kamrun001Nick-Ho-Kamrun-001It is with a heavy heart that we must say farewell to adult performer Kamrun 002going by the name of Kamrun last week. Beefy actor Kamrun , an American homosexual porn performer of African descent, has been in the adult entertainment industry since 1997. Born in Oklahoma on January 22, 1973, he lived in Europe till he was about 18 and now lives in Los Angeles. This Oklahoma native started out performing when he was around 24 years old. His other stage names are Kamrun Assher, Camron, Kame Run, and Kam Run. Kamrun has been featured in 152 porn movies since his grand debut in the XXX Film business.

next_door_ebony-kamrun_and_nicholas_5_29874_3His roles varied from top to bottom mostly under the interracial genre. Kamrun was first seen in All That Jizz exclusively released by Hollywood Sales. He was also featured in Black Wishes and performed alongside Flex Gamble and Flex-Deon Blake. In 2008, he played both top and bottom roles in Thugz Gone Wild by Pitbull Productions. Kamrun worked also for many studiosa003090_image1 amongst others All Worlds, Timtales.comTimTales-Matt-Sizemore-and-Kamrun-Interracial-Bareback-Fucking-Black-Guy-Getting-Fucked-By-A-White-Daddy-01, Bacchus Releasing, Slut Machine, MenOver30HairyDads&Co_Kamrun (12), Satyr Films, Raw Joxxx, Raging Stallionkamrun1, BreedMeRawKamrun01, Pitbull Productions, BoundGods5, Treasure Island Media, Falcon Studios and BlackBreeders.Jock-Strap-Worship-3_1

1The 22nd was his birthday and also the day of his passing. Kamrun 6leaves behind his devoted partner of 6 years Justin and a spectacular career that spans decades. In 1997, Kamrun came on the scene and quickly impressed all the major players in the industry. Kamrun has worked with some of the best in the porn industry (Dennis Lincoln, Jack Simmons, and Ricky Parker to name a few) His favorite company to work for was Blackbreeders.

Kamrun-11Watch this scene: http://www.pornhub.com/embed/1460656326

Nick-Ho-Kamrun-103891_01Being a Porn star doesn’t make you any less human. It is a career kamrun2just like any other and Kamrun was one of the sweetest, friendly, and adventurous people you would ever want to meet according to many people. He was loved and cherished by his close knit circle of friends. You never know how long you have on this earth, but Kamrun lived a life we all should strive for. He left a legacy that will remain in many hearts and minds forever. He not only entertained everybody with his sexual side, he touched the hearts of many with his genuine down-to-earth personality. It was very infectious. A great person got lost. It’s not about when you die, it’s about how you die. Alternadudes-Kamrun-big-black-uncut-cock-with-cum-01To leave this earth living the life you wanted to live and everyone around you having nothing but beautiful things to say about you shows that his life was full and splendid. How you make a person feel will stay with them for life versus what you did for a living. He showed that we should spend more time loving than hating. There is so much anger in the world but if we begin to appreciate life a little more than we can be like Kamrun. Our Special condoleances to his partner Justin and his family and friends. He will be greatly missed by many people.

Kamrun01Watch this scene: http://www.pornhub.com/embed/680341277

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  1. Given that he died on his birthday, we’d have to suspect it was suicide. I used to follow him on Twitter, and most of what he posted in the months before his death was about normal things he did in life–dinner out with friends and who I figured was his partner, bowling with friends, trips, vague references to his real job–not his porn career. I read somewhere his name was Anthony Johnson, but am not sure if that really was his name.

  2. Does anyone know what he died from? It has been months now since he died and I still have not found any information about his death. I liked him a lot. What was his real name? Perhaps there is an obituary. Three of my favorites are now gone and it’s hard to believe: Kamrun, Roman Ragazzi, and Erik Rhodes. Life is a gift.

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