1900081_401374936678628_2299636693230001843_nBqlDL7wCAAIU_jHMickey Taylor is probably most known in the Gay community as tumblr_n83iynFfyK1ttw7kpo1_1280an adult performer in the last 6 months and it was about time PINK IN OUR LIVES had an intimate and candid interview with him. He is currently touring the last two months with meet and greets, filming in different countries and doing events, but he still made time for me. There is definitely more to know and see about this sexy boy with his full lips, mesmerizing eyes, tattooed body and big cock. He has been modelling for over 11 years in catwalk, editorial and several magazines, fashion week and have worked for people such as Tony n Guy and Ted Baker. He is about to release his own clothing line Vanity Rebel and recording an album. Time to get to know him better and he might even surprise you!!! ;o)

tumblr_nehshv0maZ1thfe74o1_500o_18ueo7rt010uljv51ile18mbpflbThanks Mickey for giving my readers a chance to 1238730_403870789762376_4803441115441902672_nknow you better than only seeing you in hardcore action. Who is Mickey Taylor really? Tell us more about yourself please. “Oh god, erm haha, I’m 21, I actually went to college twice. First time studying law, religious education, Math, science and Japanese. The second time I did musical theatre. I’m from Essex in the UK, but I recently just moved too Manchester. I realized I was having feelings for guys, when I was 11 years old, which people can argue is young, but I suppose when you know you know. Aha! I never had a problem with being gay really. I realized it was just who I was and rather than fight it and make myself unhappy, I should embrace it” 🙂

What’s the story behind your porn name Mickey Taylor?
“Okay, so when I was a fashion model mainlyo_18ueo7rt0bpcbuc5pb13oj1qr3c. I used my birth name Angel and a made-up-name Taylor as my last name. I decided to keep my last name from fashion, but use a name I loved because I love Disney1378036_408452545970867_3517672310306780493_n, which is where the Mickey came from”.

tumblr_nb0fo5hnWl1ttw7kpo1_1280BrFnkeFCIAEHrcH.jpg largeHow did you get into the porn industry and why?
“I got scouted. I actually never even thought about it or wanted too, but a studio approached me and we’re really sweet. They came with a terrific offer, so I thought I would try it and here I am today”. :o) If someone wants to get in the industry, what are your suggestions/tips for them? “Best places to go as far as the UK and USA are and with Porn star Trenton Ducati. I work for both and can recommend them, they are awesome. even runs a training program for new models!!!”

Staxus-Paul-Walker-and-Mickey-Taylor-sex-god-wank-youth-age-buddy-yanking-dick-over-sexed-young-boy-outdoor-cock-sucking-fucked-sexual-001-tube-download-torrent-gallery-photoHow was it like to film your first porn scene? Was it what you expected and for which company?
“It was very good actually….I’ve heard some funny and strange stories about people’s first time. But mine was totally cool. And it helped I was working with some experienced people”. Can you tell me a little bit more about how it went?Haha, I think best way to see how it went, is to go watch the scene of Staxus haha….my face says it all haha…. It was with big Billy Rubens for God sake haha!”

Mickey Taylor and Billy Rubens for Staxus Studio
Mickey Taylor and Billy Rubens for Staxus Studio

You have done bareback movies and more famous Porn studios are doing it now. Why did you BquiQ3TCAAAwVi1choose to go bareback and how do you feel about the people who are against it?
“Honestly. When I started out I didn’t really think or look into the implications on my health etc. It was great to experience. But I don’t think I could go back to bareback again. It was a long time ago”. What do you prefer sexually and what not? What makes your cock hard? ;o) “Sexually I am into older guys. Tattoos and muscles. So guys on like Falcon studios and Raging Stallion are perfect! Aha!”

mickey_taylorYour mom is very supportive of you in every way. When did you tell her you were gay and that you do gay porn? How did she react?
“I never really told my mum I was gay haha…..she found out by a certain situation happening haha, I won’t go into right now haha…..story for another time. But she’s the most supportive human on the planet and loves that I’m gay and do porn and she is always there for me”. Gotta love our mums and haha, I can imagine already something about your coming out! Definitely curious now LOL!! How about the rest of your family and friends? Do they know and how did they react on your coming out and porn performances? “They are also major supportive and love it. They all know and I don’t hide it and never would want too” 🙂

IMG_48971609580_410369819112473_6014086488853191607_nBesides an adult performer you are also an actor and a singer. You have a demo out now on Youtube called Video Games from an upcoming album “Goodnight”. What can we expect from you and the album?
“Oh jeez haha, video games was a track I wanted to do because it expresses every love situation I’ve ever been in. The album itself is very mixed. It’s clubby, acoustic, ballad, basically I wanted to put as much in there as I could to appeal to all my fans. You can expect feature tracks actually from some pretty famous people. Porn star and drag queen alike LOL.”

