JOELAs promised Pink In Our Lives will present the twelve candidates for Mister Gay Flanders 2015 in random order. As you could see on the press conference @ Red Star Line Museum (See article: http://pinkinourlives.com/2015/02/14/press-conference-mister-gay-flanders-2015/ ) there is a lot of diversity between the contestants and we are definitely looking forward to see who win the title and taking over the reign for a whole year from current title holder Willem Joris on the 30th of May 2015.

maxresdefault10891774_10205518138453093_4287550352916787867_nEvery candidate got 5 questions from us to answer 11057821_10206133722762316_889433375523776192_nand you decide who you would love to win this year!!!

maxresdefault01Joël Van Buggenhout is the eighth candidate of this series and he is 28 years old and living in Antwerp. He works as a supplier for Florist for Walter Van Gastel10509533_10205963207179533_8954726814537546347_n and he came out of the closet since 2009.


10996688_10205963201979403_2584373098494281032_nHi Joël,
Why did you enter this competition and what do you want to achieve, when you become Mister Gay Flanders 2015?10501637_10206000797719273_1351202074152817562_n
I see the participation in Mister Gay Flanders as a personal challenge to push my own boundaries. During my campaign, I want to focus on the world of education and sports. For students, teachers and top athletes their sexual orientation shouldn’t be an issue anymore. The more they can (may) come out openly for their homosexuality, the more they can function as role models for young people”.

10996539_10205963201939402_8426686200007399013_n1613916_10206070068651003_6536398568261050031_nWhat makes you different from the other 11 candidates?
My determination and sense of purpose are two strong assets. These qualities I would like to use to make my campaign successfull.”

border_collie_Nana_by_sunnylyneIf you can compare yourself to an animal, what would you be and why?
A border collie. They are very loyal dogs and playful with a strong identity and individual character.


c665e633cb866d1c053d7858f391bcd4Which person do you think is HOT/CUTE and would you love to get under the sheets with?adam-levine-tattoos
Singer Adam Levine of Maroon5”. Why?He is funny and talented. Despite his international success, he continues to seem very authentic. I would fall for his male charms.”

joeldan-1-van-1-bewerkt10978688_10205963207139532_6854493881529129724_nWhat would you like to change in our LGBT-community and how would you like to accomplish that?10389348_10206037783963906_7400411253109854514_n
I want to encourage gay students, teachers and athletes to out themselves, so that they can act as a role model for others. I would like to try to put during my campaign LGBT people in education and in the world of sport in the spotlight.

1956792_10205002359398939_3722030200190280126_o1613894_10205963201459390_5155234861196570270_nThank you for your answers Joël and for letting my readers and your voters getting to know you better. You can vote for him through this link with OutTv: https://www.facebook.com/OUTTVBE?sk=app_129570913824547&app_data=26101

10351330_10204128646516663_1086606935455262505_nMay the best GAY win!!! Thank you also photographers Johan Vos, Ivo Gautier , René Emmerink and Johan Cansse for the great pictures of all the candidates.

Lesley and Joël
Lesley and Joël

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