TONY10409421_648564845226248_2811866288946138374_nAs promised Pink In Our Lives will present the twelve candidates for Mister Gay Flanders 2015 in random order. As you could see on the press conference @ Red Star Line Museum (See article: http://pinkinourlives.com/2015/02/14/press-conference-mister-gay-flanders-2015/) TonyKANDI2015There is a lot of diversity between the contestants and we are definitely looking forward to see who win the title and taking over the reign for a whole year from current title holder Willem Joris on the 30th of May 2015.

11262511_416879131817348_2221816761786497653_oEvery candidate got 5 questions from us to answer and you decide who you would love to win this year!!!

Tony van Aelst is the twelfth and last candidate of this series and he is 20 years old and living in Merksem. He is a student in Fashion & Trendsetting and he came out of the closet since 2010.

maxresdefault10991055_780026472080084_3474980319443466750_nHi Tony,
Why did you enter this competition and what do you want to achieve, when you become Mister Gay Flanders 2015?13508_788823097867088_8976986251702453307_n
β€œI participate in this competition of Mister Gay Flanders to raise the issues and taboo around STD’s and make it up for further discussion.”

Tony Van AelstWhat makes you different from the other 11 candidates?
β€œI am very interested in fashion because of my passion for it. It is also my direction in school and I am a real Theatre lover.”

tonydan-1-van-1Funny-Monkey-67If you can compare yourself to an animal, what Crazy-Monkeywould you be and why?
β€œA monkey”. Why? “Monkeys are regarded as crazy circus animals. And as I always say, acting crazy doesn’t hurt anybody. ;-p”

DFTIPS_084_TaylorLautner_thumb_640X480_LAddc8e71c01105a67573e390cb96cd94cWhich person do you think is HOT/CUTE and would you love to get25830_1 under the sheets with?
β€œTaylor Lautner, because I keep liking Latinos! But I have found the love of my life a long time ago and whom I would never give up, not even for Taylor.”

10446453_648575808558485_4679573401683468492_n1613894_777172872365444_7132176170188775380_nWhat would you like to change in our LGBT-community and how would you like to accomplish that?
β€œI would like to clarify all the misunderstanding images about STD’s. And to make sure that we are there for each other and can understand each other. And I would like to do that by being a voice for these people and to help them by giving a listening ear and to help them anywhere possible.”

10991250_777173019032096_1890901149578608959_n10325522_646949375387795_8270267458499060777_nThank you for your answers Tony and for letting my readers and your voters getting to know you better. You can vote for him through this link with OutTv: https://www.facebook.com/OUTTVBE?sk=app_129570913824547&app_data=26102

May the best GAY win!!! Thank you also photographers Johan Vos, Ivo Gautier , RenΓ© Emmerink and Johan Cansse for the great pictures of all the candidates. Find out more about these candidates at www.mistergayvlaanderen.be or follow www.pinkinourlives.com

Tony and Lesley
Tony and Lesley

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