameron was among the elite of exceptional performers. May his soul rest in peace.

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