DYLAN11067908_10153294661605984_3148599927102505004_nAs promised Pink In Our Lives will present the twelve candidates for Mister Gay Flanders 2015 in random order. As you 11043140_385929314912330_8853090949021490549_ocould see on the press conference @ Red Star Line Museum (See article: http://pinkinourlives.com/2015/02/14/press-conference-mister-gay-flanders-2015/ ) there is a lot of diversity between the contestants and we are definitely looking forward to see who win the title and taking over the reign for a whole year from current title holder Willem Joris on the 30th of May 2015.

IMG_3048Every candidate got 5 questions from us to answer and you decide who you would love to win this year!!!

Dylan De Vroe is the sixth candidate of this series and he is 21 years old and living in Oudenaarde. He works as a beautician and he came out of the closet since 2012.

10011647_396289220543006_6175792777343055660_o10847222_384601448378450_3640508816786456565_oHi Dylan,
Why did you enter this competition and what do you want to achieve, when you become Mister Gay Flanders 2015?10553601_10202487451807663_8113730668891563529_n
β€œThe reason why I participate in Mister Gay Flanders 2015 is to help LGBT people with mental and/or physical disability. This in their personal development as well as for their environment. I want this theme, that it is often hidden, to be put back on the front page. This entire campaign is not about me, but about them!!! My goal is to be a second voice for those who are struggling. Later we can organize events or campaigns to let the people be aware of this issue. I know I see it all very large, but when I put my teeth in something, hold on! ;o)”

11062773_10203823328123736_5949398295618037095_nWhat makes you different from the other 11 candidates?
β€œI think all candidates have something or what in common, but what makes me different from the others is perhaps my great spontaneity and always good mood. When you have not a good day, I will try to brighten it up with a joke or so. You only live once. It is a clichΓ©, but it is a fact. I try every day to make something of it, sometimes this goes better than other times.”

149095_1469484337185_7244921_n216761_1900221865354_3414120_nIf you can compare yourself to an animal, what would you be and why?1005112_10200134083294921_577526510_n
β€œA horse. a horse never gives up or get exhausted, and so do I! I have a whole lot of energy that I use 6 times a week in the fitness club. I need my exercise, just like a horse.”


0d075e2c5c00ccb1bc9ad0552a7c0f95Which person do you think is HOT/CUTE and would you love to get under the sheets with?album_large_6055816
β€œSean Dhondt”. Why? β€œI don’t think this needs an explanation? Sean is a very handsome, yet something rougher man of looks. But I am sure that among all these tattoos, he is a sweet man. As we have already seen him be on television. And now yes, 50 shades of grey for sure?”

10982229_381610608677534_1145496477005639176_o10307395_10202980397010985_6816236849229252296_nWhat would you like to change in our LGBT-community and how would you like to accomplish that?
β€œAnswer one is of course my theme why I participate. 11008604_382399615265300_4393450403462196672_nBut I would like to change the whole gay community. How? Step by step looking at what problems are still there around this topic. In Belgium, there is still too much taboo about it, and we must try to break through it. But I think we as LGBT’ers ourselves have to contribute to the society and not think that it is just from outside the gay community the support and tolerance should come. They adapt to us, WE adapt to them!”

10923609_10203695811375897_1540198863342879462_n11428_10203695841736656_3902645311675054685_nThank you for your answers Dylan and for letting my readers and your voters getting to know you better. You can vote for him through this link with OutTv: https://www.facebook.com/OUTTVBE?sk=app_129570913824547&app_data=26109

Lesley and Dylan
Lesley and Dylan

May the best GAY win!!! Thank you also photographers Johan Vos, Ivo Gautier , RenΓ© Emmerink and Johan Cansse for the great pictures of all the candidates. 10985298_383461745159087_2030518998169763718_nFind out more about these candidates at www.mistergayvlaanderen.be or follow www.pinkinourlives.com

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