pink shower blast01Too much Pink news to spread and don’t want you to miss out on the newest, hottest, interesting, sexiest, campiest, gayest stories, pictures and videos. In 2013 I started this shower of an infotainment and it keeps you updated!!! Let’s get wet everywhere boys and girls. Enjoy and if you have something to share, please send me a message at


It was this last 11th of October. Here is a nice picture and story to share. It is awesome and touching!!! To who and when did U came out to the first time? Let us know at

tyleer poseytyler-posey-strips-down-to-his-underwear-for-ellen2The handsome star of Teen Wolf Tyler Posey raised some big cash for breast cancer research in Ellen Degeneres’s dunk tank, thanks to P!nk! We had to show you this, because how PINK can this all be ;o)) Support the great cause of course too!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO our LGBT’s or great persons that portrayed LGBT characters in series or movies these last weeks: CONGRATULATIONS!!! Actor Hugh JackmanHugh-Jackman-Body, Actor Matt Bomermagic-mike-bomer_320, Actor Wes Ramseywes ramsey, Actress Kristanna Lokenkristanna loken, Actor Aaron Ashmoreaaron ashmore, Actor Dylan Nealdylan neal, Talk show host Gok Wangok wan, Actor Brandon RouthBrandon--routh-15296092-320-480, Actor Dan Stevensdan stevens, Actor Luke Perryluke perry, Actress Michelle TrachtenbergMichelle_trachtenberg, Actor Stephen Moyermoyer17, Actor Trevor Donovantrevor donovvan and Adult Star & Director Colton Fordcolton ford.

robbie rogersABC has commissioned a comedy series based on the life of gay footballer Robbie Rogers. They have bought ‘Men in Shorts’ – a half-hour comedy series based on the life of the former Leeds United player, who came out as gay when announcing his retirement in 2013. We definitely can’t wait to watch it all, because there should be a lot of locker room scenes ;p

nick deutschnick deutsch02Singer Nick Deutsch comes out as Gay in his own way!!!
New York based singer/songwriter Nick Deutsch took a big step both personally and professionally with the release of his music video for “Run”. In it, Deutsch chronicles the heartbreak he felt in the lead-up to and aftermath of a relationship breakup with another man. Nick wrote also in his blog: “I’m not pushing my sexuality in anyone’s face as much as I’m being who I am. I’m not a gay songwriter as much as I’m a songwriter who happens to be gay. In regards to “Run,” I put a male actor in my video because the song was written about one. I fell in love with a boy and got my heart broken, so that’s what you’ll see”.

Burma to launch first gay film festival
Burma’s first LGBTI film festival will be held next month in Rangoon to celebrate the sexual and Burma_Rainbow_Reelgender diversity of the region. The &Proud LGBT Film Festival will run from 12-14 November at the French Institute and is organized by Colors Rainbow, YG Event, Equality Myanmar and several other LGBTI groups. They hope to change perceptions of LGBTI people in a country where media representations are often ‘insensitive.’ They hope that the festival will help the public to change their views about the LGBT community, or at least give them ideas that those views can be changed. They want to make a point that members of the LGBT community should be proud, and they wish to correct wrong messages that are being spread throughout the community by popular media.

HOT NEW PORNCUMMERS OR HOTTEST STARS RIGHT NOW: josh jacclman00Josh Jackman (UKHOTJOCK)josh jackman01, Kevin LeeKevin-Lee titanmen (TITANMEN)Kevin-Lee titanmen01, Eddy Ceteeeddy ceetee02 (TITANMEN)eddy ceetee01, Andrew Doncasterandrew doncaster wankthis (WANKTHIS)wankthis andrew lancaster, Damien Gunnsquirtz damien gunn (SQUIRTZ), Zach RamosZach-Ramos randyblue01 (RANDYBLUE)Zach-Ramos-randy blue 02, Stone stone cockyboys(COCKYBOYS)stone cockyboys01, Clay clay CF01(CORBINFISHER)clay CF02, Zackmaskurbate-zack-unmasked1 (MASKURBATE)maskurbate-zack-unmasked2, Campozack maskurbate01 (MASKURBATE)maskurbate-campo00, Deeksdeeks nextdoormale01 (NEXTDOORMALE)deeks nextdoormale02, Mike Aucoinmike aucoin men of montreal (MENOFMONTREAL), Austin Andersonaustin anderson gayhoopla (GAYHOOPLA) and noah riley01Noah Riley (CHAOSMEN)noah riley02.

marriage equality map 10-13-14Here is an updated marriage equality map in the USA!!! It is now legal to marry for same-sex couples in 30 States. It could change again tomorrow, but that’ll only mean they have more reasons to celebrate!! It looks good to go in the year 2015 soon with so much love and promise!!!

ahmed ayaz01India TV character comes out as gay!!!
A lead character in hit MTV India show Kaisi Yeh Ahmed_AyazYaariyan came out as gay in a recent episode.The show centers around five friends, one of whom is the womanizing Cabir. He is always surrounded by beautiful women but the twist is that he is gay and too afraid to tell anyone. In the latest episode he kisses a man and comes out to his best friend. Homosexuality is not a common theme on Indian TV, MTV partnered with LGBTI group Yaariyan, which helps young people who are afraid to come out.

party-hustlaball-new-york-2014-12-october-new-york_img 342394Last weekend was it Hustlaball NYC 2014 in New York with the theme “Sin Is In” and it was fully packed with 40+ Porn performers like Boomer Banks, Ryan Rose, Brent Corrigan etc. Here are some pictures of the event to see what u maybe have missed and it was hot in this hell for sinners. They sucked, rimmed and fucked each other on stage in front of the audience. The place was packed and this 16th year of Hustlaball was another success.

hustlaball tayte hansonhustlaball03hustlaball05hustlaball04hustlaball01hustlaball-2012-35HustlaBall-NYC-2013-17-Boomer-Banks-Mr-Pam

Andy Mientus
Andy Mientus

Series The Flash has cast Bisexual actor Andy

Wentworth Miller
Wentworth Miller

Mientus as gay super villain the Pied Piper and openly gay Prison Break actor Wentworth Miller also joins the cast as the villain Captain Cold.
The Pied Piper was one of the first openly gay characters in super hero comic books and was a longtime foe of The Flash before eventually turning good and fighting behind his side. Andy Mientus is engaged to fellow Broadway performer Michael Arden and played a gay character on the Broadway themed series Smash, a role he is still best known for. Wentworth Miller, best known from the series Prison Break, came out as gay in August of 2013 after being invited to attend the St Petersburg International Film Festival to protest Russia’s treatment of LGBTI people. Watch Wentworth Miller as Captain Cold in a preview for his appearance in the show.

BUTT OF THE WEEK: Hunky Actor Chris Hemsworth from the movie Thor and Rush.


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