Mister Gay World 2014 Stuart Hatton Jr.
Mister Gay World 2014 Stuart Hatton Jr.

In about one week several male hunks will compete for the title of MISTER GAY WORLD 2015 in South Africa for the 7th time. Can’t it get even hotter in Africa? Yes it can, because this gay team of men from all over the world will show their A-game and try to deliver their message and represent the gay community. The Mr. Gay World Competition is a Twenty First Century public performance where the delegates represent their nation as the best spokesperson and embody the spirit of their nation and this year it will be held in Gay Village at South Africa for the 7th year. The winner will take over the crown from last year’s winner Stuart Hatton from The United Kingdom.

11096461_1425627101074602_478267557587727286_n11124609_10152723841816681_2669369670235194342_nThe competition takes place over an intense four days and includes various challenges including a photo challenge, sports challenge, fashion show/run way challenge, swim suit challenge, public speaking and a local outreach challenge where MGW is able to work with a local charity to give back to the community in hosting the competition. The program of Mr. Gay World will lead you to the natural beauty of South Africa and the cultural diversity of this country. Travel from Cape Town to Knysna and back again for the final show.

10994053_10153288002130348_1980455728728861916_nSunday 26th of April will be the arrival of all Delegates and settling in at the PROTEA HOTEL PRESIDENT. The next day the delegates, directors and President of MGW will take part at an Press & Media Event. There will also be the first interviews, exams and tasks etc. as per MGW requirements/guidelines. On Tuesday all of them get a guided city tour through Cape Town and on Wednesday they will leave by bus for Knysna, stopping at various tourist attraction and beautiful view points on the way, where they will have in the evening a Meet & Greet in Knysna. 10959617_10153253751730348_8522609748718391943_nThe next day there will be like every year the Art challenge & art exhibition at the Knysna Fine Arts Gallery. Friday the 1st of May is the official Sport day with various sport activities. Later that day will be another rehearsal for the Grand Finale. Off course the candidates will enjoy a VIP Dinner & Fundraising Auction in the form of a Black Tie Masquerade Ball, Mr. Mardi Gras and party. Saturday the 2nd of May again rehearsals for the Grand Finale and getting ready for the parade in National Costume at 3 p.m. through the main street of Knysna. In the evening they will leave again for Cape Town at 6 p.m.

delegats 2015On Sunday 3rd of May finally will be the Grand Finale at the Cape Town City Hall and we will find out who will take over the reign of Mister Gay World 2014 Stuart Hatton Jr. WHO WILL BECOME MISTER GAY WORLD 2015??? Here are the candidates for the year 2015:

Australia's Scott Fletcher
Australia’s Scott Fletcher

Australia_ScottFletcher_01AUSTRALIA: Scott Fletcher, 27 years old. He feels comfortable in both the straight and gay world regardless of race, sex, gender or sexuality, while still being honest about who he is. FB profile:

Belgian's Jordy De Smedt
Belgian’s Jordy De Smedt

Belgum_De-Smedt-Jordy_02BELGIUM: Jordy De Smedt, 20 years old. Self-acceptance and believing in yourself are the things which are extremely important to him. FB profile:

Colombia's Jorge Escribano Pelaez
Colombia’s Jorge Escribano Pelaez

Colombia_Jorge_01COLUMBIA: Jorge Escribano Pelaez, 32 years old. He wants to break with the stereotypes of the gay community. FB profile:

Cuba's Leonardo Piloto  Gonzalezcara
Cuba’s Leonardo Piloto Gonzalezcara

Cuba_Leonardo-Piloto-Gonzalezcara_01CUBA: Leonardo Piloto Gonzalez, 35 years old. Fashion and my work is his passion. FB profile:

Czech Republic's Daniel Froehlich
Czech Republic’s Daniel Froehlich

Czech_DanielFroehlich_02CZECH REPUBLIC: Leonardo Piloto Gonzalez, 20 years old. His Favorite things are Cars, dance (movement) and helping people (elderly and children). FB profile:

Domonican Republic's  AlejandroTorres-Solanot Martínez
Domonican Republic’s AlejandroTorres-Solanot Martínez

Domenican-Republic_-Alejadro-Torres-Solanot-Martínez-02DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: AlejandroTorres-Solanot Martínez, 26 years old. He is so happy and proud of being the first participant of a sovereign Caribbean country which is an island (shared with Haiti in this case).

