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tiffany adTiffany & Co. is featuring a gay couple in their new ad campaign (and yes–it’s an actual unnamed gay couple, rather than a pair of random models)!!!
“Nowadays, the road to marriage is no longer linear, and true love can happen more than once with love stories coming in a variety of forms,” said Linda Buckley, Tiffany & Co. VP of North American PR, in a statement to “The Tiffany engagement ring is the first sentence of the story that a couple will write together as they create a life that is deeply intimate and exceptional, which is the message we hope to convey through this campaign.”
Great support from an iconic brand. We need more like this for our LGBT-community!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO our LGBT’s or great persons that portrayed LGBT characters in series or movies these last weeks: CONGRATULATIONS!!! Adult performer Brandon ManilowBrandon-Manilow2, Organizer Joe Bruin Sparksjoe bruin sparks, Adult performer Josh Milkjosh milk, Deejay Mally Clarkmally clark, Dancer Juan Ballazojuan, Singer Michael Stipemichael-stipe, Actor Chris Potterchris-potter-actor, Stripper Shane TylerIMG_5913, Actor Taye DiggsTaye-Diggs-Shirtless, Actress Dot Jonesdot jones, Actor Bradley Cooperbradley-cooper-shirtless-smile and Football Player Michael Sammichael-sam-shirtless1.

liam rileyTwink COCKYBOYS Porn star Liam Riley Shares Inspiring & Powerful Video “Love Yourself”!!!
He addresses the important of being true to yourself and who you are no matter what people and commenters say about you. He says: “People need to stop putting others down to make themselves feel better”. #BETRUE #LGBT

IMG_5891Join and share this because our LGBT community is discriminated on Facebook. A non-sexual picture got reported and removed and the users Jesse Jackman and his husband Dirk Caber got blocked for a while, BUT(T) (and no pun intended LOL) a female naked ass hanging out on Facebook page called BIG ASS is NO nudity according to the guidelines of Facebook. Note that Facebook’s definition of “nudity” says the following: “ we remove reported photographs of people displaying genitals, fully exposed buttocks or fully exposed female breasts. The fact that Dirk and Jesse’s LGBT-themed pic with no genitals or fully exposed buttocks was censored, but a photo of fully exposed female buttocks – in CLEAR violation of their policy- was not!!! Censorship is a widespread problem on Facebook. It is discriminatory and just plain wrong!!! We have to stand up for our Rights so go to

Sean-Cody-Gay-Porn-frontseancody brandonMAJOR MERGE!!! #CONGRATULATIONS!!!Landon-Conrad-and-Topher-Di-Maggio-Men-com-Gay-Porn-Star-hung-jocks-muscle-hunks-naked-muscled-guys-ass-fuck-group-orgy-01-gallery-video-photo
MindGeek, the company behind MEN.COM has acquired SEAN CODY, one of the most iconic gay porn site. Sean Cody continued to grow and grow as they found countless amazingly hot guys like Brandon, Joshua, Marshall and David. Sean Cody is known for extremely high quality production and insanely hot sex. Many of today’s biggest gay porn stars got their start on SEAN CODY. Falcon exclusive Ryan Rose , Colt Rivers and Connor Kline. Let’s hope we get more sexy scenes and that both sites keep their own identity as well!!!

BxbZrzrCQAAMhaS.jpg largeIn the Belgian Soap called “Thuis” a new male DSC_5567-copycharacter came out of the closet this week!!!
Toon played by hunk Bill Barberis. Nobody saw this coming, so it was a big surprise to many viewers. Gladly for us we have another manly gay to watch on TV. Here is his coming out scene (in Dutch):