10666039_389678251181630_4600499389367108903_nIf your music career takes off, will you stop doing porn or are BppTdMpIIAA-PoAyou going to combine it like naked singing on stage? 😉
“Haha, no naked singing…no haha! I owe a lot to porn, I don’t think I’m gonna give it up in a hurry. But I think if I can always do the two, then I will.” 🙂 Glad to hear that and the fans will agree with me. Do you also perform on stage like live sex shows and will you ever has sex with a fan? “Haha I’ve never had sex with a fan. But I wouldn’t rule it out, if I fancied a guy. But I think it would be a little unprofessional, if I stand bending over at each of my events I go, haha so for now it’s a no”.

tumblr_nej13u1UgS1smlse4o1_1280Mickey Taylor GoGo dancing at gay pride in Essex supporting Sukrew underwear:

tumblr_ne07htYrw81ttw7kpo1_1280IMG_4898You got a lot of tattoos and looks like a bad boy. BquiQ3TCAAAwVi1How “bad” are you in real-life and do the many tattoos have a special meaning for you?
“Oh god, I’m a puppy dog! I’m a softie. However…..If you come for me, I will take you down haha. My image comes from my influences and people I grew up with. We all kinda were alternative pop punks, when I was a kid. My tattoos all have special meanings to me. And most are done by friends, which make them more special to me as some of my friends have passed away”.

tumblr_ncdlchvoHp1rw3pgqo1_500Pink In Our Lives is all about being THE happy LGBT source. What or who puts a smile on your 10313944_396147960534659_1787276133290492656_nface?
“I think my fans know JELLY BABIES put smiles on my face. Haha people wise….I think right now Ella Henderson does. She’s an inspiration. Sexually…..Colby Keller puts a smile on my face. How could he not haha”. Any pornstars you wanna work with in the future? “Colby keller and Asher Hawk. Need I say why? There preeeeeetty haha!”

Bqg4EgyCIAAjvlSCan you share something with the readers/fans that will surprise them about you?
“How about three things? ;o)
1.I was actually in foster care once in my life. Hah it’s okay though… made me and my mum much stronger. Thank god! I love her! 🙂
2. I was engaged for three years. He was incredible and our life together was special. People grow apart…..but we’re like family now.
3. My middle name is Andrew :)…. My real middle name FYI”

WOW…you really surprised me already. You are still young and already been engaged for three years. Do you want to get married and what is your opinion about gays & lesbians still not being able to get married everywhere?
“I think all things take time. Gay marriage and equality is the same. I think if we push it in some parts of the world, it could just push them back into the dark ages. So it’s best to let things develop in their own time. I’m not ruling out a relationship or marriage but right now….. I’m married to my work” 🙂

Mickey-Taylor-09tumblr_na58dux90r1qj8ar7o1_500Quick answers for your personal favorites:
Love or sex? “Lovely sex haha”
UK or USA? “Oh, I can’t……They will kill me haha”
Top or bottom? “Can’t I flip? It’s more fun” 😉
Favorite music? “Paramore definitely”
Clubbing or going to a bar? “Bar coz I like to chat and have a giggle”
Bareback or safe sex? “Safe sex 100%”
Favorite holiday destination? “My bed”
Favorite sex position? “Pinned to a wall”
Black or white? “The color or people? Haha I wear black a lot. But people wise…I love everyone equally. I’m mixed raced sooo haha”                                                                                                           Next tattoo (and where)? “It was drawn by a fan, haha wait and see”
Singing or acting? “Ooooo both. I did musical theatre, which always meant both at the same time”
Ultimate goal in life? “To party hard. Fuck harder. And retire in Spain getting fat eating jelly babies”

Bp9DRViIUAAHh7X.jpg largeThank you for your time to do this candid interview. I wish you all the best of luck in the future with everything career wise. Follow Mickey also on instagram: or his website:
I hope to keep hearing and seeing a lot of you, but I have no doubt about it!!! ;o)

Big kiss and have a PINK day,
Lesley Middleton

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