R.I.P. CHRIS MIKLOS 1974-2014

miklos_calendar0110342814_748550181854552_8396586546567715483_nThe BEAR community, and beyond, was shocked to learn that Monday afternoon sexy, hairy model Chris Miklos died in his sleep, apparently of a heart attack. He was 40 years old. Chris was a model for Modern Bear, Mack Sturgis Studios, Atlasmen.com an working for Burly Shirts low hangers AD 1as a clothing model. You can also found him in music videos like “Better this way” from Doug Strahm, whereΒ  he played the bolder half of a construction working couple and in “Bear for Life” from Pete Statham.

d68b81a723eaf9e75eec1e84d15da208_largeChris was veryΒ  known in the Gay Bear community, where he was adored for his built physique, groomed and tatted body, sweet smile and kind heart.


tumblr_m4ihm2Spwp1qjczlpo1_500Chris graduated from the University of Akron and went after college for the military. He was a ChrisMiklos_Model_Slide1clinical research associate, performing medical testing on experimental drugs to treat a variety of ailments, including HIV. He travelled weekly or his work, which he loved. Besides that important work, he did some modeling, which shed light on the beauty of what used to be a largely underrepresented group of men within the gay community: Larger, hairier, and more rugged-looking men. He had worked previously as a nude beefcake model and posed for noted photographers Blake Little and Michael Alago. The latest Chris was working on trying throuh a fundraiser to make it happen, was for Bear World Magazine. They wanted to create a 2015 calendar with Chris. Chris and Mack Sturgis have created some amazing photography and Chris’ image had become very recognizable arond the web. He got recognized at events, and is known to be one of the friendliest guys around. He was the main model for BurlyShirtrugby-bear-blu-t-ato promote their merchandise.


tumblr_m587ekPktN1qdly0io1_500Chris was discovered by a concerned neighbour last Monday the 21st of July 2014, though he had not been seen since Saturday night. The cause of death was a mid-sleep heart attack. I can only hope he didn’t suffer. Miklos is remembered by his younger brother, his father and his mother. His friends remember him for al he did for the community. If you want to know more about this amazing guy, read this interview with HIM Magazine through this link.

dougstrahm_vertpic_nov13Here is the video from Doug Strahm, who made this with Chris called “Better This Way“: It is about two construction guys who are in love with each other, but one is terrified what their friends, co-workers will think if they knew they were gay. Watch how this plays out. Chris playedthe muscle partner, who is not worried about what others think of his orientation. His closeted partner Doug Strahm is not so confident until h finds the courage within the love they share.

Pink In Our Lives gives his condoleances to Chris Miklos’ friends, family and fans. He will be deeply missed.

4f48f48f79505Thanks to Atlasmen, Mack Sturgis and BurlyShirts for providing the beautiful pics.


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