1382910_10202436896274533_1756614611_nThis weekend is the start of their new show called “The Edge Of Glory”. To get you in the mood, here is the review of last year’s show called “Close To Perfection” by my guest reporter Christiaan. We forgot to post it because of circumstances, so with their new show coming what better way to post it now to show you what you have missed or what you can expect from these great ladies. Here is the review from Chris:

536955_10202436885314259_270967385_n“Arriving at the entrance from CC in Berlare , we are being greeted by the mannequin heads with humongous head pieces and wigs in window frames of the changing rooms from the leading ladies of this night. What will it be? And yes, it will happen HERE! 13 years of Les Femmes Unique – Close to perfection .We enter a hall filled to the ceiling! Uplifted with loudly, happy and smiling people, the mood is UP. Lights are being dimmed and the curtain opens. Viewing a montage video in which a kind of soap opera is being displayed. Dynasty worthy! All Divas are presented here and then we proceed to the start of the evening . Along both sides of the stage enter the beautiful and very muscular dancers and Miss Moonlight on stage for the first act of the show. We are welcomed by her as cartoon figure Lara Croft besides the thrilling beauty of Joan Jullian. The show has started!!!


537985_10202436572986451_272422877_nWe are traveling through the world of musicals and magic. La Mystica, La Moonlight and La Jullian sisterly are on the scene, and we hear the tones of Sissi . How majestic is Kyara with her magnificent diamante crown, rising above the people. What makes a Queen, the frock and a jeweled crown …? No you ARE a Queen! Blessed they are….a shiver in the audience. Passing on to Wicked . Whoever can so this better then Joan Jullian and the guest celebrity specially flown by yet from Chicago. 550_10202436863273708_1030770094_nCandi Stratton known internationally as the ultimate Cher Impersonator. The sisterly duet gives silence in the hall, and in the audience a tear is shed. Where is the Kleenex? The words “Who can say if I’ve been changed for the better?
But Because I knew you … ” The magic is here! 1394133_10202436864113729_1095958570_nBecause that’s what it’s all about, don’t you agree? Magic! The transitions are crowned with beautiful dance work of the team coached by Tom Blaes and his hot dancers . Something for everyone to sweat on, shining muscles and beautiful booties! Did I hear a gasp..? Ha ha.

560091_10202436563106204_261245410_nThe train continues…going on to the …. Master of 1395336_10202436889954375_1387737508_nmagic and illusionist Peter Fargo, including a part in the show. And he is also a very excellent singer! Singing LIVE the complete evening. Hail to THAT! Let me entertain you, Robbie Williams eat your heart out! Take that .. with the beautiful dancers and oh ….. Did I see a Jockstrap flying through the audience on the stage? For the 80 -ies babes among us… YES … Richenel ” Dance Around the world .” Dressed in a Star Wars -like Outfit. And in the laser beam show he displays what is unseen here in Benelux amazing! He also is very good at telling jokes and comedy later in the evening.

1390701_10202436857673568_327587644_nJoan Jullian enters the stage wearing a black velvet robe on the tunes of Born to Die by Lana Del Rey. What a spooky and Twilight theme-ish appearance, when she displays the white (wedding) dress getting even more scary. With both her hands she dives into a box and her hands are stained with blood. A beating heart … an illusion? It’s being licked and tasted. Yes, here stands a werewolf. La Jullian describes in a short conversation in the interval .. “This is ART!” 1390773_10202436583826722_1768688058_nAnd we SO agree with her darling. Show Queens are not only meant to be beautiful, but performing on the edge is just even as important. The 80-ies moments are completed by the Queens. Venga Boys/Spice girls dusted off and back! Striking and very similar. Those were the years! One may be shocked by the resemblance with Mel B’s younger sister Joan Jullian. All legs, hair and hips!! What moves. La Moonlight staging as Posh … delicious. We love her arrogant “Posh” posing.

1459759_10202436849273358_507774248_n1456571_10202436865953775_436865571_nWe certainly mention Lady Gwen being sparkling and genuine as Bronx diva Christina Aguilera 1452552_10202436571146405_859571887_nwhen she rocks the stage. She dances, she swings, and she flaunts…she IS Burlesque . Delicious! And why is La Stratton here this evening ….Cher! We should not go to Vegas for this grand lady ….NO she’s here. The choreographies, seamless and how smooth it can be…very! Fishnet stockings , red lipstick and lots, LOTS of moves …! Then the curtains open and we see stage elements from the orient. Smoke, even a scent of patchouli. Or is it the perfume of one of our Leading ladies? Greek mythology etc. …. all for the illusion. Helena Paparizou blasting through the ghetto boom boxes, with Lady Gwen. A staggering performance from her! Kyara Mystica veiled and again unique. Pussycat dolls Jai Ho, what do we see…the objects turning again and here is the Queen of Nations;  Joan Jullian floats like a Hindi on the scene, and this may be said … class. All dance steps are again aligned. As it should be in Hindi.


1390492_10202436586946800_323865418_nA personal hail for the absence of Diva Daisy Divine. As all round celebrity she is known inside and outside the borders of Belgium and this to be understood tonight. Her first comic act “I am tambour”, (Dutch carnaval music!), with which she even injured herself the first day before a few people in de audience… was warned by La Moonlight. We are asked to hide under the table, that says more than enough. The ride in the Daisy Daf! Fantastic and yes a demonical ride on the road. (I think she drives on PINK WODKA!!!???) Definitely not to be forgotten the sneezing of her as a pianist1459898_10202436568586341_564085923_n. Loud noises from the keyboard! Farts, coughing and hawking etc. Daisy is known for her phenomenal jaw volume … with which she can MUCH . 1456061_10202436883994226_652122308_nMy personal performance of the night in FULL glory , I will survive crowned with huge wig , overkill of rhinestones and sequins. Knowing she had health troubles and had reduced body volume to enter ……. as an increasingly becoming slimmer Diva stage RESPECT! The enormous stunning head piece at the end of show is a crown on the performance. There were 20 ostriches killed for being Queen head piece worthy, but who cares. NONE! So that we may enjoy her for many years!

1382228_10202436849993376_1931815977_n1461637_10202436850713394_585501509_nThe closing of the evening for Miss Moonlight . 603099_10202436592906949_1784402095_nWith the theme song where it is ALL about. Close to perfection . Close , no .. it was far from close, it was perfect!
The ladies can look back on a 3 day filling program. A FULL year they worked really hard to get this form and status…Hail to that! Costs certainly not be spared, BUT it shows OFF.
And so says the audience with a rising of the chairs. Loud screaming and applause.This is….PERFECTION!!!”

Thanks to our guest writer Christiaan and please follow us at Facebook or Twitter. Have a PINK day!!! Lesley Middleton

If you want to see the show or relive it again, just buy the DVD!!!


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