10317558_286192131555350_4639759105686842273_ofoto (2)Pink Monday, in Dutch ‘Roze Maandag’, is the most popular theme day of the yearly funfair in Tilburg. Last year there were over 300,000 visitors. The yearly funfair in Tilburg is the largest of the Netherlands and one of the largest in Europe. The fair is like a ribbon through the city, spread over a length of over 3.5 kilometersGayVillage. Pink Monday has become one of the largest events that gives attention to gay rights and integration in the Netherlands. It is about acceptance, tolerance and bringing people together. This results in very fun day with lots of music, drinking, dressing in pink and having fun. This year on the 21st July will be it the 24th time and just “BE GAY FOR A DAY”!!!251125_RozeMaandag2012

1528513_10202975905145548_1191142902_nPink In Our Lives5980_124861951753_582326753_3070908_663777_n has an exclusive interview with one of people who organize an event on this Pink Monday in Tilburg. Thanks Joris to take out time in your busy schedule for this interview. On the 21st of July there will the annual Pink Funfair in Tilburg/The Netherlands. Congratulations, after a few years gone there will be a party again in collaboration with Gay club Red & Blue from Antwerp/Belgium. Why the comeback? “4 years ago the club where we held the annual party got closed and nobody re-opened it. Last year there was a new owner of the building and he started a new club called Epic. Same location, but completely redesigned. Red & Blue and I got together with the new owner and we started a new collaboration”.


10171887_272913066216590_6206195625976351144_nHow many years have you done this and how did it all start?
Together with Red & Blue we organized this great Party for more than 10 years together on Pink Monday at the funfair in Tilburg. I worked in Eindhoven in the club the Danssalon and I was responsible for the Gay Sundays. I live in Tilburg and with the experience of the Gay Sundays event in Eindhoven, I noticed that we were missing a party on this annual day “Pink Monday” in Tilburg. Through my contacts I got in contact with Red & Blue and that’s how an unique cooperation got formed.

1964837_272914269549803_4277944585043043965_nWhy did you choose to work with Red & Blue and not with a club from Holland? How did you got in contact with them?
Off course when I worked for Danssalon, the initial thought was to organize it with them, but one of the former owners didn’t feel like it. I wanted to work with a gay club, that is well-known and that’s how I got in contact with Ludo Smits from Red & Blue. During our first meeting we connected immediately and that’s how it all begun. An unique collaboration.


131702_1782824257344_5251625_oTo clear up the air: you are straight, married to a beautiful wife

Monique (the wife of Joris) and I
Monique (the wife of Joris) and I

and you have one son together. Why a gay concept/party and what do you professionally on other days?
Like I said I have worked many years in a club as manager and was personally responsible for the popular Gay Sundays. It was always one of the most fun and entertaining evenings to work. Always great music, fun people around you and a great atmosphere. At the club and on a night like Gay Sundays I met my wife Monique. ;o) We are still very close with lots of gay friends from those days. These days I am an entrepreneur and arrange sales support for a few companies. I also still organize events like the upcoming party at the 21st of July together with Red & Blue.












Quick reactions on the following words/statements? 😉
Straight, Gay or Bisexual?
I am straight myself, but I feel that everybody has to be themselves regarding your sexual preference.
Winter or summer vacation?
Summer vacation!
Clubbing or hanging in a bar?
Both actually. I like having a cold beer with my friends, but once in a while I also like going crazy in a club.
Top or bottom?
Bottom (Joris probably means his wife on top of him, he is straight remember!?! LOL)
What do you wanted to be when you grew up?
Being successful in what I do and just be happy.
Hanging out with straight or Gay community?
We enjoy ourselves with both communities just as much, so no preference.
Ever dressed up as a dragqueen?
Nope, never. (Maybe his friends Marcel and Peter can persuade him, while those 2 have entertain the crowd at the door already? ;p)5980_124861731753_582326753_3070873_2806281_n
Ultimate goal in life is?
Follow your dreams!!!
Ever kissed a guy?
Holland or Belgium?
Brabant has both of these countries in one, down-to-earth Holland and cosy Belgium.

image64_48414904_009830715-1What makes Pink Carnaval so unique or different than any other day of the Carnaval? (The Carnaval stays in Tilburg for a whole month in the center of the city spread throughout the streets)
Pink Monday has become the last 22 years one of the biggest gay emancipation and integration event of Holland, where all people come together. Pink Monday has its own unique character. It is not organized by one group, it has not one entrance and you don’t have to pay anything to be a part of it. It is for all kinds of people. Pink Monday is a combination of different activities that take place in and around on a Monday at the Funfair of Tilburg. All these activities are a signal for gay-emancipation and integrating. The board of the foundation Pink Monday shows that in a world of hostility and intolerance against “different” personalities, celebrating and partying will bring people together.

10154317_272790126228884_8467419008584906680_nWhat can we expect this year from your party?10169256_272911482883415_7110083253361089705_n
Like the years before it will be a party of recognition for red & Blue visitors. Dj’s Elof de Neve and Gust Morris deliver the necessary “Ear”gasmes on the dance-floor with their music. The entertainment will also be with a high Red & Blue value. Furthermore we will please the crowd with amongst others a Mega Led Wall, fresh fruit and specials effects.

Pink Monday at Tilburg Fun FairGlad you had some time for our readers and let’s make it a great party like before. Thanks for the invitation for the 21st of July and that I can let my readers of the blog and my Facebook followers win free entrance tickets and also one MEGA VIP DEAL. All you have to do is answer this question to and we will let you know who won before the 15th of July 2014.
The question is: WHO IS THE OWNER OF RED & BLUE?

1964837_272912256216671_2441311376122966534_nGood luck with it all and I am definitely going to be there. If you’re in the Netherlands during this period I really suggest to join the party and of course wear something pink. Don’t forget to follow me at Facebook or Twitter. Have a Pink day. Big kiss Lesley.


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