joanHi Joan, Thank you for this interview and giving the blog Pink In Our Lives the scoop about your new adventure. Can you tell us more about it?
“Hi Lesley, well like you may know I really enjoy pageants, getting to know new people and setting new goals. This time another chance is ahead of me and I’m gonna grab it! The Miss Continental pageant is hold every year since so long in the US and for the first time they are in the search of the girl that can represent Europe over there. That’s why I’m gonna compete for the Miss Europe Continental the 22nd of July in Lyon (France).”

miss europe continentalIMG_1925Sounds great and amazing. You won several competitions already for example “The ShowQueen Awards 2007”, “Queen Of Nations 2009-2010” and “OUTTV‘s Lipsync for your life of Benelux 2014″. You have been in the entertainment business for many years now. Can you introduce yourself a bit to my readers? Who is Joan Jullian?
“Oh Gosh so much to say hahaha. So I started my artist career at the age of 19 to be exactly and I didn’t stop since today. I’m now 30ish hahaha? so make the calculation yourself ;-). I’m very blessed as an artist, because I got to do so many big things like performing at the Sportpalace in Antwerp (twice), winning titles, travelling the world to perform (Portugal, Lithuania, Switzerland, Germany, Holland, London etc….), TV appearances and so on…. if I have to explain who Joan Jullian is , I would say that she is the girl I always wanted to be, there is no dissociation when I’m out of make-upjoan01. Joan is not a persona that I created like a lot of my colleagues. It’s me!!! I used to say that I was born in the wrong body, because my mind is different. Joan is that type of tall exotic bombshell that makes haters hate hahaha. She mixes beauty and talent. When she is on stage, she owns it. She loves to be different! Instead of she I could have say “I”.”joan08joan07IMG_2028








The Miss Europe Continental is not that well-known here in Belgium or Holland, but the contest has been going on in Chicago for 35 years now. How did you get involved with them and why do you want to participate in this competition? What do you have to do for this contest to win the crown?
“To be exact the Miss Continental is famous since 35 years and now for the first time they organize the Miss Europe Continental. I simply saw the promotion on Facebook, due to all the people I know from America and I decided to jump on board. I want to join to set my standards higher by learning, improve myself and to prove myself what I am capable of and also to show what Belgium has in store hahaha. If God allows me to win, I will be more than happy to show what Europe can do over there in the US. During the contest we will be doing an interview, presentation, Runway bathing suit, Runway evening gown and a talent act. We will be judge by a panel coming straight from the US.”


Joan Jullian and Peter Fargo
Joan Jullian and Peter Fargo

You perform not only as Joan Jullian all over the world, but also with Black & White Illusion with Peter Fargo you go everywhere, like just not long ago you were performing in Geneva. What is your ultimate goal to achieve in the future besides winning this Miss Europe Continental contest?
“I must have to say that if it was not for My mother that supports me like a die-hard fan and Peter Fargo, my career would have maybe been different. Support is everything as an artist. Well I wish to go as far as I possibly can, but I know that for that I will have to move. Belgium is a small country and sometimes it’s hard to bring something new, there are still lot of conservatives people here and they are not ready for everything”.
“For too long Showqueens/Showgirls/Female Impersonators/Drag queens are treated like the lowest level from the showbusiness industry and it’s time that we put a change on it. Being a professional artist is dedication and money spending but somehow people don’t see it that way. For a lot we are just some boys playing dress up. Well for some it’s the truth, no shade, just honesty. But for a lot of us, it’s a passion, a job and more than that! Thanks to Rupaul that brought a new dimension to the business and make us shine even more now. But that’s not enough to change people’s mind.”

joan05What or who made you decide to be a female impersonator and how did your family, friends and environment around you react?
“Like I said it before, I always wanted to be a girl and always wanted to be seen, I had the artist gene in me! Definitely! So for me it was just natural. When I really started, I didn’t care of what people could say, but only from my mom and my sister. And it actually turned out pretty well and still today my family is way beyond kindness and love when it comes to me and my life. The funniest reaction I got was from Peter Fargo, my boyfriend at that time…..When I said that I wanted to be a showgirl, he turned and said to me. “Then you better be a gorgeous one, because I’m not working with a man with a wig on”…… hahahah…… At that moment I said to myself “watch me” and here I am.” ;o)

