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IMG_4791.0_standard_783.0Nike selling out of #BeTrue line after one week!!!
A week after Nike released its popular #BETRUE line to celebrate LGBT athletes and Gay Pride, many of the items are already sold out online and in Nike stores. The popular black men’s T-shirt with #BETRUE emblazoned in rainbow colors is already completely sold out at The proceeds of the sales of the #BETRUE line will be donated to the LGBT Sports Coalition. Nike had a line dedicated to celebrating Portland Pride, had a 400-person presence in the Pride parade, and Nike CEO Mark Parker and Nike VP Tim Hershey both attended the parade with Hershey getting soaked with the rest of the marchers. It’s no surprise Nike is becoming a powerful brand in the LGBT community.

Best Wedding proposal: Ryan & Clayton’s Engagement at Powell’s Books in Portland:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO our LGBT’s or great persons that portrayed LGBT characters in series or movies this weeks: Actor Wenthworth Miller, Actor Tom Lenk, Television Host Suze Orman, Actor Neil Patrick Harris, Singer Boy George, Singer Billy Myers, Actor Joshua Jackson, Actor Dave Franco, Writer Dustin Lance Black, Actor David Sutcliff, Comedian Sandra Bernhardt, Actor Harvey Fierstein, Adult performer Francois Sagat, Actor Chad Allen, Journalist Anderson Cooper, News Anchor Andy Cohen and Actor Zachary Quinto.

patterson_TOWWrestling Legend Pat Patterson Comes Out as Gay!!!
Wrestling fans and those in the business say they’ve known WWE legend Pat Patterson is gay for years, but he came out officially on an episode of the WWE reality show Legends’ House, which was actually already filmed in 2012, but was shown this week. Patterson: “For once in my life I’m going to be me now. I survived all this being gay. I lived with that for 50 some years. I had a friend with me for 40 years and I lost him…it was tough guys. It was tough.”




Brazil, 14.06.2014 - Nogomet:  Igraci su slobodan dan su  provodili kupajuci se u bazenu Tivoli resortajuneCroatian4juneCroatian6juneCroatian8



WORLD SOCCER 2014 has begun, so here is a compilation to warm you up and the Croatian team has already giving a signal how hot this competition should be. ;o)










o-LEVIS-GAY-PRIDE-LINE-570 Levi’s Introduces Gay Pride Line Featuring T-Shirts and Hats
One of America’s most iconic clothing companies is introducing a special new line, just in time for LGBT Pride Month. o-LEVIS-GAY-PRIDE-LINE-II-570The Levi’s Pride collection includes both men’s and women’s T-shirts as well as unisex tank top, all emblazoned with the jean company’s iconic “batwing” logo in rainbow colors, as well as “PRIDE 2014” stamp on the back. “Equality is not something we just wear; it’s woven into the fabrics of our principles,” Levi’s officials said in an email statement, as proceeds from the sales of the line will benefit local lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) advocacy organizations.





US drag trio DWV, which were formed together in 2012 have confirmed they have split up. The three drag queens Detox Icunt, Willam Belli and Vicky Vox are going their separate ways. While there are real frosty twitter and other social media answers given by the “ladies”, the reason mentioned by Willam is that they don’t longer the time to make this all happen. The group famously parodied songs from Robin Thicke, Alicia Keys and Wilson Phillips with their own tongue in cheek versions. Their song ‘Boy Is A Bottom’ has over 13 million views on YouTube. See their video above.


6a00d8341c730253ef01a3fd1d7686970b-800wiOntario elected its first female and lesbian premier Kathleen Wynne. Her election also came with a majority government for the Liberals. Wynne brought her wife Jane Rounthwaite up on stage to thank her for her support in a campaign that was largely void of any issues related to her sexual orientation. In her speech, Wynne called Ontario a “where anyone can be the premier. This is a beautiful, inclusive place that we live in,” she said.

fathers-day-360x200Hallmark Releases First-Ever Gay Father’s Day Card!!!
They’re the work of Kylie Wu. “I’m so proud to be the artist involved in making the first ever same-sex Hallmark e-Card featuring two gay dads. And I’m proud of Hallmark for celebrating people’s differences! It doesn’t matter who’s in it, LOVE makes a family”. Hallmark is finally getting with the times. They don’t have a physical card just yet; this is online-only. But maybe before the decade is out, they’ll get around to updating their messages. Hallmark started with gay wedding cards only in 2008!!, but were pressed to provide Mother’s Day and Father’s Day cards for folks who were raised by LGBT parents. Because it was needed and they finally did this year.

BUTT OF THE WEEK: English Actor Gary Lucy of EASTENDERS

GARY_LUCY_NAKED_LRG-v10RTfiQHv6HGgary lucy04 (4)gary lucy06 (2)gary lucy07 (3)fxaGu7rgary lucy02 (2)gary lucy02article-1348659499929-15371dcc000005dc-843877_466x310sFexd2tHave a PINK day and follow us at FACEBOOK or TWITTER


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