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mike-pucillo1Ohio State NCAA wrestling champion Mike Pucillo comes out as gay!!!
Pucillo’s announcement comes nearly a year after Missouri’s Michael Sam made headlines by becoming the first openly gay NFL draft pick. Pucillo noticed both the criticism and support that followed Sam’s story, but the Sam announcement wasn’t the catalyst for publicly coming out. He also noticed several others who came out: Dartmouth lacrosse All-American Andrew Goldstein, professional soccer player Robbie Rogers and retired major league baseball player Billy Bean. Mike-PucilloGoldstein and Rogers came out during their playing careers. Pucillo drew courage from their stories. They helped him shed the weight he once carried around. He hopes he can do the same for others. “It may have taken me 26 years to realize that maybe I can play a bigger role in somebody else’s life and help somebody else’s life like Robbie Rogers did,” Pucillo said. “If I can do that for one person, it’s worth it for everybody out there to know my story. … I know there’s going to be people that don’t like it. To those people, I would say, ‘I’ve spent 26 years being uncomfortable. It’s not my problem anymore”.

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO our LGBT’s or great persons that portrayed LGBT characters in series or movies these last weeks: CONGRATULATIONS!!! Dancer Roberto Bolleroberto bolle, Singer Elton Johnelton john, Actor Jim Parsonsjim parsons, Actor Richard Chamberlain968full-richard-chamberlain, Talkshow host Rosie O’Donnellrosie-o-donnell-300, Actor John Barrowmanjohn barrowman, Actress Linda Huntlinda hunt, Actor David Hyde Piercedavid-hyde-pierce-09, Footballer Thomas Hitzelspergerthomas, Photographer Bruce Weberbruce weber, TV show host Rachel Maddow???????????????, Actor Christopher Melonichris meloni and TV show Host Graham NortonGraham_Norton_2.

“Boobs, butts, titties, ass,” whatever you call them – we all love them. We often even consider ourselves experts! YouTube vlogger, Arielle Scarcella is looking for more behind our love of the lady lumps in her “Lesbian Explains” series. Firm butts, pancakes nipples, these girls don’t shy away from any of it! They seem to overwhelmingly prefer the booty but which do you prefer? Bottom line is no matter what you have – flaunt it!

gay-baby2Irish senators have approved plans for same-sex couples to adopt!!!
The bill – which passed the lower house earlier last month – follows up on a promise to extend adoption rights to same-sex partners and co-habiting couples, ahead of the country’s referendum on same-sex marriage on May 22.

HOT NEW PORNCUMMERS OR HOTTEST STARS RIGHT NOW: Bradbrad maskurbate01 (MASKURBATE)brad maskurbate02, CodyCody-SeanCody01 (SEANCODY)Cody-SeanCody1, Edwardedward corbinfisher01 (CORBINFISHER)edward corbinfisher02, Eric Morningeric morning gayhoopla01 (GAYHOOPLA)eric morning gayhoopla02, Jake jake corbinfisher02(CORBINFISHER)jake corbinfisher02, JoeyDjoeyd americanmusclehunks00 (AMERICANMUSCLEHUNKS)joeyd americanmusclehunks01, Kelvinkelvin sean cody01 (SEANCODY)kelvin sean cody02, Kory Frazerkory frazer belami01 (BELAMI)kory frazer belami02, Lee Tyler lee tyler hard brit lads02(HARD BRIT LADS)lee tyler hard brit lads01, Leo Alexanderleo alexander lucas entertainment01 (LUCASENTERTAINMENT)leo alexander lucas entertainment02, Lorenzo Rossolorenzo rosso lucio saints01 (LUCIOSAINTS)lorenzo rosso lucio saints02, Marlon Seguramarlon segura colt01 (COLT)marlon segura colt02, Mikel BoscoMikel-Bosco lucio saints01 (LUCIOSAINTS)Mikel-Bosco lucio saints02, Miles Houstin Miles-Houstin gayhoopla01(GAYHOOPLA)Miles-Houstin gayhoopla02, Quincy Soto Quincy-Soto-miamipoolboys01(MIAMIPOOLBOYS), Ramon MacchioRamon-Macchio belami01 (BELAMI)Ramon-Macchio belami02, Viktor Romviktor rom fuckermate01 (FUCKERMATE)viktor rom fuckermate02 and Will will maskurbate01(MASKURBATE)will maskurbate02.

