Gayrado Calendars CollageThe year 2014 is almost over and new calendars are popping up everywhere, from steaming male bodies, hot bikini girls to sexy personalities. How can you choose from this all?? Well PINK IN OUR LIVES thought to help you out a little and while it is important to know which date it is, it can’t hurt to look at all these beauties as well. ;o) Oh, and you even can help to support a good cause with buying one calendar (or two), because most of them donate their proceeds.

noticias_file_foto_823370_14052907312015 is definitely one year, where all the hunks will expose their stuff for you all year long!!! Will it be with their dogs in “Hunks and hounds”the-201-hunks-and-hounds-calendar, hiding behind their fire hose1782934960b or being strong like a horseHorseandhunk-homepage2, you will have something nice hanging in your house (no pun intended LOL). Making of hunks and horsesslider-HH_0677:

You have off course also the annual Beach Babes, Maxim51v0dsfrAaL and Sports Illustrated51WDJAqYU+L calendars with curvy ladies and hot bikinis81iDGvAP7+L and sexy male51WsTtrYP9L and female celebrities like Diver Tom Daleytom-daley-2015-calendar-back, Female Singer Pixxie LottPixie Lott A3 Calendar, Gymnast Louis Smithlouis smith, Model Stuart ReardonStuart-Reardon-2015-Calendar-by-Paul-Reitz, Straight Rugby Ally Ben Cohenben cohen 2015-4, Actor Benedict Cumberbatch1409271889021_wps_81_Benedict_Cumberbatch_Cale and Towie lad Dan Osbornecalendar07.

Many porn studios or escort stars bring out their calendar as well like 91xK+92KT+LRentboy81TI0e7TPgL, BEL AMILekker Boys Gallery Edition 2015 XXXL Calendar Gayrado, Falconcalendar03, Corbin Fisher9200000025735493, Colt51V-1xuzCaL, Lucas EntertainmentLucas Entertainment Suited and Stripped 2015 XL Calendar Gayrado and many more9200000025790240. tumblr_nckxts4eC41qzx74yo1_500British gay porn website ENGLISHLADS.COM tumblr_ncd7xjKYWn1s65t9oo1_500took their hot and muscular porn models Alex Parry, Cameron Donald, Aaron Janes, Jack Windsor, Harry Long, and my favorite model of the bunch, hunky Tyler Hirst (the hot guy in the middle) for a naked photoshoot for ‘Ripped & Stripped: Sons Of The Beach’ Calendar. 20% of the funds raised from the calendar and the accompanying DVD will be divided between the Albert Kennedy Trust, Ballboys Testicular Cancer and Macmillan Cancer Support.

BvwbNxMIIAEYDJ0.jpg largeAlso Rugby is a very physical sport and who can Bucaneers.Rugby.A3.Poster.Calendar.posterresist those big Rugby players going to have it with each other on the field. They did that all for us as well for the latest 2015 calendars. Lots of Rugby teams try to raise money for their teams or for good causes. They are not only stripping buck naked, but also they are very creative to get funny and unusual shots for their calendars. Bromances are here definitely in the air with clubs like Nashville Grizzlies2015grizzliescalendar-cover, Buccaneers, Ealing Trailfinders!!

DIEUX DU STADE 2015 MORGAN PARRA photo Fred GoudonOff course the well-known Dieux Du Stade is the top leader for tumblr_nc4t1fG3I51s65t9oo5_500many years now with gorgeous and sensual pictures and where straight masculine players giving us homo-erotic poses. The 2015 calendar is available and the proceeds are going to breast cancer charity Le Cancer du Sein, Parlons-En this year. Here is a frisky behind-the-scenes video from Dieux Du Stade:

0992652510bIn 2009, the Warwicks decided to release a naked calendar to raise money to make repairs and buy new equipment. Since then it has gone on to be sold in 77 different countries and raised £200,000 for good causes. butttAs well as the calendars, the boys now have their own range of posters, t-shirts, art prints, hoodies, and greeting cards. rowersLaurie, a second year student at Warwick University said that they decided to start the Sport Allies charity to give something back to the people who bought the calendars in the first place. He said: ‘It was really the gay market that was supporting the calendar and buying it and in turn supporting the boat club. Sport allies is about standing up and confronting homophobia in sport. It’s a chance to really change things. Sport doesn’t have to be a homophobic environment and shouldn’t be a homophobic environment.’

o-WARWICK-ROWERS-570warwickThe University of Warwick students have officially launch their Sport Allies scheme in 2014. An initiative to promote inclusion and challenge homophobia among young people and has grown out of the success of the “Warwick Rowers” calendar. post-1436-0-70618600-1414759245The boys and girls from the Warwick rowers teams made their own calendars to raise money against homophobia in sports for a few years and next to the calendar they also have their making off video for sale. This a very candid video of the cute guys playing and goofing around in their birthday suit and showing that boys will be boys even when you are gay. This is a calendar and lately also a video to look out for every year, because the pictures are great, feast for the eyes and money well spent for a honorable cause.

WARWICK ROWERS 2015 Calendar:

calendaroc-4The last two years even the church got involved and for 2015 the oc-2priests go all the way out to protest against homophobia. The Romanian team behind the controversial “Orthodox priests” calendars is offering a steamy way to ring in the new year. It features 12 months of hunky models striking homoerotic poses alongside religious iconography. This year’s edition is called “S.A.L.I.G.I.A.”. oc-5These priests set out, in a humorous way, to remind the world that homosexuality is NOT one of the 7 deadly sins and in fact that Jesus Christ never even referred to homosexuality as a sin! “The Orthodox Calendar teamoc-1 is “still the only organized global effort against homophobia in the Orthodox region” and as such, organizers and models “are more enthusiastic than ever to work on this new series illustrating the ancient sins forgotten by a declining church obsessed with demonizing” the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community”, tells Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill.


This calendar is available in both a “classic” and “uncensored” version, while a “Making Of” DVD is also on the way. You can order them here at www.orthodox-calendar.com

c15-c0I think 2015 could be an interesting year already…..You 178054653Xbwake up and look at the calendar in the morning …..to see of course who’s birthday it is today ;o) We could not choose which one to pick, so we have different calendars hanging in the house to support many causes and to enjoy the fine specimen of life!!!



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