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Now wait a minute! Belgium Pride in Brussels maybe over for this year… don’t just put your rainbow flag back into your closet. Starting today May 21st up until May 24th Brussels is hosting the Union Cup 2015!


The Union Cup is a bi-annual European, non- professional, gay rugby union tournament, bringing together teams and joint teams from all over Europe.

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The first edition was held in May 2005 in Montpellier, France, and had seven participating teams. Since then the tournament has been hosted by Copenhagen(2007), London, (2009), Amsterdam (2011) and Bristol (2013).

In 2013 three teams expressed bids for the Union Cup 2015 tournament: Caledonian Thebans from Edinburgh, Straffe Ketten from Brussels and Los Valents from Montpellier. On the 25th of May it was announced in Bristol that Brussels was the chosen city to host the Union Cup 2015.


This will be the first time the Union Cup has been staged in Belgium. Over 20 teams with up to 1.000 players, fans and officials will travel to Brussels in May 2015 for the competition.

So now you know what you have to do this weekend! Watch big, rough, tough, and hairy guys bend over and grabbing each other to get to the rugby ball.

But best of all, support our Belgian Gay Rugby Team, de Straffe Ketten!


Straffe Ketten RFC is the first rugby team (mostly) made up of gay men in Belgium. The team was created in early 2010 and soon attracted a core of dedicated players, most of whom had never played rugby before. They now have around 60 registered members and train twice a week at the Royal Kituro Rugby Club.


Oh, and what exactly does Straffe Ketten mean? In Flemish Brussels dialect, a ‘ket’ is a boy from Brussels, a ‘straffe ket’ is a tough Brussels boy.


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