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imagerainbowThe world’s first-ever ‘night rainbow’ will brighten up Trafalgar Square to celebrate the launch of three new LGBT television shows!!!
A 30-metre-long rainbow will be projected onto the spray of the Trafalgar Square fountains between 5.30 and 8.30pm. The installation by greyworld has been commissioned to celebrate three new Channel 4 series called Cucumber, Banana, and Tofu. The trio are created by Russell T. Davies, and like his show Queer As Folk, are about the passions and pitfalls of modern gay life.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO our LGBT’s or great persons that portrayed LGBT characters in series or movies these last weeks: CONGRATULATIONS!!! Designer Dirk Vervoortdirk, Adult performer Sean Xaviersean xavier, Actor Kieran Richardsonkieran, Actor Maulik PancholyMaulikcropped, Actor Jason Batemanjason bateman, Actor Chad Lowechad lowe, Actor Eddie Cahilleddie cahill and Actor Jim Careyjim-carrey01.

DZE1F6O-377x670This 13-Year-Old’s Response To Her Brother Coming Out And Being Told “It’s Wrong To Be Gay” Is Awesome!!!
The Catholic Church (CC) has long served as a roadblock for full acceptance of LGBT people. But these times they are a-changing. And they’re changing fast. A user on Imgur, the popular online image hosting service, recently posted a screenshot of a text message he received from his 13-year-old sister, Paige. What she wrote to her gay brother will totally make your day and possibly even restore your faith in humanity. It’s strong-willed, free-thinking young people like this who are paving the way for a more loving and accepting world for us!!!

B7rn-ejCIAACcbg.jpg largeB7wbcDpCMAAlFLT.jpg largeHustlaball, one of the year’s most anticipated parties, came B7nq9kcIIAAZk1G.jpg-largeback to Las Vegas in the weekend of the 17th of January 2015 with top name DJs, porn performers, and fetish acts converging from around the globe.B7v302bCIAAG6m7 After 17 years of sold-out events in New York City, Berlin, London, Brussels, Las Vegas, San Francisco and Los Angeles, Hustlaball returns to Sin City. B7tV54nCAAAinIN.jpg largeHustlaball is the raunchiest (read most fun) gay party in the region. The guys let it all hang out- as they are known to do, and they showed everything with pride. B7mdJl5CcAEGqoQ.jpg-largeHustlaBall Las Vegas 2015 Main Stage was managed and directed to perfection by Raging Stallion Exclusive and International Hookie of the Year, BOOMER BANKS. hustlaballBoomer invited over 25 of the Hottest Names in Gay PornB7nl2w2CYAAtj8c.jpg large from Many of the World’s Best Studios all under one roof to get you excited. Oh and this hung top bottomed on stage for another massive big cock star B7qvhL7CQAEDT24Rocco Steele!!!! ;pB7s8AIjCMAE_8n2

B7teaBuCEAItcOq.jpg-largeHunky Subway Rider Rob Maiale Shuts Up Anti-gay Preacher with Uplifting “Willy Wonka” Tune!!!
A New York subway rider took matters into his own hands when an antigay preacher began harassing a lesbian couple and their child. Why did he chose that particular song, Maiale said, “What the man was saying was so absurd and hateful that I figured the most disarming thing would be something equally absurd and joyful. I myself [am] neither religious, nor gay, but if you want to live in this city, you need to learn how to be civil.”

HOT NEW PORNCUMMERS OR HOTTEST STARS RIGHT NOW: Andrea-Suarez dominic ford01Andrea SuarezAndrea-Suarez dominic ford02 (DOMINIC FORD)Andrea-Suarez dominic ford03, Blublu chaosmen01 (CHAOSMEN)blu chaosmen02, Noah Donovan boah donovan raging stallion01(RAGINGSTALLION), Bradbrad maskurbate01 (MASKURBATE)brad maskurbate02, Dallas Bluedallas blue nextdoormale (NEXTDOORMALE), Damon Ducharme Damon-Ducharme men of montreal1(MENOFMONTREAL)Damon-Ducharme men of montreal2, Dillondillon seancody01 (SEANCODY)dillon seancody02, Fabianfabian bilatinmen01 (BILATINMEN)fabian bilatinmen02, Frank Yorkfrank york gayhoopla01 (GAYHOOPLA)frank york gayhoopla02, Jake Morganjake morgan men.com01 (MEN.COM)jake morgan men.com02, Jeremyjeremy maskurbate01(MASKURBATE)jeremy maskurbate02, Katokato chaosmen00 (CHAOSMEN)kato chaosmen01, Ray Cutlerray-cutler-manavenue03 (MANAVENUE)ray-cutler-manavenue01, Roderickroderick chaosmen01 (CHAOSMEN)roderick chaosmen02, ryan winter gayhoopla03Ryan Winterryan winter gayhoopla01 (GAYHOOPLA)ryan winter gayhoopla02, Titantitan theguysite01 (THEGUYSITE)titan theguysite02, Vince vince seancody01(SEANCODY)vince seancody02 and Vincevince maskurbate01 (MASKURBATE)vince maskurbate02.

amazing-race-26-harley-rodriguez-jonathan-knight-1Openly gay Jonathan Knight of NKOTB competing in The Amazing Race with boyfriend Harley Rodriguez!!!
Knight is competing in the new season of the CBS reality competition The Amazing Race with his partner of seven years, Harley Rodriguez. ‘Going through this whole process with him has been really surreal,’ Knight, 46, says in a video introducing the new teams to viewers. Putting our lives out there for people to know about us, it’s not usually what we do.’ Jonathan came out publicly in 2012 but insisted then that he had always lived his life very openly and had never hidden the fact that he is gay.

Spanish version of THE BOY IS A BOTTOM by Willam Belli ;o)

BUTT OF THE WEEK: Rugby Player George Burgess and I throw in his full frontal as well for you ;o)

900197-george-burgessNRL Rd 14 - Rabbitohs v Tigers661393-d58cdf32-c9c3-11e3-9484-00a97bf135c75822fb60126a00d83451d8ee69e201bb07900462970d-800wigeorge burgessgeorge-burgess-buttGeorge-Burgess-12George+Burgess+South+Sydney+Rabbitohs+Training+BmFet-tRiqOl47834a988c9a79c8199e2050e38cc565george-burgess-underwear2tumblr_muoml79GOe1s3sxdto1_400georgepost-1692-0-10173400-1373084501tumblr_nbvxicAHcc1qkc9jco4_r1_400rugby-George-Burgess-nude-penis-07burgessnude goerge 1


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