GOT2_paddy_portraitpaddy topherYour prayers has been answered, because exclusive gay gangbangporn star Paddy O’Brian will suck a cock in the second season of the studio’s Game of Thrones porn parody called “Gay of Thrones,” and he plays Jon Snow. He started his porn career as a power top, but got him to bottom for the first time on camera for Topher DiMaggio, then he got gang banged in “Prisoner of War 4.

If you haven’t seen the first season of Gay of Thrones part 1, click then here to watch all the scenes with stars like Toby Dutchtoby dutch, Dato FolandGay-of-Thrones-pt2-3 and Damien Crossedamien-crosse-dato-foland-gay-of-thrones-game-of-thrones-gay-porn-parody at But now it’s time for handsome hunk Paddy O’Brian to shine and give his fans finally what they were still longing for. It is Connor Maguire‘s cock he will suck and nibble on and they even have together a flip-fuck scene in this Parody.

Paddy O'Brian
Paddy O’Brian

paddy-orbain-interview-6Paddy and Connor had spent some time in Spain not so long ago. Alter Sin (production company for won an award at the Besametonto Awards besomento awardsand Paddy, Connor and Denis Vega went on stage with Alter Sin’s director to accept the trophy. Paddy himself won there the award for Best International Porn star 2015.

Paddy-OBrian-Gay-Porn-Star-Besametonto-Awards-20150Gay of Thrones Season 2 premieres on 3rd July with Paddy O’Brianpaddy-obrian-and-levi-madison-falcon-studios-gay-porn-star-muscle-hunks-naked-muscle-men-gay-porn-video-14-gay-porn-pics-photo, Connor MaguireConnor-Maguire, Johnny RapidJohnny-Rapid-King-Joffrey-Baratheon-Gay-of-Thrones-Porn-Parody, Jessy Aresjessy-ares-gay-of-thrones-1024x556 and JP Duboisjp-dubois-gay-of-thrones-1024x575. Let’s hope they can deliver the high expectations of these scenes ;o)

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