Milkshake…..Brings all the boys and girls to the yard!!!

resize_1-1397815983Third time is the charm and yes it was…….Milkshake Festival has its third year of throwing an outdoor party in Amsterdam and finally we could be there for the first time. Shame on us, but the first year we heard about it too late and the second year we were lying with our asses up high on the beach in Sitges/Spain. 😉

IMG_2443With expecting a bad weather forecast, we were still in a good mood and enthusiastic about what’s going to happen. Arriving in Westerpark Amsterdam you could definitely see it was an outspoken Festival and “OPEN-MINDED” was our keyword du jour! IMG_2437People dressed up in ridiculous outfits, handsome muscular boys in tanktops, over the top dresses for girls….and guys!, glitter, tutu’s, glamour and even complete naked men walked around the field, you name it and you could see it!!!

IMG_2372So we kept an open-mind obviously, because the IMG_2400slogan “for boys who love girls who love girls who love boys who love boys” had to apply here…. It was a mix of people, young and old, boys, girls, transgender, straight, gay, bisexuals, dragqueens and overall just people who came to have fun and mostly to be themselves. Big strong men dressed up as woman, because they just can! An older straight couple dressed up in rainbow flags to support our community and immediately made you wish that every parent would be that supportive of their gay children!

The Festival was spread out with different stages of clubs, parties, entertainment areas and a real food open air food court10452908_666927046716775_696800770130079801_o. Many main stages had different performances and DJ’s lined up to entertain the crowd like Boy Georgeboy george, Todd Terry, Sharon Doorsonsharon doorson, Ultra Nateultra nate and Bob Sinclar. See picture for official line-up!


People from everywhere came to the Festival and it was no surprise that I ran into lots of known faces from the party scene like Michel from PinkclinicIMG_2439, Rob from Unicorn, Theo Heskens from Totally, Lady GaloreIMG_2385, Ferry Doedens, the crew of Extravaganza, Martijn from Gay&Night Magazine, MayDay, Marleen from OutTv, Jeff and Kristof from Cafe Twilight in Antwerp and many many more. Everybody was having a great time and even when the rain started to pour down out of the sky around 9pm, the crowd kept going on.


Kudos also to the organization of the Festival, because they did an outstanding and amazing work to keep people entertained with the build-up of Milkshake and creating free restroom areas, a large food court, lockers to put in your daily outfit and free drinking water areas to keep you hydrated. 😉

IMG_2387IMG_2411After the long day outside, dancing, drinking and enjoying ourselves we were exhausted but satisfied. For those who could go on, was there the Milkshake afterparty10511117_662919763784170_5044684534546962017_n till dawn. Pink In Our Lives on tour had to go to Pink Monday in Tilburg the next day, so unfortunately we had to pass this time. We had a great time and enjoyed the atmosphere. If you get the chance to go next year, don’t waste any time and book your tickets. Go with a group of friends to have more fun and be open-minded or otherwise stay home. LOL


For more pictures and impressions, check out also our Facebook page Pink In Our Lives and like and share our page. Have a PINK day and shake it up boys and girls.

10277071_645347295541417_4818825319791680979_nBig kiss Lesley

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