Summerqueen 2014 Lynsi Layla

10265356_484850224981146_3041884291738027492_oIn May 2014 Lynsi Layla was crowned Summer Queen 2014 at Bambrugge/BELGIUM.
Show Queens are currently the Top of the bill in Glamour Country, so one of my reporters Christiaan had a little deepthroat-ish interview at her new boudoir in Beveren city a few weeks ago.

10418195_10204363127184848_8745111710088581385_nLynsi darling, first congratulations on your so earned title of Summer Queen 2014. We would like to have an initial response from you on the negative and critical statements at social media about your (un)deserved winning, and comments made about you “Free” act which presumed not to be Summer-ish enough, etc.
“I got my crown so! Ha ha. Yes well, anyway….it doesn’t disturb me. The jury chose me, and I won! The act is a summer evening, tropic, bird sounds, and lyrics Free like a river, etc. For me it felt like a Summer act. And I choose Dana International, because it’s a beautiful song.”

What did you think of the criticisms of the rather poor performance from some of your other 10325164_10204446426987291_439827644920283273_ncolleagues? Rumor has it, that need to be covered body parts were still visible at the swimsuit parade, and the fact that there was very poor lip-sync at the improvised act. A 1 minute song interval and the ladies had gotten 1 month ahead the disk with ALL the songs to study.
“The bathing suits, even better masking and coverage is what we ALL must do. I think it’s so dull and unprofessional, if you don’t. I had great luck with my song “Can’t take my eyes of you.” Exhilarating! The audience loved it and cheered very loud at the end! It is killing when you are not prepared, very bad, and again UN-professional. So the criticism IS surely right.”

Why do you participate in the Showqueen pageants?
“Especially in the first place to build a proper reputation, now with the 2 titles. (2nd runner up-Star Diva and crowning for Miss Summer Queen.) One gets to know your (new) colleagues. Make new friends. And learn a lot.”

10440266_10204363126944842_3723669143800223070_nWho is Lynsi Layla?
“A few Years ago I went to a Dragshow with a then good friend of mine, who’s name I won’t mention. And I liked this a lot! That friend suggested the name Lynsi Layla and so it all started. Lynsi has become a good (girl)friend of mine! I love her. She is up front, and can be a little bitch. For me she is another person, and is separate from Niels. She could be a little sister. My parents supported me for a 100% right from the beginning. Lynsi, but also I want to show off. It is great to entertain people and deliver a great performance. A nice evening for the audience! Laughing and dancing, celebration. Ambiance! Besides the fact Lynsi adores fashion, and it takes a FIRM bra to hold my bust in place….I like to fill a cup so to speak! Ha ha ha. As Britney would say…”my tits grew overnight!”

10365919_245996772267726_4566618722194199445_nWho is Niels?
“Niels is the person behind Lynsi Layla, a hardworking hairdresser. Before Lynsi Layla I was more shy, nowadays, I’ve bloomed more open. Sometimes critical, but also caring for people. A Few years ago I came out of the closet. I had planned on telling to my mother before my 20th birthday. So it happened the 8th of April on the terrace with a huge glass of Sangria. Off course it was scary, but I have a great father and mother. Still “coming out”….it is something one must DO him/herself. In our family there has always been an open environment to express yourself and be yourself. So when my mother said she had no problems with it, I was happy. “If you’re happy, I am happy”, was her answer.”

528908_528719397158598_346104374_nYou are in a relationship for 2 years with Kenneth (Herremans) formerly known as Showqueen Nicky Diamond? How is it to live with two Showqueens under one roof?
“It was love at first sight. And also thanks to Lynsi that we have met, Kenneth sold some dresses and head pieces. THAT was the beginning! He organizes fantastic parties, that’s his power and he has good ideas. That’s fine, but I continue to do my own businesses. So he isn’t my manager! I had offers from abroad for Showqueen work and living there, but no thanks. To live in Lanzarotte and work there every day for a boss. This diva would rather work for herself, and so I can decide what to do. And define my salary. Haha!”

One of the questions from the Jury at Star Diva was … “you will be called by the Oscars in America on showing there Lynsy Layla, but you have that same evening a booking with Star Divas what would you do?” You said “I let it go and ask for someone to replace me at the Oscars..” Would you do so in reality?
“Collegiality and professionalism, Always go first. People/audience come to see you, you do not decline. A Deal is a deal! For that matter, you’re an artist, and you should ALWAYS behave. With the diamond crown and silk sash, that you earned. You need to keep a proper name. People have confidence in me. They pay you for YOUR act. A dignified Showqueen will NEVER get drunk at parties, or misbehave. Know what you’re worth for. And as you want to be treated yourself you treat others with RESPECT! Defile an organization/pageant. N.O.!!”

10415665_10204363117024594_7768547703029899824_nTo conclude this interview Lynsi, a short response to these key words!

Conchita Wurst.
“In one way I do not get all the hype around her. She shows equality, and to be yourself!
For me then you ARE a winner! Displaying to a large audience like the Eurovision is perfect. It takes a lot of Girlpower!”

Dana International.
“A very beautiful woman, Transsexual. She went BEFORE Conchita Wurst and therefore a great example/role model. And she has beautiful songs, MY winning Summer Queen song “Free.” Ha ha! Which reminds me, just another great transsexual Candi Stratton.1390743_10202179748157710_1628572385_n I Met her one year ago, a beautiful woman and great example too. Glamour Queen!”

“Never experienced it, but I find it UNacceptable. You are what you are. And if someone can’t bear watching you, well then look away. What do they think to achieve with this violence, nothing.”

“Yes, of course, my fans are fantastic. Without my fans, friends and family, I am no one in this world….my audiences! Thank you.They make your performance, when no one comes to see you anymore…what’s the reason for being on stage?”

10402689_10204363116144572_8468377156383264742_nDirk Vervoort.
“An incredible Fashion designer! He already made a few beautiful gowns for me. They are worth every penny! Exclusive and personal style, understands how to show off, and makes the best of a Showqueen. I’m not creative in designing my own outfits, he understands my wishes. He has become a good friend.”

Zsa Zsa Lamor.
“For me, another great example, she has humor, businesswoman, and knows how to build a great performance. Now already 20 years on stage. She has also launched the name/status Show Queen. Besides the terms transvestite / drag queen, which is another industry, what I do not count myself into. And she’s from Belgium! Take that from a true Queen.”

10402689_10204363115944567_3173136726999029477_nSummer Queen / Miss Travesty Belgium 2015/2016?
“Summer Queen, a crown on my hard working. I am still very proud! Miss Travesty Belgium Pageant, hmmm ….. who knows. 2015, to early, but maybe 2016. I’m so young and have time to grow for this important moment. To feel like a Winner … has given me such a boost with Star Diva 2nd runner up and Summer Queen, in 2 weeks time, I want to gain more experience, grow and make Lynsi Layla shine!”

10337726_10203524242889238_4488829642502522124_nPink in Our Lives.
“A fantastic and valuable platform. Important and needed! Giving room for everyone to speak. The Hotties of the day, Gay Marriages, Show Queens, LGTB community, parties, anything! Doing this very well. And thank you for giving me the space on sharing my Dream, and story!”

Everybody who wants to Showqueen Lynsi Layla in action and wish to follow her.
Check these links! Personal page ( and Stardiva page: Star Diva’s
Future performances are also listed there.


Lynsi Layla, I want to thank you for the interview darling and good luck for now in the future!

Big kiss from Christiaan and Lesley. Follow us at Facebook or Twitter.




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