Mister Gay World 2013: CHRISTOPHER OLWAGE

1004825_557270654340888_1829087426_nOMG!!! How can I forget this?!? It is almost time for the next Mister Gay World 2014 Election in Rome which started last Monday on the 25th of August, where someone else is taking over the reign of Christopher Olwage on today; Saturday the 30th of August. This last year winner from New Zealand, who was crowned in Antwerp Belgium during the World Outgames, had a great and amazing year with lots of projects and travelling around the world. In the beginning of August he was back again for Antwerp Gay Pride and this time only to celebrate and enjoy himself. That’s when I remember I forgot to place my interview with him I did last year on my blog. SHAME ON ME, I know, so spank me LOL!!! Chris supports many causes like The Black Swan Project and my blog/page, so here is my interview at that time with him as a tribute, but also for him being a great Mister gay World and spokes model for the gay community!!!

MGW2MGW3First of all congratulations on your victory. You won during the evening of the competition already some acts or performances. Did that make you feel that the possibility of becoming Mister Gay World 2013 could be happening?                                                                                             “I didn’t expect to win… having won some of the other challenges I had hoped that maybe I had qualified for a top 5 position. The other delegates are so amazing, so I didn’t know how they had placed in the four days regarding the challenges. It really was such an amazing surprise!”

christopher olwage03You are a professional dancer. Was that your dream to become one when you were young? This also asks from you hard work and dedication. Did that help you to get through the competition?1012127_557267584341195_315739935_n
“It was always my dream to learn how to dance… the need to dance really set in when I started learning the steps. I started very late in learning to dance and I really had to devote myself to the effort, the agonies, pains and pleasure. I think this experience certainly pulled on the strengths that I developed in those times and it certainly helped keep me level headed, grounded and focused”.

christopher olwage05The judges and lots of people thought you have the whole IMG_6818package of becoming the winner. How do you feel about that and what do you think a Mister Gay World should present?
“I’m humbled that the judges think I have the whole package… I’m not sure what it was they were looking for? Each and every judge had their own criteria and i just did my utmost best. Luckily it was enough. I think, though, a Mister Gay World should represent a cause, something that he holds close to his heart and needs to fight for. Furthermore, he needs to be self-realized and confident in himself because it is a large responsibility we are endowed with”.

00b37aa3ef1b617df678d45e1bb400e0_620x311christopher olwage02You became the second winner in a row coming from New 9421844776_9a998e2cc6_zZealand. What is in the water that they bring such good gay specimens to rise above the other candidates? Now you are mister gay world 2013, what is going to happen for you in the next year?
“This next year I think is going to be a year full of good works, appearances and action. For me it is a year going to be spent trying to reach our lost, questioning, confused and disoriented LGBT youth on a global scale. Hopefully with the help of the other delegates it will be a mission that enriches our lives and the global LGBT community together”. (Christopher did a lot of appearances all over the world with his Black Swan Project at festivals in New Zealand, Europe and Canada. More information later at this page.)

NewZealand21012097_557269101007710_1742833373_nDid you like Antwerp where the final competition was held and did you bond with other candidates?
“I LOVE Antwerp! It is such an amazing city and I feel privileged to have seen it! Over the time I spent there I feel I bonded closely with a few delegates… first and foremost Evandrochristopher and evandro from Brazil. He was my roommate and we grew very close! But I also felt a special place for Benjie of Hong Kong, Ricardoricardo raymond02 from Namibia and Juan from Puerto Rico. Really though, all of the delegates are pretty much family to me now”!

1098265_311999028945781_1447449390_nLast question that lots of people want to know. 1150382_10153155597830593_918392063_nHow can somebody steal your heart away and would you love to get married someday?
“To steal my heart you need to be honest, caring, spontaneous and independent. I am simple to understand and I have so much love to give… when I find the right man, and he wants it too I think I will get married. Maybe even have children… however, there is lots that I need to do I the meantime before then”. ;o)

Thank you for this interview and we wish you all the best and a fulfilling year with many appearances and great opportunities. Follow us like Christopher on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pinkinourlives or Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/pinkinourlives

christopher olwage06christopher olwage02DID YOU KNOW THIS ABOUT CHRISTOPHER?
He work as a freelance performer, dancer and choreographer blending theatre and dance into unique visual and visceral experiences. He is trained in Contemporary dance at Unitec, learnt Ballet, Jazz, some hip hop and even acrobatics. He is currently working at Candy Lane Dance ass a Teacher of Adult Ballet, Contemporary Dance, Cabaret, Burlesque, dance conditioning classes and Zumba.
Christopher is equally passionate about his role as an advocate christopher olwage04for gay youth. His experiences as a young gay man have moved him to support gay youth in New Zealand as they come to terms with their sexual identity in what can be an strange environment. He believes it’s vital to use social media and television to reach those who most need support. ‘While there are good face-to-face supports in the larger cities, smaller towns, or more conservative places don’t offer the same networks,’ said Christopher. ‘That can make for a very lonely place as a young gay person.”
NewZealand10Did you also know he likes baking because of his love for sugar and from the joy it gives to others. How “sweet” is he?! (no pun intended LOL)


Most proudest achievement is his “BLACK SWAN PROJECT”. This is a LGBT space for members of our diverse community to reach out and share their Art & stories of triumph and overcoming. Life is a gift, our time here is limited. Sharing a moment of your time is the greatest gift you have to give… sharing your humanity will hopefully help someone else endure to explore theirs. This is the artsy side of It Gets Better; http://www.facebook.com/theblackswanproject



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