I know you as a perfectionist in everything you do professionally. Everything has to be perfect joan03for the viewer. The show must always go on. Your acts are always flawless and your looks are fierce. Do you use these qualities also in your daily life? Is this the real Joan Jullian from inside out?
“Thank you for noticing the efforts I put in my work Lesley, I really appreciate it!!! Yes? the way I try to be perfect on stage is the same behind the curtain. I try my best to be correct in everything I do. I believe that the way you live your life will reflect on stage. By that I mean, if you are a messy person, unhealthy, not hygienic, it will show. Like you know I love showing skin LOL. When people book me they expect at least 1 act where I gonna strip! How can I keep doing the things I do, if in my daily life I don’t take care of me? Truth must be told, I’m NOT PERFECT! I make mistakes like every other human being, but I do try to do the best I can. It’s a form of respect. You have to respect your audience by the way your present yourself and in return the audience will respect you!”

1011779_666041870106422_1041406883_nCan you give us some quick answers or reactions on the following statements/ naughty questions:
Country to live forever?
“I’m too young to answer that now, but I tend to be attract by Canada and Australia… Who knows.” ;o)
Performing forever of finding true love?
“I ask myself this question so many times! A Tough one! Being a star but being all alone or being with the person you die with, but at the same time frustrated to not be able doing what you love to do… If I must choose I will say perform forever…”
Top or Bottom?
“If I answer it may scared all the straight men away…. I’m a mermaid you know, and mermaids love to play with their tail too.” ;p
Best performance you did was:
“Oh God, there a so much beautiful memories, hard to pick one!”
Favorite song of all time:
“Well it’s hard to say, I have so many LOL. I would say the ones that gives me goosebumps are my favorites.” 😉
Pageant Queen or Best Showqueen?
Vanilla or Black Men?
Voyeur or Performer?
You like hairy or shaven men?
What do you think about Pink In Our Lives?
“I applause PINK IN OUR LIVES for the work you do. Showing what’s really going on in the LGBT community is a must and I think you should get more credit for it!”joan04

Joan Jullian with blogger Lesley of Pink In Our Lives (right) and his BF Rene

Thank you for this interview and I wish you all the best in Lyon and hopefully that will bring you to Chicago first for the finals around Memorial Day Weekend in September. We will be rooting for you and hopefully you take the crown in the end. ;p
“Thank you so much Lesley for your interest and hopefully I will return with good news.” ;o)

naysha lopez miss continental 2014More information about this contest: Miss Continental is an annual female impersonation pageantry system founded in 1980 by Jim Flintjim flint, the man who’s vision made him an icon in the female impersonation industry. It takes place at the Baton Show Lounge in Chicago and is usually held over Labor Day weekend. This year it will be for the 35th time in the beginning of September 2014. What began as a hobby over some 34 years ago, the Miss Continental Pageantry Systems through the vision of owner Jim Flint is considered to be the ultimate female impersonation pageantry system throughout the world. The first Miss Continental Pageant was held in Chicago over Labor Day weekend in 1980 with the Crowning of then relatively unknown Baton entertainer Chilli Pepper. Chilli has since become an icon in the art of female impersonation and has entertained audiences across the country. To many she will always be what every ambitious entertainer would like to be. The title of Continental has been a career path that takes the entertainer to a completely different level in the business of female impersonation. Throughout the history of the contest, the competition for the title has seen the competitors pull out all the stops .. from Boa Constrictors and panthers in their talent routines, as well as some show stopping and creatively coordinated dance from Broadway favorites to modern day artist. Wearing the ultimate in gowns design by some the top fashion designers in the industry. Last year Naysha Lopez naysha lopez02got crowned as Miss Continental 2013. naysha lopez01Here are some highlights from Continental 2013 Preliminary

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