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greg rikaartGreg Rikaart received the Visibility Award from the Human Rights Campaign in New Orleans. The Young and the Restless star and Emmy Award winner came out publicly via Twitter last year on the day the US Supreme Court gutted DOMA and allowed same-sex marriages to resume in California.BqtGWDHCcAAzfXZ-400x300Here is a selfie with the award and his partner, writer Robert Sudduth.

The NEW Mister Gay Flanders is Willem Goris!!! Congratulations and the best of luck. Have a wonderful year.

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VICTORY and LOVE: Same-sex couples begin applying for marriage licenses and getting hitched in Indiana following a federal judge’s ruling striking down the state’s gay marriage ban.

NUDIE OF THE WEEK: Jeremy Meeksjeremy meeks: a 30-year-old convicted felonjeremy meeks01 arrested last week on suspicion of felony weapons charges, saw his image spread online because people seem to love gazing at his strong chin and penetrating blue eyes. But his nude pic is not dismiss either ;p hot-mugshot-jeremy-meeks-naked-full

mattbomermain-400x236Matt Bomer wins Critics’ Choice TV Award!!! Matt Bomer won well deserved the Critics’ Choice TV Award last night for his stupendous performance as Felix Turner in HBO’s The Normal Heart. His wonderful screen partner, Mark Ruffalo, lost out to Billy Bob Thorton (Fargo), but “The Normal Heart” (film about the early days of the AIDS crisis in New York won for Best Movie!!! Matt played a New York Times reporter dying of the disease in “The Normal Heart”. Congratulations from Pink In Our Lives for this great movie and excellent performances from all the cast.

Brendon Scott and Dustin Tyler
Brendon Scott and Dustin Tyler

Watch this: Jason Sparks released this tongue-in-cheek Katy Perry “ROAR” Parody video on Youtube. The video features many JASON SPARKS LIVE models during their Nationwide Tour. Brendon Scott and Dustin Tyler are the main focus of this cute video.

Rest In Peace: Next Door Studios Cameraman Paul Snell paul snell01Passes Away.
Snell had been working as a cameraman/videographer in the adult industry for the past 15 years; the last seven years he was part of the Next Door Studios family. He passed away last weekend due to colorectal cancer. Stephan Sirard, president of Next Door Studios, tells: next door studios01“We have lost more than a cameraman, we have lost a dear friend. Paul was a great person — he made our models feel comfortable and they all fell in love with his bigger than life personality. This past December he joined us at our Christmas party where he laughed and partied with all of us. The following week he told us that his legs were bothering him, was shortly after diagnosed with cancer and now he is gone. No words can adequately express our sadness at Paul’s death or our gratitude for the opportunity to work with him; he will be greatly missed by his immediate and extended family, and his many, many friends.”

HOT NEW ADULT PERFORMERS THIS WEEK: Raul Korso(Lucas Kazan)1978722_623475787726792_6063108066914099912_n, cf dakota00Corbin Fisher’s Dakotacf dakota01, Alexx Desley (UK HotJocks)alexx desley01,Johnny-V falcon Johnny V (Falcon)Johnny-V falcon01, Bruno Berdal (UK Nakedmen)bruno berdal01Matyas Jokai (Bel Ami)matyas-jokai-01, Emilio Calabria (MenOfMontreal)menofmontreal-emilio-calabria, Sean Cody’s seancody Mac02Macseancody Mac01 and seancodychris01seancodychris03Chrisseancodychris02, David Benjamin (Falcon)david benjamin falcon and Gayhoopla’s Ajay LawsAjay-Laws-GayHoopla, Brad Spearbrad_spear gayhoopla and Christian Borski.Christian-Borski gayhoopla01


vanityfair-soccerThe world’s biggest condom maker Karex has released an “official” condom for The World Cup and it looks like Brazil’s flag, and tastes like Brazil’s signature drink Caipirinha. The yellow and green condoms are supposed to look like the Brazilian flag and are supposed to taste like a Caipirinha, the country’s national cocktail made with sugar, lime, and cachaca. The family planning and HIV-prevention non-profit DKT International ordered the condoms to promote safe sex during the sporting event. Brazilian health officials handed out condoms and tested people for HIV through the UNAIDs program “Protect the Goal” program. At least people don’t get confused by already sipping on the drink and then tasting the same flavor during the dirty deeds LOL. Keep the juices coming and flowing players!!!

andy mientiusCONGRATULATIONS!!! Broadway actors Andy Mientus and Michael Arden announced their June 23 engagement on Instagram. Annoucing their engagement on Instagram, Mientus used a quote from Shakespeare’s As You Like It: andy mientius01 Michael Arden has appeared on Broadway and has been seen on TV in series including Anger Management, Nurse Jackie and The Good Wife. Andy Mientus, who makes his Broadway debut in this season’s Les Misérables, has also appeared in Anger Management and in Smash. Both lifelong theatre lovers met first at the opening night of The Times They Are A-Changin’ on Broadway.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO our LGBT’s or great persons that portrayed LGBT characters in series or movies these last weeks: Actress Meredith Baxter9329436_ori, Actor Doug SavantDougSavant, Cricketer Steven Daviessteven davies, Singer Jimmy Sommervillejimmy-somerville-press-pic-636-380, Novelist Larry KramerLarry_Kramer_2010_-_David_Shankbone, Actor Sean HayesGiorgio Armani Receives First "Rodeo Drive Walk Of Style" Award, Singer Joe McElderryJoe McElderry, Model Jenny Shimizu000000055809-Jenny_Shimizu-squaremedium, Actor Peter PaigePeterPaige01small and Fashion Designer Kevin AvianceKevinAv1.

Cody Calafiore

Cody Calafiore

Cody-Calafiore-for-C-IN2-GRIP-ATHLETIC3It’s underwear model Cody Calafiore, the hottest new cast member of Big Brother 16 (U.S.)cody-calafiore-03, modeling C-IN2 undies and athletic gear 

. Hopefully he’s not a racist, homophobic douche like that other guy from this season. Fingers crossed. cody  calafioriOh, and there’s a video of him jamming his fingers up another dude’s ass, so turn on your Gaydar and let the speculation begin.


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