HOT NEW PORNCUMMERS OR HOTTEST STARS RIGHT NOW: falcon-studios-sebastian-krossSebastian Kross sebastian kross(FALCON STUDIOS Exclusive)falcon-studios-sebastian-kross01, BrandonBrandon--SeanCody01 (SEANCODY)Brandon--SeanCody-5, Alanalan seancody01 (SEANCODY)alan seancody02, Cailiaencailiean seancody01 (SEANCODY)cailiean seancody02, Chavitochavito bilatinmen01 (BILATINMEN)chavito bilatinmen02, Davis davis seancody01(SEANCODY)davis seancody02, Honzahonza william higgins01 (WILLIAMHIGGINS), James Olsen james olsen gayhoopla01(GAYHOOPLA)james olsen gayhoopla02, Jonny Maro jonny maro paragonmen01(PARAGONMEN)jonny maro paragonmen02, Sebastian Hooksebastian hook gayhoopla01 (GAYHOOPLA)sebastian hook gayhoopla02, Ty ty theguysite01(THEGUYSITE)ty theguysite02, Tyson tyson chaosmen01(CHAOSMEN)tyson chaosmen02, Vavrin Vavrin flirtforfree01(FLIRT4FREE)Vavrin flirtforfree02 and Vortexvortex bilatinmen01 (BILATINMEN)vortex bilatinmen02.

11076_853769604675152_7621715793784784947_n10931295_853769948008451_6313375643217790692_nFinally some intimate gay love on Daytime Soap Opera and Days Of Our Lives is giving it to us!!!
Will and Paul are really making out in bed, but 10917317_853769701341809_9134415658532021335_nSonny is knocking on the door. The red-hot scenes between Will and Paul continue and who knew these two would have such electric chemistry? Paul also has electricity with Sonny so this has got to have everything to do with actor Sean Christopher who has clearly brought out the best in Guy Wilson and Freddie Smith in these intimate scenes. Very believable, good stuff and kudos to all involved.

Michael_Sam_Vito_CammisanoCONGRATULATIONS!!! Michael Sam is engaged to long-term boyfriend Vito Cammisano!!!
The proposal was made in Rome. 25 year old Sam and swimmer Cammisano have been traveling in Europe since December 30 2014, ringing in the new year in Spain and seeing the sights in Italy. Sam said he wanted to get married someday, and hopefully to Cammasino.sam11n-13-web ‘I think if someone wants to spend the rest of their lives with another person, by all means, do that,’ he said. ‘It’s all about equality.’ Both came in the big picture when Michael famously kissed Vito, when he became the first openly gay footballer to be drafted into the NFL.

grindr gay couple reactsWatch Gay Couples React To Filthy Grindr Messages!!!
Couples Jake and Christian, Mark and DJ, and Trent and Luke film their reactions to some pretty scandalous–and hilarious–Grindr messages in this collaborative video. What do you send on Grindr to others, think before you act LOL? How would you react???

coverx633Justin-Frost_FCKH8_Web_03x633Straight and Gay Hunks Get Naked Together for Justin-Frost_FCKH8_Web_04x633FCKH8’s 2015 Charity Calendar!!! is campaigning to benefit HIV and AIDS charities with a sexy new 2015 benefit calendar that features straight and gay men getting naked together for a cause.Justin-Frost_FCKH8_Web_10x633 Lensed by renowned photographer Justin Monroe, and promoted by the gay social app Jack’d, the 12-month calendar features beefy straight and gay hotties Justin-Frost_FCKH8_Web_05x633stripped down to their bathing suits or their birthday suits, shot poolside in the Hollywood hills. Justin-Frost_FCKH8_Web_02The video and calendar shoot were made with the help of the guys at Jack’d, the fastest-growing gay social app in the world, who are promoting the cause to their audience of millions of gay and bi men to turn them on and turn up their support. is a four-year-old activist T-shirt company with a passionate social change mission: arming thousands of people with pro-LGBT equality, anti-racism, and anti-sexism T-shirts that act as “mini-billboards” for positive change.Justin-Frost_FCKH8_Web_12x633

BUTT OF THE WEEK: Straight Footballer Player Lars Kristian Eriksen

imageLars_Kristian_Eriksen_11_Norwegian_Footballer_po-thumb-500x728-23475Lars_Kristian_Eriksen10b_p-thumb-500x734-23465Lars_Kristian_Eriksen_jimmy261111_lars_kristian_er-thumb-500x735-23467SONY DSCLars_Kristian_Eriksen12-thumb-500x714-23471Lars_Kristian_Eriksen_17_Norwegian_Footballer_po-thumb-500x710-2347710417543-4-1243759337830-n400Lars_Kristian_Eriksen13-thumb-500x723-23469Lars_Kristian_Eriksen14-thumb-500x708-23473Lars_Kristian_Eriksen15_p-thumb-500x727-23481Lars_Kristian_Eriksen26-thumb-500x747-23479

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