SHOWER BLAST02Too much Pink news to spread and don’t want you to miss out on the newest, hottest, interesting, sexiest, campiest, gayest stories, pictures and videos. In 2013 I started this shower of an infotainment and it keeps you updated!!! Let’s get wet everywhere boys and girls. Enjoy and if you have something to share, please send me a message at

HAPPY HALLOWEEN: For their annual Halloween clip, Andrew Christian decided to go sacrilegious rather than the horror route. Playing off Catholic motifs, Jeff White directs a brief-wearing priest played by Pablo Hernandez serving communion to willing altar boys. He eventually ends up tied up, whipped and felt up. Also starring in the clip are Rocky Santos, Murray Swanby, Cheddy Oakafor, Cory Zwierzynski and new model Steven Andrade.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO our LGBT’s or great persons that portrayed LGBT characters in series or movies these last weeks: CONGRATULATIONS!!!
Tennis player Martina NavratilovaMartina-Navratilova, Actress Saffron BurrowsBoston_Legal_Julie_Bowen_Lake_Bell_Monica_Potter_Rhona_Mitra_Saffron_Burrows, Actor Michael Boatmanmichael boatman, Country singer Chely Wrightchelywright54-430x2503-400x232, Actress Kellie Martinkellie-martin, Basketball Player Brittney GrinerMercury Welcomes Brittney Griner, Actor Matt Dallasmatt dallas, Actor Aaron Tveitaaron-tveit, Actor Kieran RichardsonKieron_Richardson_1, Actor Jesse Tyler FergusonJesse Tyler Ferguson-AES-085663, Figure Skater Brian Boitanobrian boitano, Actor BD WongBD_Wong, Fashion Designer Zac Posenzac posen and Singer Rylan Clarkrylan clark.

Lady Gaga Invites Gay Couple Onstage For Surprise Proposal: Lady Gaga calls her friend Jay Lomax to the stage where he then gets down on bended knee to propose to Sean Martins. The singer, who is an outspoken gay-rights advocate, seems just as excited about the proposal as the new fiancés are, even running up and embracing the duo in a warm hug. Before she let her friends step off stage, Lady Gaga serenaded the pair with her hit “Born This Way”, but not before offering her own personal congratulations.

Corbin-Fisher-Porn-Stars-Tampa-6Corbin-Fisher-Porn-Stars-Tampa-4Corbin Fisher models Connor, Dawson, Kenny, Zeb,Corbin-Fisher-Porn-Stars-Tampa-3 Brayden and Quin giving meet and greet with fans in Tampa and I wouldn’t kept them behind, thanks to for sharing them. Corbin-Fisher-Porn-Stars-Tampa-1If you want to see more of these boys, Corbin-Fisher-Porn-Stars-Tampa-2go to www.corbinfisher.comCorbin-Fisher-Porn-Stars-Tampa-4

Youtuber Brad Graham makes case for gay blood donors in tongue-in-cheek video!!! He was denied being able to give blood because he’s gay, so he suggests a few funny changes LGBT people can make so they can start donating. In this funny video, he lists his top three ways gay people can start to donate blood. One of his suggestions is ‘turning straight’ while another is ‘avoiding places where gay people hang out such as dance studios and gym locker rooms.’ Although the video is light-hearted, it actually addresses a very serious issue. Watch his suggestions here:

Antonio Miracle and Mario Domenech go MARRIED
Antonio Miracle and Mario Domenech got MARRIED

10644625_717559981655613_2116614238484046009_nCONGRATULATIONS to Antonio Miracle and Mario Domenech on their 1621715_715088905236054_2487647887759933717_n10647015_717565791655032_243018061912146269_nmarriage. We wish them lots of love and all the best in the future!!!


Gender-Bender_02The annual Gender Bender Festival in Italy aims to expand perceptions of gender through art and culture, starting with its distinctive poster art and it runs from the 25th of October till the 2nd of November.
Gender Bender is an international Festival introducing the Italian public to the new imagery related to gender identity, sexual orientation and body representation stemming from contemporary culture. Gender-Bender_05Gender Bender offers a series of events ranging from film showings, to theatrical productions and dance performances, visual arts exhibitions, installation, round tables and conferences, live concerts and performances by musicians and djs, and clubbing events. It is a real model of how differences can give a contribution to the construction of a more rich and welcoming society from the human, social and cultural point of view. The festival takes place annually in Bologna, Italy, since 2003, and is produced by Il Cassero LGBT Center.

HOT NEW PORNCUMMERS OR HOTTEST STARS RIGHT NOW: Rusty rusty sean cody01(SEANCODY)rusty sean cody02, Sebastian KrossB0_Fy0wIUAENxi- (FALCON)Sebastian-Kross-Gay-Porn-Star-Naked, Mr. Handsome handsome playgirl01(PLAYGIRL)handsome playgirl02, Destrodestro nextdoormale (NEXTDOORMALE), Max max corbin fisher(CORBINFISHER)max corbin fisher01, Scott Cage scott_cage extra big dicks(EXTRABIGDICKS)scott_cage extra big dicks01, Derrickderrick maskurbate (MASKURBATE)derrick maskurbate01, Jonathan-Best-4Jonathan BestJonathan-Best-1, John Dudley john dudley englishlads01(ENGLISHLADS)john dudley englishlads02, Pierre pierre-nextdoormale-6(NEXTDOORMALE)pierre nextdoormale, Cassius cassius chaosmen01(CHAOSMEN)cassius chaosmen02, Tony Buckstoesuckingguys(TOESUCKINGGUYS)toesuckingguys tony bucks02, Joel Birkinjoel birkin belami02 (BELAMI)joel birkin belami, Raptor raptor latinboyz(LATINBOYZ)raptor latinboyz01 and James Huntsman james huntsman nextdoormale01(NEXTDOORMALE)james huntsman nextdoormale02, Jake Jensenjake jensen bentley race01 (BENTLEYRACE)jake jensen bentley race02, Dean CarlsonDean Carlson randyblue02 (RANDYBLUE)Dean Carlson randyblue.

B0Aol9xCYAAnAwSThe UK-based testicular cancer awareness group Check One Two has men from all over the world posting photos of themselves grabbing their own crotches as part of its aptly named #feelingnuts campaign in October.
Do you feel your nuts? Check One Two simply hopes to raise awareness about the importance of testicular cancer screening and educate men on how to check for symptoms of the disease themselves. So get on and fiddle with it, play around in the shower, I know you do it almost every day!!! 10724176_355331851300311_1879137065_nNow here is the permission for it and you don’t have to worry anymore when someone catches you in the shower. ;o) Check out the celebs who show their support on and watch this video:

BUTT OF THE WEEK: Actor Henry Cavill from The Tudors and Superman.

FILM Cavill 4tumblr_mvb2sfMFnb1rei3gfo1_500Henry_Cavill_Tudors_GIF_01fhenry-cavill-covers-details-june-2013-07henry cavill shirtless man of steelpost-2569-0-82551100-1319427244post-590-0-60544200-14091278999093013642_20478c9833_o9088684257_c28fb6c0e6_ohenry cavill nude tudorstumblr_mmaenwQp831ql3i4oo6_250henry cavill nude tudorstumblr_mmaenwQp831ql3i4oo2_250

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