joachim10981656_872185262845882_2592417985921053611_nAs promised Pink In Our Lives will present the twelve 10978539_383767911795137_7800691164531121937_ncandidates for Mister Gay Flanders 2015 in random order. As you could see on the press conference @ Red Star Line Museum (See article: http://pinkinourlives.com/2015/02/14/press-conference-mister-gay-flanders-2015/ ) there is a lot of diversity between the contestants and we are definitely looking forward to see, who win the title and taking over the reign for a whole year from current title holder Willem Joris on the 30th of May 2015.

10987662_382416775263584_19592612769655616_oEvery candidate got 5 questions from us to answer and you decide who you would love to win this year!!!
Joachim Cox is the second one in this series and he is 19 years old and living in Bocholt. He studies Electricity and he came out of the closet not long ago in 2013.

10993442_871886766209065_905191728704495582_nHi Joachim,
Why did you enter this competition and what do you want to achieve, when you become Mister Gay Flanders 2015?

β€œI entered Mister Gay Flanders 2015, because many have already heard about LGBT people, but are still not quite willing to accept them. It is therefore not only important to show them in the adult media, but also for the youth and children’s media like for example showing children’s programs with LGBT people in it or promo videos about LGBT people. The greatest advantage is that Facebook is a very good medium for this campaign.”

IMG_3050What makes you different from the other 11 candidates?
β€œI am the youngest of the group, but do not know if that plays in my favor, but what I want to achieve 1523543_697789596952117_8340442627759477836_ois much deeper than freedom, respect, homophobia, etc. If one teaches children from their early youth to deal with LGBT people then the hate towards to them will be less and also they get more respect and freedom for LGBT people.10968451_383404425164819_4552217335585360208_n I can’t off course achieve this by myself, but I want to be there for the gay youth who are coming out of the closet or wanting to. I want to start up websites for these youth and helping to promote these sites. Speaking at schools about this topic and telling them about the LGBT community. Taking away the common thought that people will think you are looking at their ass all the time, now that you came out of the closet.”

10014670_383461751825753_1430673133275052467_n220If you can compare yourself to an animal, what would you be and why?
β€œA puppy/dog because puppies are young, silly and crazy. I make friends easily and enjoy life. I’m truthful to the people that I love and tell no secrets.”

Sean O'Donnell
Sean O’Donnell

seanWhich person do you think is HOT/CUTE and would you love to sean01get under the sheets with?
β€œI would then go for Sean O’Donnell, because he has super beautiful eyes.” Why? β€œI like his hair style, very nice. He looks good in pictures and acts crazy.”.

10991608_871886759542399_6064879031097787959_o10959793_871738782890530_2307660639609717296_nWhat would you like to change in our LGBT-community and how would you like to accomplish that?
β€œI would like to change in the LGBT community that the older generation does more things for the younger gays. That they support and guide young people that have not come out yet.1900354_10153229054815984_700831170138845179_o This by making the already existing websites better known and change them also that only younger people can be on those sites. Like if you are above 20 years old, you are not allowed on them anymore.”

Thank you for your answers Joachim and for letting my readers and your voters getting to know you better. You can vote for him through this link with OutTv: https://www.facebook.com/OUTTVBE?sk=app_129570913824547&app_data=26110

IMG_3112May the best GAY win!!! Thank you also 10983490_871886756209066_3726069488996853480_ophotographers Johan Vos, Ivo Gautier , RenΓ© Emmerink and Johan Cansse for the great pictures of all the candidates. Find out more about these candidates at www.mistergayvlaanderen.be or follow www.pinkinourlives.com

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