Finland's Tomi Lapi
Finland’s Tomi Lapi

Finland_TomiLapi_03FINLAND: Tomi Lappi, 24 years old. He wants to be a tongue-in cheek, accessible and open voice to both light and serious issues in the LGBTQIA Community. FB profile:

Germany's Klaus Burkart
Germany’s Klaus Burkart

Germany_klausburkart03GERMANY: Klaus Burkart, 21 years old. Hewould like to be a role model for young gays all over the world and help them with their coming out and also change young people’s opinion of homosexuality. FB profile:

HONG KONG's Emmanuel Mass Luciano
HONG KONG’s Emmanuel Mass Luciano

Hong-Kong_Emmanuel_Mass-Luciano_07HONG KONG: Emmanuel Mass Luciano , 35 years old. His slogan: “it’s okay to be different, it’s okay to be gay… why fit in when you can stand out!” FB profile:

Iceland's Troy Michael Jonsson
Iceland’s Troy Michael Jonsson

Iceland_Troy-Michael-Jonsson01ICELAND: Troy Michael Jonsson, 28 years old. He is well educated with a college degree, a great speaker, and portray a professional image as a gay right activist. FB profile:

INDIA's Thahir Sayed Mohammed
INDIA’s Thahir Sayed Mohammed

India-thahir_03INDIA: Thahir Sayed Mohammed, 28 years old. He think it’s important to face your challenges with Pride and Glory. FB profile:

IRELAND's Marcos Vinicius Barboza
IRELAND’s Marcos Vinicius Barboza

Ireland_MarcosViniciusBarboza_01IRELAND: Marcos Vinicius Barboza, 27 years old. He wants to bridge the gap between Homophobia and Acceptance on the World stage should he be fortunate to win the Mr. Gay World title. FB profile:

ITALY's Arziom Cristofaro

ITALY’s Arziom Cristofaro

Italy_Arziom-Cristofaro_03ITALY: Arziom Cristofaro, 22 years old. He is half Belarussian and half Italian and with this contest he would like to SCREAM worldwide that he is gay and in spite of he is proud of it! FB profile:

Malta's Wayne Grech
Malta’s Wayne Grech

Malta_Wayne-Grech_04MALTA: Wayne Grech, 28 years old. He wants to keep on working for anti-bullying and show everyone that each person have to live his life happy in his own way without no one judging each other. FB profile:

MEXICO's Gabriel Jesus Naal Hernandez
MEXICO’s Gabriel Jesus Naal Hernandez

Mexico_Gabriel-Naal_03-1MEXICO: Gabriel Jesus Naal Hernandez , 33 years old. His slogan: We all are people with the same rights and obligations as any other person in the world.Mexico_Gabriel-Naal_06

NEW ZEALAND's Matt Andrija Fistonich
NEW ZEALAND’s Matt Andrija Fistonich

New-Zealand_Matt-Andrija-Fistonich_01NEW ZEALAND: Matt Andrija Fistonich, 24 years old. He has a passion for supporting the wider gay community and helping my fellow man with an approachable and friendly persona. FB profile:

PHILIPPINES's Nomer  Yuzon

Phillipines_Nomer-Yuzon_04PHILIPPINES: Nomer Yuzon, 42 years old. He feels he has a responsibility to the youth to raise awareness and teach them to embrace and accept themselves as individuals regardless of their sexual preferences. FB profile:

South Africa Craig Maggs
South Africa Craig Maggs

sa_03SOUTH AFRICA: Craig Maggs, 25 years old. He would like to go on to show others the same kindness that was afforded to him. He want to be the reason that somebody never gave up. FB profile:

SPAIN's Jesus Martin Márquez
SPAIN’s Jesus Martin Márquez

2015-03-26-18.26.13webSPAIN: Jesus Martin Márquez, 30 years old. Quote: “All of us have to support the LGBT people in every country the same as we would like to be supported in case we were in that same situation”. FB profile:

SWEDEN's Carl Anton Ljungberg
SWEDEN’s Carl Anton Ljungberg

Sweden_AntonLjungberg_02SWEDEN: Carl Anton Ljungberg, 21 years old. “If I am going to make a difference, have an impact or even change some things in this world, I need to have all sorts of knowledge of it. That’s why I like meeting new people, see new places and learn new things”.Sweden_AntonLjungberg_03

URUGUAY's Luis Jorge Vicente
URUGUAY’s Luis Jorge Vicente

Uruguay_Luis_01URUGUAY: Luis Jorge Vicente, 29 years old. “It would be a dream to represent a country globally and then get to know different places and cultures related to LGBT world”. FB profile:

ZAMBIA's Siyathokoza Thabani Khumalo
ZAMBIA’s Siyathokoza Thabani Khumalo

11046570_10205121998902246_6045453564368490860_nZAMBIA: Siyathokoza Thabani Khumalo, 28 years old. “I can facilitate a conversation that would shift the way Zambia perceives homosexuality, and the way the world sees Zambia, for the better. I could do this through Zambia’s chosen religion while leaving Zambia’s religious choices intact”.64884_1574674479425_4835615_n

Lesley with candidiate Luis Jorge Vicente Mister Uruguay
Lesley with candidiate Luis Jorge Vicente Mister Uruguay

Check out the website for more information on these boys and vote for your favorite Gay guy!!! Join also my blog to keep you updated: and sign up with your email address!!! Don’t miss a thing!!!

Have a great day and follow us also on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram. Big kiss, Lesley Middleton


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