Adamlevine3Transgender model Aydian Dowling has recreated a famed (almost) naked photo of Maroon 5’s Adam Levine.
The picture was recreated by model Aydian Dowling for FTM Magazine.Dowling describes himself as: “An entrepreneur, owner and creator of Point 5cc Clothing, a vlogger, a motivational speaker, an artist, and an advocate for Transgender rights.”
“Some areas of my body used to remind me of everything I’m not. Now they represent everything I am”.

Young Sons Of Gay Dad Share Their Powerful Brushes With Antigay Bullying!!!
YouTuber Kamaka Alameda, a gay father of two in Puna, Hawaii recently posted a video in which he openly engages his young sons about the homophobia they face in school. His older son is in 5th grade, and describes: “I was bullied because people would ask me about my father — if he was gay. And I would say ‘yeah, there’s nothing wrong with that…’ I tried to walk away from this kid — he jumped on me and he slammed my face against a pole and gave me a black eye…They would call me gay, they would call me stupid, retard.”
I want to create an awareness that this happens to people in the community,” Kamake says in the video. “If you step out and you’re not afraid to be who you are, sometimes you’re hated on…How I raise my children is that they can love whoever they want to love.

What better way to come out than blast ‪#‎DianaRoss‬’ I’m Coming Out? That’s what Great British ruby tandohBake Off Favorite Ruby Tandoh did!!!
The television star and food columnist announced her coming out with a Diana Ross video.Ruby Tandoh said she was feeling “lucky and joyful and free” after coming out to her parents today, and then to the rest of the world on twitter. She announced the news with a video of Diana Ross performing ‘I’m Coming Out’.

levi-ricky-bcallacolby-muppet-2Colby Keller, a Fashion Designer, and CockyBoys Have Just Made Possibly The Most Insane Piece of Art-Porn Ever!!!
So, you know how Colby Keller is doing that nationwide road trip of fucking and filmmaking dubbed Colby Does America? Well, the New York chapter has arrived, and it’s a collaboration with CockyBoys and a fashion designer named BCALLA. This is what Colby says about the collaboration, which is part art film, part work of fashion design, part porn, and part just plain eye-popping alien Beetlejuice crazy: “Sex is a part of everybody’s life. the-gang-bcallaAnd we’re all here because of sex at the very least. So why not make it a part of fashion and art and all those other ways we like to express ourselves? I mean, there’s a lot of shame around sex, particularly when it gets graphic when it actually is sex. And there shouldn’t be. So this is kind of a way to break that barrier down which I think is a good thing.” There’s a warning, via CockyBoys, before watching this: “This is not the kind of PORN you are used too. If you suffer from any afflictions caused by: too much color, boys in dresses, quick edits, theatre of the absurd, and cocks covered in confetti — then it’s best that you OPEN YOUR MIND before viewing!” Watch it here:

shibuyaShibuya Ward is the first place in Japan to allow same-sex couples to register their partnerships.
The changes come into effect today, although it may take some months for certificates to begin to be issued. The certificates will grant no legal rights such as inheritance and family benefits, but it is hoped that the symbolic move will be the catalyst for change across Japan. Other areas are beginning to consider similar moves such as Yokohama and Tokyo’s Setagaya Ward.


BUTT OF THE WEEK: New York Realtor from Million Dollar Listing NY Ryan Serhant

ustv-ryan-serhantiiRyanSerhant_MillionDollarListingNewYork_s1e04_ConstructionConniptionsAndAKangaroo_20120328_005milliondollarlistingnyseason1galleryshirtless02ryan-w724iiRyanSerhant_MillionDollarListingNewYork_s1e04_ConstructionConniptionsAndAKangaroo_20120328_006Ryan Serhant 6imagestumblr_mmjtpbn8ha1ql5yr7o2_250139dfe86cbe211e2901022000a9e13ab_75c83c1027be3cc4ad46e6a8aaae9e8e6BJzXYRACAAAQM2v-590x59033c2b132c3bf11e2b1d222000a1fb859_7a0a172e64b8f03c4a277d96f01380524flaunt-homotography-1tumblr_mnwlnfLXtd1r3f96mo1_500Ryan Serhant 9images01flaunt-homotography-2


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