Fisher Price and Proud Parenting celebrates LGBTI families #pinkbits


sam harrisProud moms, dad selfies, new babies, single parents, and holiday snaps are all being celebrated as part of a new collaboration between Fisher Price and Proud Parenting.

Unknown-12Unknown-9The well-known manufacturer of children’s toys and baby clothes, along with the LGBTI parenting runwayx633website, is encouraging families to share their photos and explain a little about themselves, with the purpose of leading the way to a new generation of families by showcasing some of the country’s three million LGBT parents and six million Americans who have a parent that identifies as LGBT.

BURTKA_HARRIS_2014X633Unknown-8We are thrilled to partner with Proud Parenting 11147237_10152911020920732_7126412058934430957_nfor its first-ever program to increase the visibility of LBGT families,’ said Hailey Sullivan, Director of Marketing, Fisher-Price. ‘Fisher-Price is proud to help all parents give their children the best possible start in life.’

Unknown-11Unknown-10Jeff Bennett of Proud Parenting said to that the organization hoped to facilitate communication between parents as part of the campaign. HILTON2X633Parenting is hard work, and seeing your family honored online is a reward for everyone. Even shy people feel a sense of justification by seeing their families highlighted on Proud Parenting. runwayx633Creating a family can be very difficult for us, so LGBT parents deserve to have a spotlight on their achievement. I DANIELSX633think it’s particularly important for children to see themselves in the Proud Parenting Family Gallery because they are surrounded by over 500 families just like theirs. They may not know any other families with LGBT parents, but the Galleries allow the otherwise disconnected to feel a sense of unity with families like theirs.’

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